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Hope for our future

There is hope on these specific times even though it will get tougher before the light.

This is for those that are not aware of the message given by extraterrestrials in over 40 years of contact with tens of thousands of people from many countries.

We are at the ending of a long dark cycle and things will get harder at all levels, it's part nature, and part of our evolutionary step in consciousness and in vibration.

Mother earth is preparing to give birth to the new humanity, it's going through her birth pains, this together with our pollution and disregards for nature's harmony have created an environment of hard changes on earth.

At the same time, our scientific advances have given us an understanding that how our intentions and feelings can affect the physical world. Quantum Physics experiments, MRIs, meditation, experiments on water by Dr Emoto, etc have proven that our thoughts change the physical world. We are co-creators of our own realities.

High vibrational energies coming from the center of the galaxy as well as from Andromeda are bombarding us daily, accelerating our basic nature, making those of a violent nature to become more violent but the majority of people, more kind.

While less people are committing crimes as FBI statistics show in many years of tracking US crime, those people that can not handle this energy are committing all kind of crimes, trying to kill as many as possible before killing themselves.

That together with predictions from all old civilizations about the time of enlightenment, of light, where everything will be known ( all secrets are coming to be known now), where we will know everything about our hidden past and the respect to nature and science will coexist are coming to a soon reality. Almost all old structures will be destroyed to give room for the new ones.

Another of the old predictions is that at the end of the current time, the angels, the gods as sometimes called, would comeback, these are the extraterrestrial brothers and sisters that have been guiding humanity since the beginning. Without interfering with our own path, our lessons, our final tests as humanity.

All predictions were given to humanity as a warning that if we don't change our ways, bad things will happen. We all can and should change our individual and collective future with our thoughts, intentions, actions.

There is hope, more percent of people worldwide that ever are working in helping others, either to kids, homelessness, hunger, social injustices, depression, mental sickness, the ecology, the animals, etc.

As a humanity we are becoming better in general, let's not be influenced by the news that mostly announce the negative. Let's keep visualizing, praying, hoping, sending energy, etc do what we can for a better world for all.

There still so much to do.