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Online free Rama Meditation Practices in English, May 2020. Closed now


I invite you to learn about the meditation techniques used by the Rama extraterrestrial contact groups in the world. There are 24 free practices given one per week, we will do it virtually by connecting by messenger rooms, google meet or other means.

This is not a cult or religion, we learn relaxation, breathing, concentration and meditation in order to connect with our inner higher self, our own being, and then to unite with humanity. The Extraterrestrial brothers approach those who are open-minded and willing to help others.

Rama ceased to exist as an organization many years ago so as not to create dependencies and egos, but the groups continue to share the communication techniques and messages with the extraterrestrial brothers. The Extraterrestrials have been here since long before our own humanity existed.

It does not matter what religion you have or if you do not have any, you choose which part of these practices that can help you in your life, it is not about making you change your mind but about sharing.

Depending on where the majority of you are, it will determine the time that we will meet, the practice will last between one hour and an hour and a half in English, and it will be given on Fri/Sat.

If you are interested, send me a message with the place / country where you are.

Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Through contact with the Confederation the Rama groups were receiving a suggested preparation from the Elder Brothers (Extraterrestrial Guides). These practices are not new, because they have points in common with the teachings of other groups. However, this does not mean that it is correct to mix our preparation process with that used by other esoteric or metaphysical clusters, even if it seems harmless. Regarding the Rahma Mission process, among the practices that are carried out, we can mention the following:


Meditation. The foundation stone of any group that works for the Light: "What is the food for the physical body is meditation for the spirit." The inner dialogue connects us with the divine essence that we all carry inside.


Mantralization. It is the vocalization of a word of power, a sacred song. Mantra means to visualize and liberate (from the Sanskrit "man" which means to think and "tra" liberation). Among the words of power most used in practices we can mention Rahma, Amar, Om, Adonai and Zin-Uru.


The Dome of Protection. It consists of visualizing an energy that covers, harmonizes and protects us. This simple practice - but very effective - is based on the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism. Man can create what he believes, he can generate a protective field around him by connecting with the energies of the environment and revealing his power of creation.


The Irradiation Chain. Again, creative visualization plays a leading role, where the strength of will and faith of the practitioner is paramount. It consists of radiating Light to people, places or events that require this psychic help. To do this, people form a circle looking inwards. With the straight spine and heels together they drop their eyelids on their own and begin to visualize love and peace on the planet. It is essential to mention that in these works the purpose prevails and not the forms. Recall that the ritual is not more important than the attitude of the practitioner.


The Silent Fast. This practice is usually done at field trips. It simply consists of remaining silent. Although it sounds simple for many it is difficult. As expected, the person must keep a disciplined fast, not only in regard to food, but also a mental and spiritual fast, refraining from any idea or feeling that is not suitable for a practice that seeks to develop inner sensitivity.


The Self Control. Similar to Silent Fasting, but with some variants: One must be strictly alone in a lonely place such as a desert, a beach, forest or any place that allows the practitioner to be totally apart. The objective of this practice is to temper the nerves and control our emotions - Although it seems a lie many fear the dark, or also the fact of being totally alone. Controlling our emotions is not only essential as a preparation for possible contact with the Guides; This practice is essential to strengthen internal will and security. There comes a time when one learns to face the feeling of loneliness, and that is where we find ourselves. At the end of the day, we came alone to develop in this world.