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World press invitations for scheduled sightings


RAMA has invited the world press for scheduled sightings where films and photographs have been taken. In one of them, in 1989, reporters from different countries were invited one month in advanced to witness a scheduled sighting in one of Peru's deserts.

In march 26, 1989, reporters filmed and photographed 5 UFOs that appeared to the reporters that were still in the area. The previous day most of the reporters had left the camp after being disillusioned because they didn't see any UFOs the first night of the outing (march 25).

The first night, March 25, 1989, the following reporters were there:


Unites States:


Dominican Republic:

Puerto Rico:

There were also:

The following night, the reporters that stayed and filmed/photographed UFO's on March 26, 1989:


Video in Spanish with UFO sightings:

 1989 World Press Outing to Chilca, Peru