Technical name given by the extraterrestrials and also commonly known by Kanepla(*Canepla) (a defacement of the name).  

It is a device or spherical-shaped probe, similar to a ball, which has an electronic eye and is equipped with a set of sensors that, simultaneously with the observation, transmits the signals of the information collected from a central computer inside the (extraterrestrial ) ship.  

Apart from the images captured, no matter if it is night or day, the probe also records perfectly, everything and any organic change or disturbance of the focused creature, be it metabolic, chemical, thermal, emotional or circulatory, accompanying, effectively and without room for error, the functioning of the person being tested.

 Additionally, the probes can remain literally invisible to the human eye if so they want, allowing their mass to vibrate at a speed greater than that of the human retina can capture, but remains visible to film recording from any  photographic camera.  

The kanepa has the shape of a polished, silver-colored metallic sphere moves erratically and at high speed. It has an "eye" or camera that emits a light, leaving it easily visible at night. This light can be white, reddish, orange, blue or yellow.  

 In some cases, it triggers flashes of white light great power, even when fully invisible, illuminating a large area, easily confused with the light of a flash of lightning. Its size can vary from an indoor soccer ball up to three times the size of a basketball.  

  The size and color of the light are in direct relation to the function for which it is intended. that transmits images and information to a nearby extraterrestrial ship. A fairly efficient way to concretely express your presence and support for the group.

By Veronica Wells

( Kanepas are also used to create the so called Crop Circles, which are messages to our subconsciousness)