When the Cosmic Rebellion of Lucifer and Satanel (Satan) was crushed by the Galactic Confederation, the Rebels, mostly from the Orion Constellation, where the Insurrection would have started, were deported to Earth and forced to work for the Evolution of Planet Earth.

By order of Archer (Lord of Divine Wisdom), one of the 24 Elders of the Galaxy, a series of "Retention Crystals" were installed on Earth, which would trap their Essences, preventing the subdued Rebels from reincarnating on their Planets of origin upon death.

That is, it would condemn them to reincarnate on Earth, or remain trapped in the Fourth Dimension of the Earth, until it achieved the purpose stipulated in the Cosmic Plan, or was destroyed beyond repair.


These devices are made of Ergomenon, a green crystal, similar to Emerald but with special qualities. It is Pure Crystallized Mental Energy. We could also call it "Grialic Crystal" since the Holy Grail would also be made of this same material.

These Crystals have incredible power. They are intelligent, and can be programmed like a computer for multiple purposes, depending on how you carve them. In the case of Retention Crystals, they are programmed to trap Essences and fix them on a Planet.

Regarding the shape of the Retention Crystals, or Prison-Crystals, there are two types:

1. Pyramidal: it has the shape of a pyramid, to trap Groups of related Essences.

2. Octohedral, or Octohedrons: they look like two Pyramids joined at their base, to trap individuals. The latter were used to trap the Essences of the Leaders of the Rebellion, whose Psychic Energy is elderly. (Octohedrons are buried halfway, so they can be confused with Pyramid Prisons).



The first place where the Confederate Ships landed with the Deportees on board was a Triangular plateau of the Continent of Demariah or MU, what we know today as Rapa Nui or Easter Island. There, within what is now the Rano Raraku Volcano, the first Retention Crystal was installed. The rest were hidden and strategically distributed in various underground places on Earth. Many times, in the same places where the Primary and Secondary Power Discs would be found. Places such as:

01 Rapa Nui Island (Chile, Pacific Ocean).

02 Mount Shasta (USA).

03 Valley of the 7 Luminaries (Mexico).

04 Somewhere in the Caribbean.

05 White City (Honduras).

06 Mount Roraima (Venezuela).

07 Guatavita Lagoon (Colombia).

08 Cueva de los Tayos (Ecuador).

09 City of Paititi (Peru).

10 Lake Titicaca (Bolivia).

11 Sierra del Roncador (Brazil).

12 Aurora (Uruguay).

13 Licancabur Volcano (Atacama, Chile).

14 Osorno Volcano (Chilean Patagonia).

15 Talampaya Canyon (Argentina).

16 Lake Vostok (Antarctica).

17 England (under Stonehenge).

18 Canary Islands (Spain).

19 Under the Pyramids of Gizeh (Egypt).

20 Under the Pyramid of Zozer (Egypt).

21 Mount Horeb (Arabia).

22 Gobi Desert (Mongolia).

23 Cambodia (Draco Reptilian Prison).

24 Mount Uluru (Australia).

25 Under the City of Nan Madol (Micronesia).

26 Hawaii Islands (USA).


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