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Date: 05/08/2014 Time: 20:15 / 21:20 hs.
Antenna: Amtac.


Questions: What suggestion can you give us for the instructors of the world?

What events are coming to Argentina and what should we pay attention to?

"See beyond the eyes,
Feel beyond the heart,
And listen beyond the ears.

That is the task of every missionary, a walker of light.

The instructors are you when you link dimensions, when you forgive your cosmic past and understand the Major Plan that is to serve and love.

This is a time when the ones stalking you will give you true walkers your trials.Don't fear.We are with you forever and ever.

Find the path with your example as you walk.

Follow the internal signals. Look for harmonious places to its essence. Protect your temple.

Argentina begins to turn where the suns on Earth are tuning in with the renewed energies that arrive and the new elders that return from our part. Do your part that compromises you and we will do ours.

You will begin to frequent new stages of consciousness thanks to the sum of wills that you are achieving.

Oxalc. "

"Yes, I am Sampiac.

Argentina will take its center after the planetary birth you already know. It will build on the basis of new consciousness; a new humanity that will remember and beat in unison. Trust in your co-creative capacity of realities and everything will be added by default.

In love in the light.

Oxalc, Sampiac and Guides in the Mission. "