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THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY (and the Cosmic Plan)

There is the existence of three Universes, what exists above these for now we will wait for our consciousness to expand. These Universes are penetrating each other, in such a way that the distance that separates one Universe from another is closer than the one that separates our skin from the atmosphere. These Universes are made up of different levels or dimensional formulas, heavens, circles or powers. The combination of these dimensions allows us to define different expressions of essential origin that are not visible or tangible by the human physical senses.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE, Essential or Internal (Internal), has TWO DIMENSIONS, it is the abode of the Absolute, the essence one, the unity, of which little could be said and whose understanding is not reached by rational means, only he who thinks with the heart and is capable of giving everything for others, is the one who can connect with this Universe and be one with it.

Let us imagine the spiritual universe as a creative being and taking into account that all our religions point us as beings created in the image and likeness of God, let us think that we are a creative being, (make use of parallelism only in order to understand the idea and not to compare to such a Universe). This being has two plants, a white rose bush and a violet plant, he has in his mind the idea of​obtaining blue roses. He cannot do it naturally, so he resorts to grafting. He gets a seed that he will give when a blue rose bush grows. This is a new being that due to its characteristics can in turn give rise to other subsequent combinations, cannot create something superior to itself, but can create something simpler than its own nature; and thus successive creations can continue to be given.

The creator could not create blue roses, but he created who could and thus indirectly managed to translate his idea.

In these Universes a great number of different entities are and live.


THE MENTAL UNIVERSE, Eternal or Eternal, has THREE DIMENSIONS, it is the creation of the Absolute it is emanated from the Spiritual Universe, the entities that move there are the manifestation of the ONE, which first created an entity that we know with the name of MICHAEL, and this in turn creates within that universe the other entities, for whom he would be the Creator Father. Led by Michael the entities of the Mental Universe create the


MATERIAL UNIVERSE or Septernal, of SEVEN DIMENSIONS where we are currently evolving.

The Spiritual Universe would be the essence, the Father; the Mental Universe, emanation from the absolute Father would be The Son who would also be The creative Father of the Material Universe; in The Material Universe where we cannot even understand or see God, we just feel it and what we feel about God is the Holy Spirit.

Long before the creation of our civilization and even our planet, beings in an evolutionary state in the Material Universe are created and led by the entities of the Mental Universe; those that are also evolving and doing so in a linear way, through the service they provide, rising in proportion to the quality of the work they perform. They are mental beings; they know, they know the future, so they do everything to make it happen.

This causes them to be limited. Nor do they have Free Will. They are in charge of creating, modifying, educating and directing the civilizations and entities of the Material Universe that they have influenced with that attitude that they possessed, being linear, strict and with no variant. Although everyone in the Material Universe managed to reach high evolutionary levels, stagnation inevitably occurred, without being able to continue generally beyond the fourth or fifth dimension; therefore the stagnation also reached the teachers and creators, the entities of the Mental Universe.



The tangible Universe that is known within the Material Universe is estimated to be around 15,000 million years old, according to scientists. The Elder Brothers (the Extraterrestrials) have estimated that the pulse or cycle of this universe began about 25,000 million years ago.

The galaxy that our solar system is in is called Carina Signus or Milky Way, it is a spiral nebula with more than 100,000 light years in diameter and 400,000 million stars. It rotates with 8 other galaxies around a main galaxy, M 31, where the Constellation or Great Andromeda Nebula is located; 2 million light years from Earth, this is what they call the LOCAL GROUP or LOCAL UNIVERSE.


In Andromeda there is a council, THE COUNCIL OF THE NINE formed by 9 beings of very high evolution, THE 9 OF ANDROMEDA with ancestry over the system of galaxies that make up the local group.

In our Galaxy there is a council made up of 24 elders who do not represent any civilization, but evolution itself. These have participation in the Andromeda council, this relationship between the two councils constitutes THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF THE STAR, the symbol that represents it is the six-pointed star, the two intersecting triangles.

