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Luján -Argentina
Antenna- Ecxael- Harm Rah

We are your brothers in mission, we want to communicate this message of support and reflection.

Do not worry about the wave of negative events in which part of the planet is living, in which Humanity will instantly be wrapped in a wave of confusion and discouragement. In all spaces of life there is beauty that is hidden behind the darkness of self-denial and negative influences. Pain is born of ignorance and the love of conscience. Take care to apply the tools you have received in your preparation, to neutralize the negative influences in your vision of reality and perception of events, created and manipulated by interests and the search for other ways of control. Dare to observe situations from a positive perspective. It is the announcement of the opportunity to neutralize these negative intentions and together create an era of reconciliation and opportunities to unify criteria towards the common good of humanity.

Do not be carried away by the unleashed wave of social situations and conflicts, especially in the Americas. The question is why? What is the purpose and search of those who believe it? Brothers! Over there are the energies that awakened to neutralize any attempt at control. It is the fear of the great changes that are coming and will end uncovering those who have always had a hidden fear for your awakening, to the power of the love of the human being, that is creating a new reality, and the verification that has exceeded all expectations in your humanity in his awakening.


Now that realities are intertwining a whirlwind of uneven feelings and emotions is exposing to many civilizations, including us, to a sea of ​​sensations that we had forgotten and that requires maturation and acceptance so that together we can move on to the beginning of a new era of reconciliation and the restitution of interrupted orders that created a lot of pain for your humanity infesting it with forgetfulness and negations. An era where the keys and the answers that will slowly bring stellar reconciliation will find you in your hearts and the true answer; It is forgiveness.

Form a spiritual community of open and aware minds of this moment, but believing in the power of unity towards the common good, focusing each irradiation in full harmony, serenity and peace towards the places that are trying to stop their awakening and influence in Changes that are unstoppable.

FIrst reflect and do not suffer for what is happening, because this limits your action and neutralizes your positive influence. We are watching and monitoring each event, you are not alone. We are and will do our part, trust in you and the power of the love of your hearts.

They are the flashes of the new dawn, their first rays that inspire fear of those who have always lived in darkness and denial.

Oxalc and Xendor in the light of Christ.