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 Like the previous works, it is harmonized, mantralised, and a mental and physical unity is created through a (mental) chain.  We initiate the creation of a crystal of light, we begin to channel cosmic energy through our crown chakra. 
It's a brilliant white light which we make come out through our three vortexes, between the eyebrows, heart, solar plexus and we visualize a pyramid with a square base that we create at the height of our eyes and its vertex goes towards the sky.  It's being created with cosmic energy (bright white energy), we put strength into our creation and when we visualize it perfect.
We begin to build another pyramid with a square base identical to the previous one but with its vertex directed to the center of the planet and the energy that we use is geomagnetic energy from our mother earth, which is bright blue.  We are visualizing the creation of this second pyramid and the base is at the height of our feet.
We visualize it until we are totally satisfied with this creation and we begin to unite them with all the strength of our being and with all the love that we are capable of expressing.  We are visualizing that they are coming together at their bases and this union is producing a pink energy that is the energy generated by our love and all our psychic-spiritual potential. 
When joining at the bases these two pyramids are becoming an octahedron (a crystal with 8 sides).  We spin this crystal and we can embed it inside the earth's crust.  We can also take it at will to any place on the planet, and leave it there so that it begins to produce harmony and balance.  This creation will remain in the place that we put it until our mother earth and the humanity that inhabits her make the evolutionary dimensional ascent.  This work must be reinforced (reactivate the crystals) from time to time.  We conclude this work as the previous ones.
 Brother reader you have in your hands the necessary tools to initiate a real change in your development towards evolution, give yourself the permission to analyze it, reflect, investigate and if you feel put them in your work towards your development.  Do not reject it a priori simply because of a reaction of your ego, pride and vanity.  We are in moments of great definition of our Humanity. 
Be one more that tilts the balance towards the Light and allows you to be a co-creator with the Profound (God) of a new Humanity where there is no pain, hunger (death by starvation), exploitation, injustice, leaving your future generations to have changed all these pillars that support our current society and leave them a world where real love is lived and is governed by universal laws.
 We cannot end without first wholeheartedly thanking the wishes of encouragement, support, and solidarity that our brothers and sisters around the world are sending us.
 To the brothers who have sent us communications and works, these will be published in future numbers.
 Remember that you will be the ones who give life and strength to this bulletin.  Be with you the blessings of Profound Christ Love illuminating your hearts and radiating around you.
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