Below them are the genetic engineers or sowers of life, the guardians and watchers, the instructors; all of them make up what is called the CONFEDERATION OF WORLDS OF THE GALAXY. All the most evolved worlds in our galaxy that are capable of helping themselves and helping other planets that are in the process of evolution make up this great confederation of worlds.



Michael together with the other entities of the Mental Universe, among them a being of light, LUCIFER an Archangel, ULTRATERRESTRIAL of a high evolutionary degree, begin to look for alternatives that would serve to unblock the state of evolutionary stagnation of the existent beings in the different Universes and Planes.

Lucifer proposes a Dissociative Plan, a plan that would hinder those beings in evolution and in this way they would be oriented to overcome them and redirect their evolution, allowing them a wide free will.

The Father creator Michael accepts, proposing that a new civilization be created that would be created for these purposes, a new evolutionary experience, starting from scratch. It would be dangerous if the entities of the Mental Universe who did not have free will, and who knew what to do, were allowed to stop doing it, endangering the universal cosmic order; many, if not all of the created entities depended on them; and it would be unfair to the evolutionary entities in the Material Universe to change the rules of the game.

Lucifer based his proposal on mental criteria for not being able to accept the existence of the Spiritual Universe, of a broader being than the one known as Michael; he does not imagine the Absolute, the one essence, he does not understand the concept of unity, as he is a mental entity lacking faith, which would allow him to approach the Spiritual Universe. He recognizes Michael as a creator father but for him there is nothing above this. That is why he proposes that the plan begin with themselves, the entities of the Mental Universe.

This shows the limitations of Lucifer to the higher planes, but not to the lower ones, creating himself, more limited beings. The new beings, because they are increasingly imperfect, hinder each other and their evolution stagnates.

Michael raises the variant of completely new civilizations, those that did not suffer as much interference from the most evolved worlds; and where the criterion would be spiritual; That humanity would have the gift of believing in the essence, in the original entity, in the universe of emanation.

To access the reality of the Spiritual Universe requires FAITH, something that the entities of the Mental Universe lack; so the idea was to inspire faith-based civilizations, where only that power of FAITH, together with a super psychic potentiality, even superior to those of the entities of the Mental Universe, could open interdimensional doors and establish a bridge that would unite three universes, this would be Michael's Spiritual project.

These civilizations would develop evolving rapidly within the seven-dimensional universe to occupy a place that other civilizations would hardly reach due to the situation of stagnation that prevented them from reaching the seventh dimension, where it is only reached by Christification, which is the ability to die for others, the ability to forgive, to guide or inspire by faith.

Faith is the fact of believing and creating, it is the inspiration of the deep, the part of God that begins to gain ground in us.

These humanities could change attitudes and awaken feelings, new emotions, from which they would learn.

The civilizations where it would be experienced had to evolve and would then teach the way to others, thus guaranteeing everyone's interest in everyone.

Our Humanity has the capacity with that potentiality of psychic power, that potentiality of love, of faith, of free will to open dimensional doors and consciously enter a fourth dimension; in short periods it would allow him a control of time, of the future, to alter, based on a process of will, the future; something that the entities of the mental universe cannot achieve because they work in the fulfillment of a programmed future.

The beings of the Mental Universe know the future and work to make it happen. Humanity can know the future and alter it at will. To do this, man must be in the fourth dimension (that is why he was separated from this dimension until he was prepared, and he is no longer a danger).

You can regenerate physical conditions only with the power of the mind. The matter of the Material Universe is an emanation or creation of the Mental Universe, the mind can regenerate matter. Mentally you can create what you believe. Man would be created spiritually and intelligently, capable of reaching the highest evolutionary degree according to his own criteria and interest, in a scheme of absolute and constant freedom.


The idea of ​​creating a new evolutionary life experience was already a fact in the Mental Universe, the archetypes of the new civilization were already created, now it would be reflected in the Material Universe.

Meanwhile Lucifer who wanted to try the plan in his creations, begins to experience a new and strange sensation; he is jealous, not for him, but for discrimination towards his creations. He does not trust his creator, he begins to organize on his own a change of situations and conditions, proclaiming himself against the Father's intentions.

