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Rama World Reunion to Shasta by

Unidos en el Contacto

Report August 8-9-10


Beloved brothers,


Let this be a new opportunity to share with all of you and may the deep love of cosmic consciousness hold us together in love and strengthen us in our journey towards evolution, awakening consciousnesses in these crucial moments that are being lived on our planet.

We will share the experiences of the meeting held on August 8, 9 and 10 in Shasta County, California, which was attended by more than 100 participants.


Through multiple communications the older brothers (Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial guides) invited us to hold an international meeting:


"The present continuous manifests itself more and more in your lives. The works together take on a valuable importance at this time, we will unite and unify our work to give greater strength to your effort and focus.

Perform the works (Given by our Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial brothers) with constancy and focus them in the direction of spiritual unification at the planetary level. All those who are connected to the spiritual universe will receive the force of unification and transformation. The spiritual universe will become manifest on your planet. ”

“You must hold an international rounion in the month of August of this year, having as main day the 222 day of the year (August 9). This is the genetic key of the elder brother Jesus of Nazareth who was the greatest representation of love in the physical plane in which they live, so you should prepare and give the best of each of you to share with your brothers to work with you in the outing. ”

“We will reach all who are with the doors of their hearts open to the message, we will arrive in a very subtle way for those brothers who find themselves with the desire to share and develop all the potential that each of you carries. The moment has arrived, we will begin to modify matter and realities together with the mental and spiritual universe, we will give life to the realities created in your works, we have given them specific guidelines with the aim of sharing vibration with us and remembering. We are at the edge of the great transformation, do not doubt the capacity of this work of coordination of the cosmic evolution project. ’’

"The work of the meeting would be to translate into the positive human mental a resizing of consciousness through the harmonic man" The archetype of the new humanity. "

“Dear brothers, the era of light is already among you. This era of light that expanded so much for not assuming its role as divine sparks and today by understanding its evolution as cosmic and inter-dimensional beings you have made this reality come true now.

Born is the new race; the one that is fading and transmuting the dark mantle that prevented seeing the functioning and interaction of the great human collective mental. This mantle that is formed of "mysticism, pride and ignorance."

So brothers of the earth, finish shaking off the dust of ignorance and shine the light that you carry within you, for you are creators and hope of the cosmos for a great evolutionary realization.

For those who expected a thunderous, chaotic and apocalyptic time, we say that this occurs at the end and not at the beginning of an era and this moment is the beginning of a new era in which man assumes his role as co-creator of evolution. With God.

We expect a great reaction as soon as possible on your entire planet. We encourage men who with strength and even despair (in their works and bodies) have flapped their wings to teach others to fly, because their wings of light will be inherited (understood) by the men of the earth. ”



Place: Mount Shasta, California, United States of America

Date: August 06, 2008

> Message received before the physical presence of the ships in the skies of Mount Shasta <

Question: What is the current purpose or purposes in the mission?

What you should know is that our mission is not based on the selfishness of the common of humanity that dwells in the core of the human being, but rather on a "Cosmic Mission" that transcends the common perception of you. Your purpose must therefore have a scope of cosmic consequences as such.

For this, focus on unity and reveal in all the reality of the need to be one with the Christ that dwells within each and everyone. Focus on the need to break with all dependence and / or scheme that attempts to advance each being in the process of evolution itself.

Today you must be the many Christs who prepare the way of the expected return. Do not delay because time is short and demands from you the fulfillment of the commitment of yesteryear. Make use of your potentials and transmute any selfish, individualistic and disharmonious manifestation so that you reach higher states of vibration and so we will be with you for 3 days in a constant and concrete way, the 8, 9 and 10 of the eighth month of the year of the ONE (2008) 2 + 8 = 1 (one). Our presence and support will not be to create vitiated and otherwise recognized dependencies but rather to encourage all those present to revive the elements necessary for the fulfillment of their individual and collective missions.

With love, in the light, receive the golden energy of Jesus the Christ, your brothers in mission.


Confirmations through communications coming from outside:

Monterrey Mexico

Time: 1.30 a.m. July 9, 2008

Antenna: Dalteam

Yes little brothers the call is in California, the guaranteed works are, clear guidelines, pay attention to this cry of support, there those who follow will continue ... ... they are a beacon, they are as a refuge, a beautiful day.

