Destiny or Karma

 It is the program of existential activities planned for the development and evolutionary advancement of the being.  It exists for our benefit and not to the detriment of anyone.

Everything is subject to a destiny, to a life plan.  Nothing is left to chance.  But it is not something immovable, on the contrary it can be modified on the basis of a firm willpower and through an awakened conscience.

 We are the consequence of our past lives, subject to a long process of learning and evolutionary growth.
We negociate the lessons to be learned with the Guardians of Destiny (Karma) before we are born on each reincarnation.
We are teachers and students at the same time with all persons we are in contact with in our lives, where we learn lessons individually from each other or as a group. 
That is karma: An eye for an eye. It's a universal law that works regardless of who we are. Everything we do has a cause and effect, which is another way of expressing this universal law. And we'll receive exactly what we did before either on the same life or in future ones.

By praying, helping others physically or sending energy mentally, with love we are changing someone else's life and karma (and ours) for the better.

When we help others we are helping all of us to grow in evolution and to lower the negative karma on all.