He seeks support first by embodying the Material Universe, in the galaxies and worlds where some of the beings led by this and his allies are seduced by the proposal to the Mental Universe and then descend from the fact that the experiment was carried out on themselves, like the beings of the Orion system that had been led directly by ultraterrestrials, in a strict, pigeonholed, overly guided way. The proposed changes had excited some of them; Others believed that if they had been led in this way, it was because they believed it was correct.

Here dissent is already looming, opposition to the plan proposed by the creator father, Michael, would have begun, who tries to find alternatives to prevent it.



Our humanity existed in the form of an archetypal mental projection; with the sole intention of creating it, it was already influencing. The very idea would have awakened in various entities a Free Will as to oppose, reject and take a violent and aggressive attitude.

The project of our humanity raised from the first moment, attitudes or situations so new that most of the civilizations that intervened in our world quickly slipped out of control.



Long before an alternative plan was devised by the entities of the Mental Universe, our PLANET EARTH had been visited by beings from the CONSTELLATION OF THE SWAN, in our Material Universe, seas and oceans were still acidic. An attempt was made to create an atmosphere conducive to life. They establish colonies in the seas and the continent that goes emerging little by little in what would be the current Antarctica, which in those times was located on the equator of the planet.

They begin to help nature, speeding up the process so that in the future the seas are alkaline, the idea of creating our humanity had not yet emerged.

THE ELDERS FATHERS could not stay long on the planet and emigrated always due to the great instability of our world, still in the making, always dangerous even for higher technology civilizations.

In any case, life would develop on the planet quickly and naturally, being a victim of progress and setbacks due to the instability of a system with only one Sun.



Over time, in the period that we know as Mesozoic in the Tertiary Era, other beings from ALPHA CENTAURUS arrive who settle in what would be called the Hyperborean, in present-day Greenland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, northern Europe. They live in cities, one of which would be the mythical and legendary capital Tule or Tollán, mentioned in the Scandinavian and Germanic legends. They were beings of white race and of great stature. At this time dinosaurs populated the planet.

Due to the instability of the planet and the meteoric rain, they dig galleries below the surface, where they also settle.

Finally it is impossible for them to endure and they end up leaving via ships or with their advanced technology opening a dimensional door that they leave open, which has been accidentally seen several times in history.

Some survivors who did not leave are still here, and have been associated with different civilizations.



As the idea of creating the new humanity is embodied in the Material Universe, the civilizations that would support the plan begin to work. Eight UR category planets are chosen within our Local Universe and Earth is one of those chosen for its already visible future projections.

UR-category planets are those that have a single Sun, where all life forms can adapt, their bluish celestial aura reveals the spiritual condition of their emitter and distinguishes them among others.

To these planets come beings from the Material Universe with the rank of Elohim, genetic engineers who sow life.

Ideas of questioning the plan were manifesting themselves most strongly in the Orion constellation systems at the moment.



Seven genetic engineers are selected to create humanity on the planet by the 24 Elders.

After the catastrophe that occurred on Earth in the Tertiary Age, there is already a life of its own on the planet and protominids (ancestors in the direct line of man) have developed, but with minimal chances of survival, doomed to disappear.

Starting with the project, these Elohims are installed in a place between Africa, Madagascar and Mesopotamia, in a continent now disappeared LEMURIA. In a ship with a size of more than 50 km, they brought different species of insects and plants from other planets to install and expand the wide range that existed in this world.

They even had plants with hallucinogenic properties that only they used, thus delaying the aging process that the atmosphere of our planet made them suffer; for them this consumption was favorable but they knew that the effect it would have on the created creatures was detrimental, if consumed would cause a long delay in their development, therefore they kept these plants out of the reach of others, prohibiting their consumption.

They experiment genetically until they achieve androgynous beings that are ultimately too weak for the environment they were subjected to, so they perish.

Faced with this failure, they decided to experiment with hominids from the planet itself, thus synthesizing a way of life that is highly resistant to environmental conditions, the first human race on Earth, the black race.

