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The 13 Main Solar Disks form the Net of Time around Earth. They are located inside some of the Interior Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

In Paititi, The Main Solar Disk has already been activated.

1.- In Gobi

2.- In Egypt

3.- In Spain

4.- In England

5.- In Cambodia

6.- On Mount Shasta

7.- In the Valley of Seven Luminaries - Mexico

8.- In La Ciudad Blanca - Honduras.

9.- In the Dominican Republic (Caribbean)

10.- In Sierra Nevada - Colombia

11.- In Arequita - Uruguay

12.- In Argentina.

13.- The Paititi


Second list

Here is a small list of the 300 secondary solar disks locations:

1.- Omsarah: Sierra del Roncador in Brazil

2.- Ramayah: Licancabur in Chile

3.- Jasintah: Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador

4.- Demayón: Titicaca Lake in Bolivia

5.- Urinam: Roraima in Venezuela

6.- Emanshi: Mount Shasta in U.S.A.

7.- Sipembó:  In the Valley of Seven Luminaries - Mexico

8.- Aromane: White City in Honduras.

9.- Ulimen: Aurora

10.- Xemancó: Guatavita In Sierra Nevada - Colombia

11.- Ion: In the Antartic 

12.- Mitakunah: Talampaya In Argentina.

13.- Ilumana: Paititi in Peru