You will be present to vibrate in the proper tune, but be careful not to neglect the preparation, you have been told that mental storms will come, do not neglect, we will tell you again the stalker is trying to prevent the psychic advancement of the planet through depression and He wants to put you aside in the plan with his archetypal creations of sensuality, do not let yourself get caught.

If we will give you experiences according to your preparation, do not expect anything that already in case Mission Rama is of incredible things, do not go in the form of expectation only go with the attitude of service the rest will come alone.

We tell you the Ramas engaged in the path of the Cosmic Plan, if you received the call would you want to miss appointments? you who are on the guest list would you like to miss?

Truly, we say no, prepare yourself with strength and detachment that the tests come as usual, that your preparation is not weak or famished, we know you all and there is every heart, men, women, elderly brothers, listen to the voice of the clearest and don't stop along the way.


9.45 PM Saturday.  Xendra perceived
Place: Miami, USA
Date: 8/1/08, time 8:11 pm

The search for the path is done by waking the path to the light, take into account any signal that will illuminate the path. Take the trip to the outing as an opportunity to share and establish the union that has been suggested to you in recent years. Purify your bodies by letting the Christ energy become one with you.

At 9 pm on day eight, unify your minds with us and with the white brotherhood to consciously unite the heart earth chakra (Merla or Mama Pacha) with the mental universe.

The work you have organized irradiation will be done with the help of our ships.

Trust your intuition, double your will so that planetary events find you in the correct inner frequency. Openly manifest to others the work you have been handling among you. It is time, there is maturation in the groups and this will help the global planetarium.

It is in you to remember that you are already in action and assuming your responsibility with which we are excited.

Peace be among you,

Joaquin and Antarel.



As the days approached the confirmations were emerging everywhere. We learned that several Anglo-Saxon groups would go to a retreat on that same date to sow energies to propitiate the elevation of vibrations throughout the planet. It was really very gratifying to see how a work of this nature was shared not only by the Ramas but also by all those who feel called to positively transform the living conditions in our world.

They told us that the invisible threads that had created the great positive mental community of the planet were operative and generating this great event.

For this meeting we began the preparation several months in advance since we knew that it was of the utmost importance to arrive at the best prepared to contribute all that our BEING could give for the realization of the desired achievements, which would bring harmonization and evolution in our planet.

The members of the group decided to do our jobs every day and at the same time with which we began to tune into a perfect mental unit.

As the date of the meeting approached we were feeling how an expansion of consciousness was being achieved to give a single response to the event to be carried out.

For us, the work of August began much earlier, the responsibility we felt was very great but at the same time very beautiful knowing that we were participating in a call we felt in our hearts for many years; to be able to work consciously with our whole being (the harmonic man) and put it at the service of the evolution of humanity.

The experiences did not wait until beginning for some during the trip to the meeting place


Friday, August 8, 2008

We began our work with the creation of a protection dome on the place and homes of all those present where the rest of our loved ones had been left so that harmony, balance, peace and understanding towards the work we were going to do reigned . We then thanked the Profound Love of Cosmic Consciousness for having "ALLOWED TO BE BORN IN THIS PLANET AND IN THIS TIME" and to our older brothers (extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrias) for the invitation to this work together with them.

All present then we begin to embrace with which we exchange energy of our whole being "chakras, mental spheres, divine spark, quantum of light" being the goal to stop being an individual and become a collective mind in order to give an answer to the objectives and achievements to be made in this meeting.

Friday the eighth was an important day in which we would work with all the other brothers of the planet in opening a threshold towards the mental universe

The details had been delivered in communications and previous experiences, so all we needed was to create the action capable of unleashing the achievement of this event. The rhythm of the work was intense and there were almost no spaces between the talks, meditations, irradiations to the planet, holographic mental irradiation works. These were happening so quickly that they let us feel the need and urgency of what we had come to do. Energy levels were thus rising work after work to the point where people began to live experiences in different realities.

Among the work done this day:

Mental exercises

The harmonic man and holographic creation

The holographic creation of a refractor shield

Holographic creation of a new United Nations

Remote holographic healing work.


