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May 18, 2017


 (Conversing with the Guides.)

 Teachings of the Antarel Guide, to Contact Group, Rhama Mission.)


Yes, Antarel.


Question: What is forgiveness for you?

Forgiveness is the capacity to love manifested in the tolerance of mistakes.

In order to raise humanity's awareness about forgiveness you must first assume it in your own existences.  As long as they do not incorporate it as an attitude in your personal development and as an essential part of the new being that you must become, you cannot teach it.


Question: Why is it important to teach forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the release of intolerance and limitations of selfishness that leads the person to be aware of others in a negative way, with a destructive thought and criticism, which are part of a process of justification of  own mistakes

Forgiveness is the maximum degree of love, and it is all of you on your planet who can set the highest example of love, thereby fulfilling a cosmic role of liberation, because you constitute a civilization of victims.


Question: How is that?

You have been hurt a lot throughout your history sometimes trying to help you.  Other times you have been harmed on purpose, making it difficult for the panorama as a few, to test your skills and learn through you.  Therefore, forgiveness in you towards the civilizations that damaged you would become an original act of divine creation, a message of maturity to the cosmos, a factor of liberation for all and restoration of an interrupted order.


Question: What are the consequences of unforgiveness?

There are many people who are sick of resentment, feelings of guilt, envy and hatred.  All this materializes in their bodies the worst diseases, so we tell you that forgiveness is therapeutic.

But remember that you cannot teach forgiveness to mankind, unless you incorporate it as part of your personal life style;  if you do not make forgiveness your life philosophy.

You must practice forgiveness in the secret of your heart, knowing yourself, facing your life with understanding and charity evaluating what it has meant so far.  You must first try to overcome your own mistakes, forgiving yourself first;  Only then can you extend this state of consciousness and this attitude to others.

In addition, it is not possible to speak of a cosmic forgiveness if before you are not able to live the experience of forgiveness on a daily and regular basis, with the people you say you love most.  If you succeed you can give it a higher dimension over time.


Because in true love,

Full peace,

The real harmony,

The perfect balance,

Authentic justice, total surrender,

The natural service,

The great hope,

And in the infinite light,

There is the sacred goal

From the contact mission.


Love and peace.  (Your Brother Antarel, From Planet Apu)

Teachings of the Antarel Guide, a Contact Group, Rahma Mission.