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They are the ancient Adam, race of millennia, ancestors of the current people of the Middle East, who struggle to survive and dominate the World that wanted to exterminate them, which constitutes their main mistake, the lack of identification with the rest of the peoples, not being able to maintain the faith, even in spite of its deep religiosity. But the World is now the important one, the truth today is not the heritage of anyone, since everyone with the sincerity and the necessary effort can come to discover their own truth, recognizing beforehand the reality in which they live.

The Am have a fundamentally basic role within the Mission, they are the touchstone. But the Am, like any other human being, will have to first discover the interior of Rama as a perfectible and infinite human being, which must be overcome first, dominating the conditioners such as personality, character, zodiac sign and all kinds of influences that they modulate their acts. The Am represent the original brothers of the East, the hermits, the warriors and the mystics; they are beings that as previous entities come from the Manas Xolar Center, but in a smaller frequency; They are of ascending vibration and they complement their work with each other. Am is the first frequency that harmonizes in the Mission and Rama plan.

The AM had to transcend their ties that bound them to transitory dimensions and once in 3rd. overcome three subplanes of evolution that are not yet known, but are within what is the mental dense that is not the physical.