Mental exercises

These exercises were the basis for progressively raising the collective vibratory level to ensure that these high and sustained frequencies could serve us in the holographic creation of events necessary for our humanity to fully wake up to the reality that is being lived in this moment on our planet. and also modifying probabilities of the future.

With these exercises the interconnection of the two cerebral hemispheres, right and left, is carried out, getting our whole brain to start working at very high subtle frequencies such as the "theta" cerebral sling. Also our hypothalamus begins to act as a cannon of neutron energy outward as it is the pillar for timeless holographic creations (all this is above the known physical laws)

“The exercises alter the normal passive order and the psychic stagnation in the human being, restoring the mental communication of the being, dilutes the consciousness within the great universal consciousness and gives a great advance in the millenary life of the passive being of the earth. It is not in any way the object of these exercises to seek different forms of development of your mind but it is so that you are more sensitive and at the same time more united; since knowledge makes a union with all beings on earth due to the greater degree of training or understanding of the universe. ”

Click here to see The Mental and Psychophysical Exercises


The Harmonic Man:

Man has always been denied knowledge of his reality and therefore of his potential to conclude the cosmic plan of evolution as co-creator of an evolutionary dynamic with God.

For this, the involutive forces have used all the necessary means at their disposal such as:

The fire of the great library of Alexandria, where there was great information for our development as cosmic beings.

The destruction of the Mayan codices, which had information coming from the cosmos, which would have allowed us to assume our role before.

The destruction of the Quipus.

The burning of millions of Jewish books in the second world war.

All this delayed us in the understanding of who we are and the role we have to assume.


We worked on a holographic model of humanity which is called the Harmonic Man. This holographic creation was inserted in the collective human mental with which the current living conditions of our world can be modified. This holography will send all beings to the awakening of conscience and altruistic action by their peers, transforming our entire social system into a reflection of the cosmic plan since he knows its potential, its origin and its destiny.

The information of the harmonic man was received in experiences of the year 1999 in which the brothers gave us full understanding of our being, that we are infinite and unlimited beings within the finite that is our physical body. That we are multidimensional within our three-dimensional physical life and that we are the answer to a cosmic hope when we make our full potential work in the service of evolution and thus we can unite the three universes from the bottom up at will (physical, mental and spiritual).


(Click here to see the work on The Harmonic Man)



The holographic creation of a Refractor Shield

A holographic creation of a reflective shield was made whose purpose is to be a natural defense system of our world and would protect it from the crash with bodies of erratic trajectory such as asteroids or planetoids. This shield would also spiritually recharge its creators. This shield was created above the physical laws in the eternal present of the creative mind in which time-space is one and thus changing the future events of our planet.

(Click here to see work on The Refractor Shield



Holographic creation of a new United Nations

We also worked on the holographic creation of new united nations, this would be an international organization that would not only represent the interests of humanity but at the same time and for its high intention of service was recognized by the stellar civilizations that visit us.

The day was finished with a work of the opening of the dimensional portal, which began at eight in the evening:

“The energy that was achieved in this work was very great, it seemed that we were all floating, in an instant a bright flash of violet light was felt and I started a conscious astral. The violet energy transported me (so to speak) to a large mothership. Upon entering it I began to observe everything that surrounded me, at that moment I was approached by a guide who says “we mission guides see every day with greater optimism the awakening and achievement of your humanity which leads you to a role important in the dynamics of evolution of the universe. You can see this trust in us through our technology, observing what your humanity is doing with a lot of love and faith. Later, when you fully awaken your essence and potential, the walk will be through love and awareness and thereby fulfill your role in the cosmic plan. ”

I was very happy when I felt that the ship began to move and through something similar to a window I could observe the sidereal space, the guide observed that I was looking out the window and told me “no parallel you will find in the mobility you have with this ship, because these are designed and created to serve love and for love, in different dimensions and planes and this for you is only conceived as fiction due to your limitations of love and because your science is not based on cosmic laws ”. While listening to the guide I began to see how we were orbiting the earth and I felt an indescribable joy to observe the portal that our humanity was making. When the guide perceived my reaction or maybe reading my mind, he said “wonderful, right? All this is real and you are putting new causes to definitely change the future of your planet ”

