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Reincarnation, Karma and Free Will


Three quarters of the world believe in reincarnation in one form or another. It's something you believe or not, even though there have been cases of kids remembering with accurate description and proofs of previous lives.

When I was a kid, I had out of body experiences often, with proofs that what I saw in my OBE was real. Once I described to my dad what he did the previous night at his office, office that I never visited. And another occasion I wanted to prove myself that it was real so I visited my ant using my astral body, saw her and the next day  told her that I dreamed that she was doing and  wearing this particular dress, then she told me with surprise that she did exactly that the same that day.

My conclusion was beyond doubts that my physical body was not all that was and that my real self was going to be regardless of what would happen to my body.

Later on,  I was older, and when I gave an electronic keyboard to my almost 2 year old son, as soon as I put the keyboard in front of him, he started to play right away with a mastery, playing some kind of classical music, like Beethoven's or Mozart's. My expression of surprise was so much that he got scared of seeing my expression and stopped playing right away. I tried to convince him to play again but he never did. He choose not to use his gift of playing music on this life.

That was just a validation that he knew how to play piano from a previous life, same as some other kids in history, like Mozart.

Later on, following the practices by the now non existent Rama group, but still spreading without a name thru different countries, in a meditation, I saw around 10 of my previous lives. I just knew it was me, I felt it was me,  I saw myself in different times, races and places.

Around a month later, in an outing Rama practice, in the group, we were put in groups of two people, where we were supposed to see each other's previous lives. After asking her higher self for permission, I was surprised that it wasn't that difficult seeing my friend's lives, like looking at a film, I saw 10 of hers and she saw 10 of mine. She described exactly 8 of the ones I saw before at my home and two extra ones. I also was able to see exactly what she has seen before in previous meditations except for a couple ones. This of course without having telling each other what we have already seen before.

In life, often we seem to recognize another person like if we have seen them before, specially in groups that we feel is part of us, and Rama is no exception.

Before we are born, we (our higher self, the divine non-mortal self) decide where, when and in what family we are going to be born. We agree between us, to be the parent, the child, the spouse, the friend. God allow us to do the final decision and I am so thankful we all are here for the final tests on this third dimensional school of existence.

Every life we go thru is like a day in a school, every time we learn something new. Perhaps we came to learn humbleness, compassion, love, empathy, etc. We always come back at the same level or higher than before. Like a school grade, we don't send a student to the previous grade.

Our higher self decides how long, the tests, health, environment, etc. that our life will have. This is done for us to learn new lessons or to pay karma. Our choices in life using our physical, mental and spiritual bodies may change this original plan and make it a harder or easier life, a shorter or longer life, etc., learn new lessons or repeat old ones.

It's like in a theater's play, the an actor (our higher self) decides to play a rich person, maybe on the next play he or she may be a beggar, a doctor, a homelessness person, etc.

Most of the times, the actor get so much involved in the play that he/she forgets the actual actor and becomes the role he or she is playing and changes the original life plan for the better or worse.

We have to respect each other choices in life, we don't know what each one of us came to learn and do. We can send energy, pray, help them as much as we can but at the end each one of us make our own decisions.

How do we know if those people dying of hunger in the world are not those that killed people by starvation or other methods in previous wars?. If a baby came to live for just few days, perhaps he/she came to finish an interrupted previous life? Or he/she was involved killing a baby on a previous life?. Or a homeless person was a rich person in a previous life that didn't learn to share?. If someone dies or get injured tragically, most likely he/she did something similar to someone else before.

That is karma: an eye for an eye. It's a universal law that works regardless of who we are. Everything we do has a cause and effect, which is another way of expressing this universal law. And we'll receive exactly what we did before either on the same life or in future ones.

By praying, helping others physically or sending energy mentally, with love we are changing someone else's life and karma (and ours) for the better.

When we help others we are helping all of us to grow in evolution and to lower the negative karma on all.

Some of the Extraterrestrials Guides graduated from this school on Earth and are now on a higher grade/dimension.

Let's open our hearts and find out who we are, what we came to learn and do in this life and make our lives worth living in happiness, peace and harmony.