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Dear people,


Let's walk together towards a better future, the changes are happening everywhere. We can and should be the change itself.

We see that there is a 16-year-old girl who moves thousands of people to act peacefully to help counteract climate change.

We see that there is a pope who comes to change a damaged church where those who have been in power have forgotten to be humble and strong to do what they must do to provide justice and change the old structures that no longer serve.

We see that lately there were a couple of presidents who were humble when they were in power, and took no money, one in South America and one in Europe.

We see that there is strength in the Native Americans, in North America and in the Amazon in the southern continent that with peace want to stop the environmental damage to that part of the earth. Although some have lost their lives for those who oppose.

We see that in many parts of the world, there are revolutions that are mostly peaceful and want to change the old power structures, from dictatorships that have been around for a long time.

In some places, we still have presidents who are abusing power, but perhaps that is what it takes for most to realize that we have to change the way of government that has prevailed so far and vote for a much greater change in the future. .

Where neither capitalism, nor communism, etc. have no longer a place on its current form, but perhaps a new way of government where the welfare of the people, animals and the earth, true justice is put as the primary motive. Where love for everything and everyone is the force that drives us to do everything.

We all have a task to do, not everyone has to be in front of the cameras and in the middle of the reporters. The world is changing rapidly and we are all an important part of this gear, as if we were a small or large part of a mechanical watch, we all are important because if a part does not work, the watch stops, it has a part in the total work.

The change begins in ourselves, let's change in us, with love, what we know is not good. Let's be like a gardener who removes the thorns of a rose or prunes a plant so that it has better fruits.

Let's start with helping those who are close to us, our partner, our family, our friends, our neighbors, those strangers we meet on our daily path. Perhaps it is only a smile that they need to make their and our day better, or perhaps just listen to them. At home, do we help others so that their burdens are not heavy?

The change of consciousness is that of service to others, let's start with our family, help in whatever we can. We all want to go to the next level of consciousness, the fourth and higher, but it will not happen unless we open our hearts and help.

Today, there are more people helping others that ever in history, could be to reduce hunger, homeleness, the environment, to those in need, justice, stop wars, the animals, etc. Humanity has changed for the better.

The extraterrestrial brothers are the messengers who have come to tell us that we can and should change our future. It is the human from earth who will save the human on earth.

All the prophecies given in the Bible, in legends, in writings in the world, or given by prophets and people who could see the future, were given as a warning of what would happen if we did not change.

Already many of these predictions are no longer true, we are on our way to something better in this age of aquarium, that of a thousand years of peace and much more. The news have the tendency to represent only the negative.

In contact with our elder brothers and sisters, the extraterrestrials, thousands of people have learned to recognize and have begun to practice, what science has also discovered: that we co-create our reality.

That we have the mental power to change the present and the future, our reality. There are photos taken of the water molecules that show us that our thoughts change their shape (Dr. Emoto). There are experiments in Quantum Physics that show that our way of thinking affects the results of the experiments.

Many brothers and sisters work every day to send help change energy to where it is needed, so that if there are earthquakes, fires, floods, etc., it is not strong and minimizes the destruction of life.

This is the work that the extraterrestrials suggest to us, fraternizing us to work with each other, and with them. They cannot do this task for us, these are our final tests to move on to the next level of consciousness.

All ancient religions have the same main message: love towards others and not doing to others what we do not want to happen to ourselves.

Let us remove those barriers and labels that distinguish us and be true brothers among us. Let us be the very change of what we all want, be it peace, love, harmony, justice, etc.

Let us love brothers and sisters, let us love that love opens closed doors to other physical, mental and spiritual realities.

A fraternal hug from your brother on our current path.