I could see how different energies rose from the crust of our planet, they looked like small shapes of flames, balls, circumferences and different geometric shapes. The guide said referring to these energies “they are all mental, holographic works, prayers of love and acts of evolution of humanity. As you can see, you are the real managers of this creation (changes of causes) for a new future ”. The ship was orbiting the earth and works were seen everywhere, both countries that were day and night, he continued saying “this event was planned a long time ago hoping that his humanity could take responsibility for the conscious work of the energy to make this threshold a reality. ”

My whole being felt an infinite joy since I was observing the conscious work of humanity and the guide when observing my joy told me that you saw closer to consciously assuming our role as humanity. “Share this work that will make you grow in understanding and trust in the great positive mental community of the planet, which must transmit and generate confidence in the great human mass and in the very near future they can realize the evolutionary ascent of all humanity for which will have the support of us and the spiritual spheres (of the mental and spiritual universe) that are behind this evolution. It's about time you to come back. ” He approached me by putting my hands on my shoulders transmitting energy and very deep feelings of love, which made me feel an indescribable joy and strength to continue working on the mission. As a farewell he told me "since the beginning of the work two ships are supporting you above the camp"

After having concluded an arduous work session throughout this day, work that was performed in a unified way by many human beings from different missions and schools of knowledge making use of cosmic forces and specific energies from the galaxy sun, which we allowed to create creations in a timeless manner with behavioral patterns and with the collective mental of the planet, it closed this Friday at about 10.30 at night.


(Click here to see the work on The New United Nations)



Saturday, August 9, 2008

We start the day with psychophysical exercises, yoga and tai-chi. Continuing with irradiation chains, holographic creations and meditations. This constant activity was the most important thing for the group to raise the vibrations to proportions that would lead us to contact at all levels, both individual and group.


Place: Shasta County

Receive fraternal greetings, dear brothers, the unique principle of evolution is fulfilled at this time in all your beloved planet, the conscious awakening of the planetary common mental is manifested reality acting and transforming the order of events. The interaction with you in a conscious way is manifesting itself, soon all human beings will have as a behavioral pattern the feeling of caring and interacting with Mother Earth. The signs of progress within the works we share are in continuous progress.

Your planet opens realities of connection energy with all of you. Continue to work with objectivity what we have entrusted to each of you and remember that all works have the same importance and validity, however small they may seem.

Tonight we will be doing the work with your group. We will share activations and tools with all those who need it (Cosmic Name, Cesium Crystals, Christic Crystals and Xendra) receive our unconditional support in this divine process of expansion with much love and expectation to your development your brothers at work,




Accepting the commitment of this communication we begin the initiation work.

36 Cosmic Names were received, 16 brothers received Cesium Crystals, 39 received Christic Crystals and 13 passed Xendra.

All these initiations were supported with the presence of our elders and beings of light of the mental universe.

Next we will share excerpts from experiences lived by some brothers:




“I immediately saw with my eyes closed as a flash of light formed in my palms with greater intensity in my right hand; It felt like a pressure in the chest and the Cesium Crystals were activated. At that time he asked the Father and the Christ that if it was the right time, he was ready to make the commitment by receiving the initiation and that his will be done. I also began to see as if it were a brilliant white-gold rhomboid lace energy in my eyebrows (as I write this the crystals are strongly activated). I was displaying a bright pink light as it descended and covered me, almost immediately after this I think Enrique came up again and crossed my hands on my forehead and held me tightly. At that precise moment it was a very special sensation, I felt how the energy entered the third eye chakra and in a bright light I saw how the image of the Master the Christ was projected and entered on my forehead with his open arms extended downwards, the palms facing forward in an offering position, with his face as if sketching a slight smile; As soon as the (holographic) projection entered instantly, a six-pointed star of intense golden color merged. It was an extremely emotional moment that I controlled so that the feeling of love and euphoria with joy did not break me in tears; the occasional sob began to sprout from my body and it was not possible for me to hold back the tears that rolled down my face. I felt like getting down and thus thanking for the blessing received and I continued mantralizing to support the group so that others could live the experience as well and receive the crystal. At the end we all gave each other a fraternal hug and congratulate each other. I saw several committed brothers who received the crystal; Eva, Leo, Mario, Bernardo of the Los Angeles Group, Esteban, Betsy and Candy of the Miami Group, Marcela de San Diego and other brothers; I even saw Jason who also received him.