One of the Elohims who was sympathetic to Luciferian dissent performs a variant not allowed and outside the plan; it encourages some of the created beings to consume from the hallucinogenic plants.

It had been programmed to dose the delivery of information, not to hide it.

The other Elohims, unaware of the betrayal, were afraid of Man, due to the unpredictability of his behavior and excessive curiosity.

This humanity was created with the ability to open doors between dimensions consciously or unconsciously, voluntarily or involuntarily; the Extraterrestrials can locate the doors or open them with their technology, but only like this.

Humanity was programmed to reestablish not only the bridge of light between the Mental Universe and the Material Universe here in our world, but also to open a dimensional door that allowed all beings in the Material universe to connect directly with the Spiritual Universe, the Mother Universe.

Because of this capacity of man, which the Elohim do not possess, they fear him. There was no will to continue the experiment for believing the man guilty and ungovernable. They expel him from the ship, leaving man from the fourth dimension of consciousness, from a fourth psychic dimension of empowerment of faculties, having altered his physical organic constitution. On leaving they realize that they are not unique on Earth, with herds of protominids wandering around and they mix.

When the Elohims learned the truth of what had happened, the experiment had already been badly achieved, although they realize that it is not far from what was planned.

From there they could only work indirectly, observing and guiding in more subtle ways the humanity that would continue to develop in a more wild way, Gadriel, the dissident Elohim is left on the planet as punishment and as a way to compensate for his crime.

The humanity of the planet would be observed, guided and protected by a contingent of 200 guardians and watchers made up of beings from other more evolved worlds who would be able to help others in their evolution. At that time it would be the case of beings from SIRIUS and THE PLEYADES.

At this point it was known by the entities that joined the Lucifer approach, that the project had begun. Among the alternatives that were managed, one was to put the project in the hands of Lucifer and his allies from both the Mental Universe and the Material Universe, to demonstrate with action but putting the effort in favor, if the plan was not adequate. The argument that they have encouraged other civilizations in a negative way leads to mistrust falling on them, and the way to recompose this would be by collaborating, coming to earth and ensuring that the experiment with this new humanity comes to a successful conclusion; they accept but rather would always try to boycott it.

Tension is mounting and dissent was finally inevitable, reaching a kind of star wars between those who supported the plan and those who supported dissent, including Satanel or Satan (an alien from the Material Universe, originally from Orion).


Some civilizations that were sympathetic to the Luciferian dissent would have been expectant, seeing that it happened without taking sides or positions, remain neutral. The dissent focused mainly on the Orion constellation area.

The uprising was finally neutralized, the dissidents reprimanded and some, confined to Earth as deportees. This happens about 25,000 years ago.

The planet is quarantined and guarded to prevent both their flight and non-Confederate civilizations to come closer with plans to rescue them and boycott the plan.

To be here, especially Lucifer, they must acquire a corporeality, adapt vibrationally and acquire vehicles that allow them to be in our world. The effort and waste of energy of these beings is very great; They cannot free themselves from this planet because the energy sources they need are not available from here.

Getting the collective psychic energy of humanity itself would be their way out. This energy is what they try to awaken, control and manipulate. For this they have also created entities, a low hierarchical order, low astral beings that are like energetic animals that serve to feed on energy. They also recruit physical human beings from degenerate and unbalanced lives, they all integrate that fierce force of aggressiveness, of energy theft from humanity.

Since then the Lord of this world would be Lucifer (The Light Bearer), the Prince would be Satanel, they maintain a psychic war against humanity.

The living conditions on the planet allow less longevity for all aliens, accustomed to living hundreds of years. They have no possibility of reincarnation given the low vibratory level of the bodies existing on the planet at the moment. Nor can they reincarnate on their planets of origin, which by universal law would correspond, because pyramids were created that would retain their essences on this planet.


Add to all this that some of the guardians and vigilantes who were left on the planet to prevent interference with the process, are precisely those who interfere, influenced by the planet's own energies, go beyond the responsibilities they had, irresponsibly mixing with humanity .

