The Fifth Column of the White Brotherhood

(The 12000 earthlings returning to Earth)

The Space Guides, have told us that throughout the centuries some people from our planet have been invited to accompany them outside our world.

Also from places like the Bermuda Triangle,  Dragon Triangle in the Philippines, and from various other places on the planet where portals or natural energy (interdimensional) vortexes are formed and people disappeared in them. People have been rescued from them and from other circumstances, and taken to one of the moons of Jupiter (to Confraternity City in Morlen: Ganymede), and this for 300 years now.

 Through superior technology and cellular replacement, these people of the earth are still alive despite the passage of time, and trained in their psychic faculties, awakening their natural gifts helped by their hosts, and have been returned to earth (on spaceships) since August from the year 1987.

 What would this be for? Well, this is to form a kind of superior support at this time where the planet needs (transition to the 4th dimension of consciousness), these being placed, returned in strategic places to be able to help where needed, those returned are 12,000 people .

They are called the "Fifth Column" of the White Brotherhood, the internal government of earth.

Drawing from Publication of Sixto Paz's experience, in the Aurón bulletin (no. 11 of May 20, 1987)