I waited for the last one, thanking Enrique for his support and company and sobbing, he said, did you see him, did you? (to the teacher). I stayed a while longer watching the sky and watched as shooting stars crossed the sky. In that Mario Mario appeared who hugged me and told me the most beautiful words from one being to another. ”

“I can't stop telling my experience of initiation where the vibration was so strong that I could hardly stand up, my hands became very heavy until I could hardly resist his weight, at that moment I felt a presence that with great force placed the Crystals of Cesium ”

“On Saturday, when I received the Christic Crystals it was a very beautiful experience because during the whole process of receiving the crystals and then, the feeling of peace, joy, jubilation that filled my mind, my heart and my whole being was indescribable. I don't have enough words to describe it. ”

“I felt a cold (ice) in the hands in the shape of a cylinder. And once a brother who did not remember who he was pushed my hands to my chest I opened my eyes and asked for confirmation. At that same moment I saw a light (object) above the top of a tree that would be about 200 meters from where I was. The object lasted about 5 or 6 seconds as if it were a flash. Surely it was not a shooting star because it was of the diameter greater than a soccer ball. I felt that that was the confirmation of having received the crystals. Since then I think they have worked so far as sensors because somehow I feel if there is good vibration where I am or there is not. I imagine that there is still much to do and learn how to use them at 100% capacity. ”

“I remember that while we were forming a circle there was a very strong smell of flowers but there were no flowers around us and once a brother who did not remember who it was pushed my hands to my forehead again I opened my eyes and asked for confirmation. This time I saw a light (object) that moved from E to O and another a few seconds later than it did from N S. ”

“Later, when we expected to receive the Christic Crystals, I spent a while and I felt nothing. Then Enrique passed and put my hands on my forehead. I felt a little warm, which caught my attention, since it was cool and it was not logical that my left hand was warm, if not the other way around. I stayed like that for a while, with my hands on my forehead, seeing the stars on the hill above the stone wall or "door." It should be noted that I did not know that there was that wall.

Suddenly I see in the sky an area about 60 - 70 meters wide, about 40 high, oval. That area pulsed, like it vibrated. It was very evident and gave me the impression that it was an electromagnetic force. It was something very strange that I had never seen. I looked away to see if I saw the same thing, but no, it was just that area. Then I found out that the wall or door is just above ”.

“The ceremony was very mystical, I only felt an icy wind that passed near me and then I felt some hands that brought my hands to my heart, when I brought them close to my chest I felt that my heart was beating much faster, I had received the crystals ! At the end of this ceremony we went back to where the group was, there was a lot of good energy and they renamed those who had to receive the Christic Crystals, and my name was there! I felt, triple mind grateful and honest. On this occasion I felt something hot in the palms of my hands and I had the same feeling when putting my hands on my forehead.

In one night I had the honor of receiving three wonderful gifts and I feel very grateful to the older brothers ”

“The other experience was in the delivery of the Christic Crystals, as soon as we got in a circle, I felt as if Cesium Crystals were activated and a heat on my forehead and the third eye pulsed me like a heart, then someone came and I crossed his hands. But it wasn't until the next day that I did a meditation, I closed my eyes and a very bright white six-pointed star formed on my forehead ... it was beautiful. ”

“We were told that if we would receive the Christic Crystals, that for a server it was the summit of the cusp. We were taken to those who would receive the Christic Crystals to form a large circle and begin to mantralize. Clearly, through the third eye, I watched as the crystals formed in the palms of my hands that dazzled with a radiant golden color, with flashes of white and blue or violet hues. It was a unique moment when one of the brothers who assisted us (Enrique) asked me what I felt at that moment and what I was looking at. I told him that it was something very intense in my head and like a buzzing in my ears and I could see those like crystals in my hands that radiated light and tremendous magnetism. He told me to slowly join my hands and possess them at the height of the third eye, or forehead. Instantly I felt a great peace and a great love in my being, followed by a voice that told me that I was finally making the commitment that I had already made millennia ago for this moment and space and that I was finally with my little brothers. It was really something indescribable. ”