This happens with beings from the PLEYADES, led by the commander SENIASAS. Because of this they are forced to stay on the planet, to guide and care for the humans with whom they had relationships, with whom they had had offspring and their offspring. For this, isolation is imposed on some continent islands located in the current Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis.



Atlantis was an alien colony, a place of passage, where the negative forces were slightly controlled, the ancient priests had technology, capacity, knowledge and power, they could easily neutralize the negative influence. But not on their own merit but directly led by their parents the aliens.

The races that must achieve the changes are those of terrestrial origin, which by karma must realize that state of higher consciousness. Races that had not yet mixed with other extraterrestrials.

Atlantis was an island separated from the development of the rest of the planet and they had very little communication with the other civilizations that existed.

The negative forces of the universe were being neutralized and blocked, so that the entities trapped in our world could not communicate with their collaborators. There were extraterrestrial civilizations that were known to have a clear favoritism with which they carried out the rebellion. Ex: The beings from the Big Dipper.


At the end of the millennium they would come to rescue Lucifer, Satan and their hosts, taking place the Biblical battle of Armageddon.

If humanity does not provide enough energy so that these other beings can free themselves, they will try to provide it, initiating a kind of galaxy war, but this time, rather psychic, being able to reach the physical, to function on the material plane.

All this if humanity does not tip the scales and takes the side of the confederation of worlds and the cosmic order, assuming the responsibility and the mission that was given to us.

Man has the real possibility of, in a supreme act of love, not only being able to correct directions, but of surviving his own iniquity and selfishness. In one experience, make excessive love sprout, Christifying himself, setting out on the path, or directly rising from a third dimension to the seventh; then forgive the jailers or cellmates. Not only would he place himself above them through the state of consciousness that he develops, freeing himself from their influence, but with forgiveness he could neutralize or free imprisoned beings from his negative attitude; they would not resist the positive reaction of humanity. So if the host of extraterrestrials came to rescue them, they would achieve nothing and would only make a fool of themselves, since they cannot fight against man, they would be involved in that act of love, in that energy radiated from the planet. Instead of continuing to fall, they would be restored to the place where they were, and everything would return to the cosmic order, it would be a cosmic redemption, not only of the planet.

The misdirected power of the Atlanteans draws the negative force on their civilization and leads them to rapid and total destruction.

They were allowed to have colonies on a planet within our solar system, the Yellow planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter, MALDEK or MAYONA or TIR; there they arrived passing through MARS where they also had colonies.


The Atlanteans began to have conflicts among themselves and also with the Martians who were forced to live below the surface of the planet after their civilization was destroyed.

A large asteroid is attracted by completely destroying Maldek and a meteor shower falls on Mars damaging everything on its surface. Some small meteorites also arrive on Earth, but two huge ones approach being stopped before the impact by the Atlanteans who with their technology prevent them from falling, creating pyramids with rock crystals at the tips and spheres that energetically contained these asteroids in orbit.

But conflicts continued to escalate and negativity nullified the energy required for the pyramids to do their job. Finally they fall, one in the current Atlantic Ocean, destroying the island of Atlantis, where an energetic vortex known as THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE remains; the other falls into the Pacific Ocean destroying the continent of MU, leaving another energetic vortex there, THE DRAGON TRIANGLE. Approximately 10,000 or 12,000 years ago.

Lucifer, Satan and their hosts remain on the planet and establish a negative internal government.



Groups of aliens, guardians and vigilantes continue to come to the world to help humanity, carrying out a series of experiments and carrying out intervention projects, within the "great Earth project" that was the main one, modifying the evolutionary forms and those of cosmic spiritual development.

Within the civilizations that come there are beings of VENUS of fourth dimension but who act in a physical dimension of third like ours. The projects began to take place in a localized way in the time of the Sumerians, about 7000 years ago. A group of 144 counselors who come from the center of the galaxy, settle in Mesopotamia, grouping together humans who lived in this area of the Caucasus, working in small communities. Initially they were moral, spiritual and political guides (Patheses), then they had to leave them to follow themselves. Although positive in any way this encouraged dependencies, even these beings felt identified with a paternalistic attitude, damaging the project, and ending up staying here. Civilization could not advance on its own and as the Patheses were disappearing due to natural wear and tear in a world like ours, these people were at the mercy of the others. They had a defensive criterion for the war which was weakening them; without being able to resist they were absorbed by the Akkadians and other existing civilizations in the area, being a cultural contribution to the civilizations of the earth.

