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The Tesseract is a cube in four dimensions. The Tesseract is called Mérkaba by the Extraterrestrial brothers from Apu.


Communication from Ivika:

Ivika provided us with a four-step technique to work with the Hypercube. Although it is difficult to describe it in a text, I will summarize it:

First, we had to connect with the Minius force cores that beat in our sphere of existence; this is: our body, our planet, our star and the galaxy to which we belong.

The second step is to visualize the manifestation of a hypercube around our figure, as a kind of luminous force field. "Build" mentally a Teseract around us.

The third stage is the movement of the Tesseract, which is based on six physical rotations that we can understand.

The fourth phase is the "seventh rotation", which is symbolic, where the hypercube "disarms", "disappears", and enters a deep meditation beyond the space-time concept.


Visualization/Meditation of the Tesseract.


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