“When people received their Cesium Crystals the two (my husband and I) could see beings in the circle where they supported this initiation. We look at tall beings dressed in white and also smaller ones of a medium silver color. We confirmed each other what we were seeing. After a while it was our turn to receive the Christic Crystals, the vibration became very high. We walked and formed a circle. When we mantralized, I felt a lot of love and harmony. Little by little the crystals were given, I asked for strength and calm from the guides for my person. I felt a tall being who came behind me and raised my hands even more. I looked when the crystals were in my hands and when I felt their weight I opened my eyes and I could look at them. They were a golden color and I felt how much they weighed. When I lowered my arms a little I felt that the guide helped me raise my arms again. Fernando  arrived with me and helped me integrate the crystals.

I felt a lot of peace and love, and the calm I had asked for. The introduction of the crystals in my third eye was very intense, I felt like they were physically integrated into me.

“Hour after hour and day after day these works were consolidated until the moment in which the Guides suggested through the antennas the initiations for the new members. For me it was really an honor to be able to assist so many new brothers in the reception of both Cesium Crystals and Christic Crystals, and we were still surprised when in some of the photographs taken during that night we could appreciate not only at a psychic level but also in digital photography the flaming and bright presence of these powerful spiritual tools, thus confirming the reality of everything lived there. The presence of the ships on us was once again the reminder that we are not alone in the process currently being lived on Earth and that each time our commitment leads us to provide service to others we will be at the same time working with superior initiatives that ensure our well-being. ”



“There (Xendra) I felt a high vibration and energy that filled my bodies and a feeling of being transported to another place, remembering absolutely nothing from that moment.

When leaving the experience of the xendra I heard telepathically that I was told that I had been taken to a ship but that I would have the vision and memory of everything lived later, I was happy! .....

“Another extraordinary experience was crossing an Xendra, the instructions I received was that I didn't think with a logical mind that would release me and relax me and, at first I felt somewhat nervous, but as I took a deep breath my body felt as if I was there but at the same time observing our solar system and then as an invisible force took me from the shoulders to a city where the terrain was in the form of hills with very dry grass or golden sand I am not sure and the constructions were of form Very tall pyramidal of which emanated white and golden light there were also domes like those of the Eskimos around. I felt like I was in this movie with a sense of no movement and as if I had lost my sense of time. This gave me the concept that we are inter-dimensional beings. Perhaps our physical body lives an experience here but we can be perfectly living another experience in other dimensions. The return was the same way pulled by the shoulders until I returned to the base. Thank you for such a wonderful trip!.

“Subsequently, the guides gave Cosmic Names, Cesium Crystals, Christic Crystals and Xendra, I was a direct and close witness of each experience, I could verify with my own eyes the formation of Cesium Crystals in the hands of the recipients, I could see the flow of vibrations at all times, the vibrations of each brother, the presence of the elders in the circle of receivers, I saw the energy in the moments of the Christic Crystals,

I saw the intensity of the Xendra on the ground of the place where it manifested and could even to see the difference in the atmosphere in the air where it was formed since it perceived as a kind of clear fog like smoke but faint, where two beings appeared that from the distance where I was cooperating with the brothers who were going to pass looked at each other as phosphorescent, I watched well because a little sister who had passed was wearing a light white jacket, perhaps white, and the others had dark clothes so that the two elders stood out among the group of those who had entered the xendra, another detail is that Fernando Limaco had entered with them and disappeared at times and appeared as moved from one side to another within the same xendra.

There were moments during the xendra that I thought that Flor (Fernando's wife) had put on perfume but then I remembered that before the xendra the smells were not there and interestingly after that the smells were gone, they were pleasant smells.

“I also had the chance to take the Little Brothers (the animals) to the experience of the Xendra, while we waited for Fernando, I saw that instead of having formed a dome like fog or fog concentration as I have seen before, this Xendra was different, in the place of the Xendra there were pulsations of colors, red, light blue, white, yellow, it was as if the area of​​the Xendra did not decide what color to have, not only on the floor but that those pulsations were seen up to a height that I could easily calculate in the 30 meters or more, because I could see how the trunk of the trees and the hill of rocks where the door is located changed color.




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