During the rise of the Sumerian civilization 6,000 years ago, 4,000 BC, the possibility of establishing secondary missions in our world that would seek the training of instructors of humanity itself through a follow-up of various incarnations was arranged. Spirits subject to cycles of incarnation on the planet and with periods of instruction on the planets of origin of the most evolved civilizations and Karmically committed to the earth, Alpha Centaur, Orion, etc. It would be a training of instructors who in the long term would cut dependency and with whom contact would be more sporadic.

The missions are organized and entities begin to appear to probe the field, for example, the appearance among the Atlantean remnants that are still on the surface, of Krishna. Very important Atlantean survivors like Noah, which arises at a time when hybrid or mongrel births between aliens and humans were very common in Atlantis.

The survival of these beings determines the installation of groups of Atlanteans in different parts of the planet; one of them will give rise to the Egyptian civilization, another to India.


There is also the appearance of the Christ spirit or entities of the Mental Universe projected to our world, among them, precisely KRISHNA.



After the failure with the Sumerians, as a way to balance the negative forces, a group of volunteers was formed who could counteract the effect of that force, constituting a positive provisional internal government. The Great White Brotherhood or Positive Hidden Hierarchy is then structured on this basis of extraterrestrial volunteers.


32 beings from different Confederate worlds, settle in the Gobi desert in Mongolia, in what would be the Kingdom of Agarta with its capital Shambala. They are in the fourth dimension, they do not have physical vehicles; in order to act on the material plane they require material entities. Here is the "bridge of light" between the White Brotherhood of the Cosmos, voluntarily to our world, staying in the fourth dimension and with a very reduced possibility of acting. That bridge would be constituted by beings who from the third dimension raise their vibrations to enter of acting in the Material Universe and those who came consciously to fourth-dimensional states, at least transitory, temporary, and in the moments that they do so they can connect and interact with them.

Also having the possibility of connecting The two Brotherhoods, that of the Cosmos and that of the Earth. That is our individual personal work, in the long run the collective force that we can develop and finally channel through a group made up of the sum of many individualities. Until we achieve similar levels of consciousness, until consciousness commitment and delivery is the same, you will not be able to work at a collective level. There will come a time when we will be ready and We will make the effort en bloc.




The Egyptian project begins with the coming of Extraterrestrials who descend in the area of present-day Egypt, OSIRIS and ISIS found this civilization, staying a short time, they quickly leave, having learned from experience in previous projects. They live as their replacement groups of Atlantean remnants of the survivors of the destruction of Atlantis, to support the work that has been done. This is how HERMES TRISMEGISTO or TOTH the Atlantean appears.

When they disappear because they die, the civilization again fall into superstition, magic and psychic power is misused. They create connections with the lower astral by opening dimensional doors that have been open for a long time.

In an attempt to remedy this, groups that would be formed as priests are chosen within the Egyptian people to lead their people. They also do not know how to act, manipulating and monopolizing knowledge. They create power structures, distancing people more and more from knowledge, even losing knowledge and the mystique of their mission, of their responsibility, causing the project to finally fail.



It continues with another project, the HEBREW. Efforts are being made to create a human group of genetically programmed priests. It uses a very intelligent and physically strong Earth being, ABRAHAM. He would be the starting point of a race that was to unify the evolving peoples.

The recommendation not to mix the blood was so as not to alter the program. However, the people of Israel finally did not respect the agreement and with the blood mixtures the program is diluted, falling into the excess of egotism that led this people to think that they were a chosen people, when it had been a people programmed to serve humanity, was a nation of priests at the service of humanity, not to be served by anyone.

The project fails miserably, humanity falling into despair and chaos. When this project fails, there is a change of place, moving to the towns of AMERICA.



