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It is a key, a vibration that identifies each one of us. This vibration means what we are, what we have been, our auric colors, our Mission, in total what we have done through our existences. Receiving the Cosmic Name comes when the person is ready, since it is a two-edged sword; it is used repeating it in meditation as a mantram that makes us vibrate in higher planes of knowledge; and if it is repeated without being approved or recommended, one may go mad.

Repeating it at the time, frees us from barriers in the knowledge of Micro and Macrocosm.

The Guides are possessors of the faculty of being able to capture the ascending vibration or Cosmic Name of the person; Without wanting to subtract stages of our evolutionary process, our Guides participate in one of our inner development keys, only with our consent and if we have already started our self-knowledge process on our own, helping us to accelerate our vibration, either to facilitate physical contact with us (they vibrate faster than us), whether it is helping the person in opening their consciousness to the higher planes, in addition to defining the situation or personal Mission that we will carry out in life within or outside the Rama Mission.

As they can be given through telepathic communications with the Guides, they can be received in a very personal and intimate way through a dream, a vision or another form of inner manifestation. But the Cosmic Name received inside the Rama Mission, indicates the moment of internalization in the knowledge applied in oneself.

This name seeks to reveal the reincarnative record of the past experiences of the person. It throws light on what we have learned through countless past lives and the many mistakes made. It brings us closer, therefore, to a possible response of each man's being, of "who am I?". Each name has a meaning that will be discovered at the time (personally).

In the Bible, there is a reference to "God" giving us a white stone with a new name:
“To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone (cesium crystal) with a new name (cosmic name) written on it, known only to the one who receives it” (Revelation 2:17).

There are two types of work with the Cosmic Name: Lunar Meditation (Monday, Wednesday and Friday, p.m.) and Solar Meditation (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, a.m.), mental and vocalized respectively.

The Cosmic Names have different endings that correspond to the last two letters of the Cosmic Name and represent vibratory keys that determine the order in which the calls to the Branches were made, the order of appearance and harmonious work in the mission, such as  AMEMELNIANACWAEN, etc. This call and search does not imply an order of importance as each one fulfills a different function that fits harmoniously in this Total Devotion Mission in which man is a medium of that great Universal Aid and Love Force.

Here is the link of the list with the cosmic endings:

Cosmic Terminations List