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Antena- Harim Rah

Place - Colon- Uruguay - 12/15/2019

Brothers, Sordaz in communication:

It may be time to clarify terms and information to help you understand the transitory situations and possible confusion that you have to live as an expression of an apparent "Sadistic" game defined by many as karma. The moment to reflect before the emotional judgment of believing that there is no justice in the transitory manifestations of earthly learning from which you need to become independent to collaborate positively.

In the expression of the energies of nature everything follows an order according to the vibratory purpose that is recreated in it. From the particle of light, finite to infinite, from the invisible to the visible. Life as a recreating expression of energies is an eternal transition and changes that allow you to experience the spirit, which doses the soul and recreates consciousness and manifests the emotional personality.

The opportunity for each one to represent what is and feels to be. The wave of transcendent changes has already begun, that will not find you being careless and will manifest from the east, be attentive from there will blow the great events and discoveries of the blind spots that will be activated for him and those who are awake.

Central America will need to realign itself to the great transmutation as a vibratory axis. Great discoveries will be manifested regarding ancestral knowledge starting this year in America (the continent). Like the path to the definitive Redemption of the being humanity.

Before the 33rd day of the coming year, information will be released that will definitely move the religious and geopolitical structures by undressing an headless essential system and plunged into darkness. The extraterrestrial issue will openly occupy the agendas of governments.

From the heart of the heart, there will be a great emission of energies, an opening call to the being, which will be influenced by the vibrations of the planetary internal magnetic field that is unifying the Cosmic energies and their influences on the unification of the energies of transition and manifestation.

Now brothers, your task is to prepare to receive them and lead them. The main task is that your hearts be defined towards tolerance and understanding, in order to understand this call to reconciliation and maturation from the individual, as a humanitarian collective.

The mission is for humanity and in humanity, only then you can do your part. And for this it is necessary to learn to put oneself in the place of the other, and to feel that a harmony coexistence is possible between those who try it. Brothers look for silence, in meditation and now fasting is essential as a way of detoxify the organism and the mind.

We are containing this complex transition that is being affected by each component of this cosmic mosaic. Because is it the way that will allow each of the participants to learn and overcome obstacles.