"The number seven symbolizes perfection. Seven are the dimensions of the material universe. Seven are the main chakras or wheels of energy. Seven are the laws that regulate everything and seven the bodies with which we learn about life."

 There are three universes, one contained within another. These three universes are: the material, the mental and a third called spiritual.

 The Spiritual Universe created the Mental Universe, and this, in turn, the Material Universe.

 The Material has seven dimensions and is governed by the seven laws or principles mentioned above in the new paradigms.

 The Mental has three dimensions and is governed by three laws or principles; while the Spiritual Universe would have two dimensions (there are many more, but we explain them schematically like this) and would be governed by two laws.

 To grow in knowledge and experience, each experience allows us to have vehicles or dense and subtle bodies to live interdimensional experiences.

 The seven bodies of the human being are:

 The dense material Physical Body: which is the biological container of the other bodies.

 The Astral Body: which is the body of emotions and desires, joined to the physical body by the silver cord, which breaks when we die.

 The Lower Mental Body: which is personality and character.

The Higher Mental Body or our Fourth Dimension: it is the body where all our psychic potential and extrasensory perception are located.

 The Body of the Soul or the Cathedral of the Spirit: which is the collection of the experiences of our past lives. There is our mission and our Cosmic Name or Personal Vibratory Key, a kind of individual mantra (primordial sound). The cosmic name is the sum of the sound that accompanied the condensation of our individuality with the seal of the moment in which through our incarnations we became aware of the spiritual path.

 The Body of the Spirit: which is consciousness.

 The Essential Body: which would be our divine spark. In the human being, the three universes occur in the three planes of consciousness, such as: the physical, mental and spiritual. The first three bodies: the Physical, the Astral and the Lower Mental constitute the Plane of Material Consciousness, and connect us through the Material Plane with the seven-dimensional Material Universe.


 The Higher Mental bodies, the Soul and the Spirit constitute the Plane of Mental Consciousness, and connect us through the Mental Plane with the three-dimensional Mental Universe.

 The seventh vehicle, which is our Essence, is also divided into three: Will, Wisdom and Love, constituting itself as the Plane of Spiritual Consciousness and connecting us through the Spiritual Plane, with the Spiritual Universe of the eleventh dimension onwards.

We can live simultaneously in the seven dimensions of the material universe, and through the planes of consciousness, in the three universes, only we first need to realize that we are multidimensional beings and that this multiplicity of realities is part of our nature, which is what which we know as awakening consciousness.

If we open ourselves to this knowledge and then strengthen our will, we can keep our consciousness awake to begin the ascent. And how to do it? The interesting thing is to know that the form is not the most important thing, but the attitude. There are many techniques, the important thing is that, if we believe in what we are doing and in its final result, we will achieve our objective; But, if this is not the case, we will be passing from one technique to another, from one form to another without advancing, specifying, or going deeper.


 (From the Book Death as Metamorphosis, Sixto Paz Wells)