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What I know about our Elder Brothers and Sisters, the Extraterrestrials

It's been around 30 years of active contact and more of passive one since I first saw UFOs on top of Guayaquil, Ecuador when I was 11. The huge cigar shaped mother ship and 4 disk shaped UFOs was seeing by thousands, photos were taken and shown on newspapers. 1966-67. I was 17 y/o when I heard telepathically all of the sudden: " We will see you much later when you are an adult". 

I didn't know who said that and didn't suspect ETs then but I knew it had to be with some kind of spiritual contact that became secondary when I had a girlfriend and she became my first priority.

They never force anything to us, even their presence, if they show up is because we have already accepted the possibility of their existence and our minds are ready to accept a different reality.

The opposite is true too, even if we are in a group or with a person that can bring us closer to them, if we are not in a higher harmony between us, they stop showing up. Even if they have planned for us to have a higher experience like Xendras of a physical contact of any kind.

They are different civilizations of the cosmos, the less advance of them, is at least 10 thousand years of technology and at least one level of consciousness ahead of us.

So if they want to find us, there is no need for them to put any kind of chip on us. The physical equipment that some people claim was put on them by ETs is either a real experience manipulated by those in power on earth that want to keep the true ET experience hidden or are part themselves of that group.

There is no pact between them and any government on earth. They will once our humanity creates the first government on earth that will represent our humanity and join the Confederation of civilizations.

There is no real abductions, they always invite to an encounter with them, perhaps there were few abductions in our history that were done by the Extraterrestrials opposed to the Cosmic Plan, but we have been in quarantine since the 1940's so no negative ETs pass their shield of protection. Again, almost all of those so called abduction cases are reported in the US, that were done by those in power on earth or are part of them to create the illusion that the ETs have a dark purpose.

They have a technology that from the sky can look at population and see if someone's aura is of a kind nature and illuminates more. Their psychic ability can know where we are, see our auras and read our minds from anywhere in the universe.

They have a technology that have screens that can show us the probabilities of our future as they have done to few people in a physical or astral contact.

They don't pollute, even their physical bodies no longer need to go to the bathroom like we do. The ones closer to evolution to us, which are in the fourth dimension, only eat and drink what they need at the optimal scale so their body does not need to get rid of extra food.

They work few hours a day for the common well, don't have money and have storage places where they pick up what they need. They don't have the ego like we do, they use uniforms of different colors.

The higher in evolution/dimensions, the higher their bodies vibrate and there is less need for food, the one closer to us in evolution eat an extract of fruits and plants.

They exercise is similar to our aerobics exercises, they all have an excellent healthy and strong body and mind.

Their buildings have no corners, mainly round buildings so that do not store negative energy.

They can only help us if we as a humanity, do the first part which is when we pray or send energy for a positive change. That's why they are closer to volcanos, earthquake faults, nuclear plants, etc.

They don't do physical or psychological experiment on us, they just observe us like they have been doing here before even the first human showed up on earth with their help.

They do however warn us of possible dangers and is up to us if we do something about it.

They are our Guides like they have been doing through thousands of years, and became the legends of gods coming to earth or angels, etc.

They are our brothers in the true sense, part of our DNA come from them.

They all look different but the ones that were chosen to be our guides look like us because the majority of us get scare of form.

The majority of them are positive and follow the Cosmic Plan, they dress in soft bright colors and are what we call the White Brotherhood because of their colors. They are here because of their love to the creator and to us.

The minority are opposed to the Cosmic Plan and have declared war on our humanity, and these are the negative or Black Brotherhood because of their black vestments. They try to influence and control those in power to commit acts agains our humanity. And most of them have lost they physical bodies but act from the mental and astral realms.

Our extraterrestrials brothers and sisters are waiting for us to finally advance to the fourth dimension of consciousness which is what we are in the process of doing now. This earth is one of the toughest school of learning in this part of the universe and because of that, we can became their teachers showing them how to recover the dynamic that was lost to advance in consciousness.

Because they became so good at knowing what to do with their minds, since they already knew what was good, but if you are 99.8 percent spiritually good, it's more difficult to go to the 99.9 percent if you don't have it coming from the bottom of your heart.

And that is what we can bring, like Master Jesus was able to accomplish, and anyone of us can do too, he is the only one that reached the highest level of consciousness and is on the 7th dimension.

By us, graduating from this school's grade, on earth, we are helping all other civilizations jump higher too.

Lets all do our part.