In the last interventions with the MAYAS, TOLTECAS, AZTECAS, when these civilizations were already developed, the extraterrestrials are no longer who intervene or their intervention is indirect by means of fourth-dimensional beings, such as the Venusians.

The presence of Atlanteans, hybrid mestizos between humans and extraterrestrials, who lived in the great caverns of the underground world, with which humanity cohabited, is used more.


In the INCA civilization, a couple of Inca children are brought, educated, trained and finally returned; being supported by a group of Atlanteans who leave the caves of PAUCARTAMBO, the four Clans of the AYAR brothers. The children Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo as adults, together with the intraterrestrials give the structure of what the INCA civilization was. Finally it also falls into superstition and magic, before the coming of the Spanish conquerors.

All the projects were carried out in order to prepare the groups on Earth, so that at some point in their history, they could receive the presence of a superior entity that would act as a kind of presentation in all parts of the planet; this character would be related to the appearance of QUETZALCOATL, WIRACOCHA and others like KRISHNA in INDIA.

They worked in several places at the same time, but always with greater intensity in a certain place. Many civilizations have intervened on the planet with the intention of helping but they finally ended up complicating the picture.

Everything was so densely altered that the only entity that could bring order was the creator father Emmanuel himself. He decides to come to mark the path, projecting himself mentally, in a kind of cosmic bilocation to the Material Universe, where he becomes embodied, acquiring the vehicles that would allow him to move in this universe.


For it to be possible, another entity was necessary that within this universe was ascending. This being of the Material Universe of our world or not, would be immersed in the reincarnation process proper to our humanity, and would provide the Physical, Astral and Lower Mental vehicles, assisted in the genetic programming of the Physical body by beings from The Pleiades, to fulfill in this incarnation with that fusion.

It is in the HEBREW town that the conditions are found to manage Emmanuel's coming in the relatively near future, his projection towards the Material Universe. The Son of Man (Jesus) volunteered. In the Pleiades, the physical body of the being that would incarnate is implanted genetically by being implanted in the womb of a pure and exceptional being such as MARY the mother of Jesus. The son of God, the creative father Emmanuel, the son of the absolute, of unity, had to provide the superior vehicles; Higher Mental, a Soul, a spirit and an essential Body.

Both merge being the two entities one, THE SAVIOR (in Greek: savior = Christ. In Hebrew: savior = Messiah).

Finally, when the resurrection occurs, Emmanuel returns to the Mental Universe, but the transmitted energy, the consciousness that is established through the Christic entity, allows the son of man (the Master Jesus), with that glorified, atomized body, to continue staying in the Material Universe, having Christified, accessed the seventh dimension of consciousness.

Now JESUS​ is in MORLEN (Ganymide, Jupiter's moon) working together with all the hierarchies of light so that the plan is carried out. The Master Jesus has remained in the Material Universe occupying the seventh dimension, the border with the Mental Universe waiting for all the transcended humanity to occupy that place; not only the humanity of our world but also that of other worlds of this Material Universe, who come here to take advantage of the conditions, evolving and supporting the process of our world.
Forces here are very powerful and force man to develop the capacity to face them.

Humanity can correct and nullify negative prophecies; but we must work so that the positive ones are fulfilled, for example the one that Jesus will return not to judge but as he himself said, to participate in the final evaluation that will be in charge of humanity itself. It all depends on our spiritual work, our development, everything we do for the plan in a positive way will facilitate and create favorable conditions.

His presence here will be humanity's acceptance and entry into the order that already works in this part of the universe.

The passage to the fourth dimension of the earth is foreseen in one way or another, a cosmic accident will be avoided if humanity manages, balancing forces, vibrating high, to raise the planet to the fourth dimension.



This account of the Cosmic Plan and the history of humanity is a compilation made from different sources, and as we know, much remains to be known; therefore it must be subject to changes, corrections and new knowledge provided by all without exclusions. Man receives the tool that is necessary for the moment and evolutionary state in which he finds himself, in addition to the fact that the interpretation and understanding obey the individual state of each one.



Translated from:

Misión Rahma. Artículos Rahma. Historia de la humanidad: