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24 Basic Questions of the RAHMA (RAMA) Practice Guide

Reference manual for practice groups 




In order to provide a better understanding of the original RAHMA knowledge line, we have developed a simple but necessary consultation manual. 

With this, the members of the contact groups will be able to have at hand the basic concepts of the topics they developed during their meetings, and then continue to deepen what is considered convenient. 

RAHMA is practical, and if we do not apply what we have learned in daily life, it would not make sense to make a serious and dynamic study of what it means to be a missionary within this Mission: Sun on Earth.

Currently there is a marked disorientation in regard to the original line of the Mission, being confused with a series of information that has nothing to do with contact and rather are part of the process of other spiritual groups and / or schools of knowledge. While it is true that everyone is free to live their own religious or esoteric experience, this does not imply mixing different processes and, sometimes, different messages.  

From the beginning, the Guides suggested that we be solidly defined in what the Rahma process refers to if we were vibrating with its cosmic nature and objectives. We have written this manual trying to reach it mainly to the new groups that have been formed under the protection of a Mission that is not school, nor sect nor religion, but a way to raise awareness in ourselves and in others. We hope that this contribution can become a useful instrument to understand that Rahma is a simple and wonderful experience: a Path to Infinity


1 .- What is the RAHMA Mission


The RAHMA Mission is a bridge of contact between extraterrestrial civilizations and the human being. This bonding experience seeks a rescue where man saves himself, using the only force that can generate a transformation within himself and throughout the Universe: Love. That is why we say that Rahma is Love. The word Rahma means Sun on Earth (RAH = Sun, MA = Earth); that is to say, to illuminate, to radiate Light to the planet.Rahma is a contact group, but above all a Mission towards our planet and ourselves.


2.- How did RAHMA begin? 


On January 22, 1974, in Peru , the first telepathic message of the Oxalc extraterrestrial guide was received. This being, which claimed to come from Ganymede (Morlen) one of the main moons of Jupiter, more than 600 million kilometers from Earth, announced the beginning of an extraterrestrial contact program on Earth. Although initially there were doubts about the authenticity of the message, the subsequent appearance of 2 discoid objects on the Chilca desert - an announcement announced several days in advance through communications - before the well-known journalist and successful writer, JJ Benítez, cleared any question giving greater confidence to the group that, if initially a handful of young enthusiasts who faced a close experience with aliens, would transform over the years into a solid contact movement that developed in more than 35 countries, spreading the message in the most important world forums; among them, the Society of the Americas and the UN. Experiences also grew, not only in number but also in intensity. 

Thus, the first sightings followed the direct experiences with the crew (Extraterrestrial Guides or Elder Brothers) and the physical entry to their ships. According to what our older brothers have been transmitting to us, more than 4,200 years ago the program planning began what we call Rahma Mission. This mission arose within the Galactic Council (Milky Way), which ensures the evolution of all civilizations in the Galaxy. This Council is led by great Masters who have reached a high degree of Wisdom; The Cosmic Masters who make up this loving direction are called “The 24 Elders.” On Earth, the Rahma Mission - which is one of many that are part of the Cosmic Plan - is directed or guided by 49 Extraterrestrial Guides: 14 of Ganymede; Apu 14; 19 of Venus; 1 of Can Mayor (Cerpicán) and finally an original guide of Earth. 

Each member that vibrates within this Mission would have an important role within the Plan. And so, little by little the pieces of a great puzzle would fit together.

But let the Oxalc Guide clarify this scenario: “As in a game of sounds RAHMA had a vibration or cosmic key with particular frequencies and sounds, in which all those who intervened will harmonize, since 4,200 years ago the key was being sought, that the Mentor, among other missions, had attributed to him; and this vibration was found that would translate into the love of Those in White Garments. ”The objectives of our contact experience could be summarized as follows: 

1. The Base Community. It refers to creating tuning and affinity groups that generate a positive state of mind. This common-unity does not only point to a physical group of people, the unit is rather fulfilled at mental levels, all visualizing the same objective. 

2. The Awakening of Consciousness. It consists of activating the Key of the Memory that reveals the definitive and defining moment we are living. Begin to understand the existence of a Cosmic Plan that reserves a destiny of great importance for the human being and the planet, under the protection of closer ties with more advanced civilizations that speak to us of positively modifying the future of our world. This Awakening of Consciousness must begin in oneself and radiate it to others. 

3. Prepare for the possible catastrophe. The Catastrophe does not refer exclusively to a cataclysm, but to a census-of-faith or "evaluation of our FAITH" in the face of test situations. That is to say, to face with maturity and conscience the stage of transformation of the world in all its levels. For example: It is very possible that high rates of new information generate chaos, imbalance and strong questions about human development in recent years of scientific, social or philosophical progress. We believe that many of this information could shed light on the extraterrestrial visit and the true history of humanity. Consequently, we would face a true "catastrophe" of ignorance. Walls would fall so that the Sun could then shine. 

4. Specify the meeting with the GHB. The meeting with the Great White Brotherhood of Inner Retreats would occur during the final moment of the Mission. This meeting will symbolize the entry of Humanity as the 33rd Civilization within the Confederation of Worlds of the Galaxy. With this meeting, we would be disciples of the GHB and then consolidate ourselves as the Instructors of the New Time. 

5. Receive the Book of White Garments. This is the ultimate and final goal of the RAHMA Mission: May Humanity receive the true history of the planet. Thus, this knowledge would free us from cyclic dependence on error. "Brothers, physical time can tell you nothing, because it does not correspond to that of the Mission, realize that by delaying the concrete accomplishments of Rama, you are enduring or renouncing your participation at the end of the Mission: at the reception of the Book of the White Garments ... (Oxalc. 10-1-80) .


3 .- What are the phases of RAHMA? 


Specifically they are 7. The first 4 of preparation and the remaining 3 of culmination of objectives. 

Preparation: AURON, The so-called XENDRA, Experiences, MOON, Knowledge, XOLAR, Irradiation. It is worth mentioning that these phases of preparation are active and operational, that is, while the mission is living a certain phase not necessarily Those of us who are part of Rahma could go hand in hand with the process. Even clearer: One could be living a phase that is not exactly what Rahma lives as a mission. This may happen because perhaps we arrived after the general process had begun, or also if we were stuck in some of the phases due to the absence of greater commitment and discipline.

Objective Completion: The Fifth of RAHMA or Humanity Phase. Sixth of RAHMA. The Seventh of RAHMA. The Humanity Phase was consolidated when the structure, the organization ended, making Rahma a Mission free of labels and sectarian forms that contradict the nature of a message for HUMANITY. 

The Sixth of Rahma, It was perhaps a stage where the groups were divided. Each one living their own experiences and finding their way to a few. The Seventh of Rahma, the last phase where we are now, is the time to gather the “Rahmas of always”, the moment where the contact with the White Brotherhood is more intense and where the contact plan marks the definitive fulfillment of the objectives. 


4.- What is the Cosmic Plan


It has been mentioned that Mission Rahma is one of several missions that are part of a superior design. This higher design is the Cosmic Plan, the very will of the Deep Love of the Cosmic Consciousness (God), which encompasses the entire Universe, so it is said to be Cosmic. The Cosmic Plan seeks that beings reach the so-called Christification - the consciousness of the essence -, using FAITH as a tool of evolutionary ascent.


5. What is the Great White Brotherhood


Thousands of years ago, 32 extraterrestrial beings representing civilizations different united under the forces of LIGHT, they arrived on Earth to found the Positive Internal Government, seeking to antagonize the dark forces that were misleading man through ignorance and deception. The great white ship landed in the ancient desert of Shamo, the current Gobi in Mongolia. The legendary Shambhala, Agharta and other underground cities evoke the Mother City that at that time founded the Confederation of the Star. As we can see, the first generation of the White Brotherhood was composed of extraterrestrial visitors. 

Then it was the Atlantean Priests who assumed the post - the second generation "mestizo" or "hybrid" - and, finally, it would be the man - the third and last generation - who should take responsibility for assuming his position as civilization number 33. Currently, the GHB operations center is located in South America, where millenary archives that speak of the true history of Humanity are guarded. 


6 .- What is the Book of White Garments


It is the true history of the Earth. It is presumed that the archives of the Book would be found in the Akashic Register - of the Sanskrit Âkâsha which means ether -, which according to the Guides corresponds to the magnetic belt of Van Allen, a gigantic library that has under its belt everything that has happened, happens , and it could happen. It is like the human aura that records everything that happens to us in its electromagnetic field. In this sense, being the Earth a living being, it also has an aura or "record", of a blue glow that is characteristic of the UR planets, worlds that meet favorable conditions for cosmic evolution. 

The reception of the Book would free man from ignorance, and consequently, to cyclic dependence on error. As we mentioned in previous lines, this is the supreme objective of the RAHMA Mission: That humanity knows its true past to understand the present and on this basis build the future.The Great White Brotherhood would play a very important role in this event. To all this we must add that the information in the Book not only compromises the Earth and the human being, but also the entire Local Universe. 


7.- What is the Tenth Bell of the Anrrom


It is time to receive the Book of the White Garments. The day of Absolute Knowledge, of the LIGHT that clarifies everything. But for a better understanding, we will analyze word by word what the Tenth Anrrom Campaign means: Tenth refers to the number 10, with its meaning of important changes and culmination of stages. The Bell symbolizes the call and, Anrrom, as already mentioned, refers to the reception of Absolute Knowledge. Then the Tenth Bell of Anrrom would come to mean: A great change that calls us to absolute knowledge.


8.- What is a communication? 


A bridge of contact between two beings. In this case between an extraterrestrial being and a human being (Guide-Antenna). Communication is received telepathically, that is, thoughts and / or feelings that flow and travel long distances reaching a receiver or antenna. Namely, the communication can be psychographic or mental. In the first case, the antenna feels the need to write, expressing on a piece of paper the content of the message that it got to capture. In the case of the mental message, this is not accompanied by automatic writing. The messages at the astral level - dreams - are considered within the mental messages.


9.- What requirements must a good antenna meet? 


It must be a healthy person, physically, mentally and spiritually. It must be a truthful, objective and analytical person as regards the possible messages that could be received. A person with a strong will, to inspire security for the rest. The antenna must be constant in its interior work.


10.- How to identify a correct communication 


One of the most usual ways to confirm a communication is the request for a scheduled sighting - day and time - before witnesses. However, the sighting only supports the connection; that is, that there was contact, but not the content of the message. To identify possible mentalisms or reception errors in the content of a communication there are rules that help the antenna clarify the contact. For example, one of the rules indicates that the messages are always new, they are not just repetitions of previous connections.

The messages are neither threatening nor alarmist, on the contrary, they are always positive and edifying. It should also be clarified that never an extraterrestrial Guide or Master of the GHB speak in the first person and less encouraging the ego of the antenna.

A true communication is timeless, that is, its content remains over time. The messages always seek collective well-being, bring love and tranquility.


11.- What is the Confederation of Words of the Galaxy


It is a group of voluntary civilizations of our Milky Way. The worlds that are part of the Confederation have reached a high degree of evolution. We have already mentioned that it is the 24 Elders that coordinate the evolution of all the worlds of our Galaxy. In turn, the 24 Elders have participation in the Great Council of The Star, located in Andromeda (M31), where 9 Mentors are responsible for such responsibility. It is curious to note that the sum of the 24 Elders and the 9 of Andromeda results in the number 33, with its meaning of cosmic balance. Namely, below this Hierarchy of Light are the Genetic Engineers, the Watchers and Guardians of Planets , and finally, the instructors or Guides, who direct or guide the RAHMA Mission on Earth.


12.- What humanities developed on Earth? 


According to the Guides, 5 humanities have developed on Earth: 


Antarctic Humanity. This was billions of years ago. The Earth was in the process of cooling and there were still acid seas. Extraterrestrial beings from the Swan Constellation formed underwater colonies in Antarctica, but at that time it was located in Earth's Equator. These beings accelerated the evolutionary process by sowing spores in the acidic seas that would later become alkaline. After spending some time on our planet helping nature they left. 


Hyperbaric Humanity. A new extraterrestrial race is established in our world. They visit occurred in the Secondary Era. They settled in the northern part of Europe and Greenland - the largest island on Earth in the Arctic polar region - founding the mythical Hyperborea, with its capital Tule or Tollán. They were tall and corpulent beings, with a white complexion and light hair that fell behind their shoulders. Before the eminent arrival of an asteroid with collision route to Earth they left. This cosmic accident greatly affected life on our planet. As we know, science estimates that it was precisely an asteroid that killed dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. Only a few Hyperboreans remained in our world, managing to survive. 


Lemurian Humanity. Before the stellar depredation occurred, a group of extraterrestrial scientists from the Constellation of Taurus - specifically from the Pleiades - arrived on Earth. This mission was composed of seven genetic engineers or planetary architects, known as Elohim. They established their Ship-Laboratory on a continent now missing and once united with Africa, the one that the English zoologist PR Sclater called Lemuria. Thanks to high technology they quickly repaired the damage caused by the cosmic shock. They also intervened in the development of man by taking a group of Proto-Hominids, subjecting them to a series of tests that culminated in the Homo-Sapiens we know today. These black Adams and Evas - the original race of the planet - were sexually united with other beings that already lived on Earth, originating with these unions diverse races. This happened in the Tertiary Era. 


Atlantic Humanity. The mestizos that emerged from these hybridizations were transferred to a group of 10 islands - which initially would have been a vast continent, which was reduced to an archipelago because of the constant volcanic activity - that were in what we now know as the Atlantic Ocean. It was that Island-Continent that Plato described in his famous Dialogues: Atlantis. This humanity reached an advanced technology, product of the constant approach of extraterrestrial civilizations. Unfortunately, a group of Atlanteans bowed to the forces of darkness, creating a war with those who remained faithful to the forces of Light. Finally, 2 moons orbiting around the Earth at that time, precipitated. 


NOTE: Thousands of years ago, our planet had three satellites, this because the Earth's gravity had "trapped" two small asteroids . These bodies were remnants of Maldek, a planet that was formerly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid belt found there is well known to astronomers; The latest calculations estimate about 10,000 million rock fragments. One of the “moons” rushed into the Pacific Ocean, destroying a great civilization that some esoteric texts call Mu and that the Hopi Indians call Kasskara. Later, the same fate would run the island of Plato, which plunged into the enigmatic waters of the North Atlantic about 12,000 years ago. Currently the evidence of these two impacts is found in the Puerto Rico Trench (Atlantic Ocean), with about 9 km. deep, and in the Mariana Trench (Pacific Ocean), with about 11 km. of penetration It is worth mentioning that, as a result of these impacts, Earth's lines of force were altered, at least as far as those areas are concerned. Thus, points of “magnetic aberration” were formed, giving rise to the famous Bermuda Triangle and the no less known Dragon Triangle. Not all the Atlanteans died, some mestizo priests, Estekna-Manés, managed to escape before because they already visualized the fatal outcome. These Noes took with them the archives of their culture, putting them safe in the Underground Enclosures where they would develop a new civilization, consolidating themselves later as Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Those who did not follow this course, became true Masters or Instructors of the peoples they found, thus creating great cultures that were protected by a kind of "strategy" of the Cosmic Plan. As was the Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan Project or the Inca Empire. 


The Fifth Humanity. Simply, the one we are living ... 


13.- What is the extraterrestrial concept of the Universe? 


The Extraterrestrial Guides have mentioned to us that the Universe is constituted by three planes. Each of these planes contains different dimensions where different life forms develop. Namely, our Universe has the following structure:


Septernal Material Plane. It contains 7 dimensions. It is the Physical plane where man develops, specifically in transit from the third to the fourth dimension. The Morlen Guides, for example, would be in the 5 dimension. The beings that develop in this plane are obviously physical, but as we ascend in the dimensions we find material beings but of a more subtle vibration. 


Eternal Mental Plane. In it there are 3 dimensions. It is the plane of the mind and as such the beings that are there do not have a physical body - they do not need it - they are beings of energy, with a great power of creation. The mental plane created the material plane.


Essential Spiritual Plan. It contains 2 dimensions. It is the Plane of the Spirit, of the essence. This plane created the mental. In total, 12 dimensions make up our Universe according to extraterrestrial philosophy. In what plane or dimension is God? God is in all planes, in all dimensions, in all beings.


14- What is the Manasic Sun? 


33,000 light years from Earth, in the center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, is the Manasic Sun. Each beginning of Era — 2,160-year-old cycles — comes from this star a powerful energy or radiation of violet light, a cosmic event that is part of the so-called Age of the Aquarius. This energy generates great transformations at all levels. The Violet Light of the Central Sun of our Galaxy is received by the head. It could produce physiological alterations in people who have not prepared for reception.


15.- What types of energy are known in RAHMA? 


In Rahma groups the receptions of the following energies are practiced: 

Cilial Energy. It is the energy emitted by the star of our Solar System. It is received standing, with the spine straight and with the palms of the hands up. Preferably carry out this practice at noon. 

Pranic Energy. It is the energy that is in the air. It is channeled through proper breathing.

Manasic Energy. Coming from the Central Sun of the Galaxy. It is channeled forming a triangle with the hands at the height of the eyebrow. You can receive this energy between 10a.m. and 5 pm 

Cosmic Energy. It is the energy that pulses the stars. This energy can be received in the same way as Cilial Energy is received. 

Note: These exercises should be practiced by having eating a light food, preferably on an empty stomach. Reception will always be done standing up and with a straight column, trying to perform this practice for no more than 5 minutes. In the event that a reception of the Manasic Energy is being made, the time will be limited to 1 minute. It is advised not to carry out these practices without proper guidance.


16.- What are Cesium Crystals? 


They are pyramidal crystals that appear on the palms of the hands. This experience is always directed by the Extraterrestrial Guides. The crystals are integrated into the body by crossing our arms at chest level, the left hand on the right. Once integrated, the Cesium  Crystals form a 6-pointed star in our interior in three dimensions - tetrahedron. This initiation allows the contact person to sharpen his psychic faculties, but, mainly, the crystals serve as an “extra” antenna to correctly channel the energy of the Violet Light. 


According to the Guides, Cesium Crystals would also act as decoders of the Book of White Garments. This experience (of receiving the crystals) occurs only once and always accompanied by concrete manifestations of the Guides. 


17.- What is the Cosmic Name


All beings emit a vibration. The sound of this personal vibration "translated into words" would become the Cosmic Name. That is, the Cosmic Name is our personal vibrational key. In it is our Mission, the essence of who we are and of what we have been. The Guides "read" in the aura of the person his Cosmic Name and, when they deem appropriate, make the name known, either through of dreams or of some psychographic communication. Also through the deep meditation of who am I? the name can be unveiled.


The way to work with this personal vibrational key is as follows:

Lunar Meditation. It consists in mentally repeating the Cosmic Name after a deep relaxation. First you start quickly - for a better concentration and move away thoughts outside of work - and then the repetitions will be slower, decomposing the name by syllables. This work is done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (pm).

Solar Meditation. In this case the repetition of the Cosmic Name is verbal, trying to find the correct pronunciation, the magical melody. This practice is done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (am). The Lunar and Solar meditations should not be exceeded for more than 15 minutes.

The Cosmic Names have different endings - the last two letters - which place us within the RAHMA process of the so-called name as such has a meaning, like a symbolic phrase or description that could give us more lights of ourselves inside the Mission. Unveiling the meaning of our vibrational key, without a doubt, we will have a key that will open the doors of inner knowledge.


18.- What is an Xendra


Specifically, it is an artificially created dimensional door thanks to high extraterrestrial technology. This threshold in Space-Time can project one or more people to another place or planet. These experiences have happened several times within the contact groups. In general, the Xendra appears as a concentration of white or gold arc-shaped light. The dimensions that the door can acquire or the type of energy is very relative, since there are different “types” of Xendra - like the Xendra Gimbra, of more subtle connotations but that allows the entrance to a group of people. This experience always occurs with the close presence of a Confederation ship.


19.- What is the real time of the Universe? 


The Guides and the GHB talk about a temporary lag in our planet. Earth would be living an alternative time, different from the real time that happens in the Universe. The time on our planet is "faster", "accelerated" compared to real time. This brings to mind the biblical passage that says: “And if those days were not shortened, no one would be saved; more because of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened. ” Jesus. (Matthew 24:22)

We are slowly reconnecting with that Real Time of the Universe. It is a connection that would offer us the feeling of eternity, of infinite beings. This parallel time we live shows us the reality of a Cosmic Plan. This would also explain why astronauts on leaving Earth experience less aging - 13 times less, as happened with the cosmonauts of the MIR Soviet Space Station. Remember that Rahma Mission Guides reach 1,200 Earth years on average, which also suggests that outside the influence of our planet, life would be very different. In the same way, the Masters of the GHB manage to perpetuate themselves for many years, delaying cell aging 13 times, as the oriental legends that tell us about Shan-Gri-La narrate. 


20.- What function do the Numerical Keys in RAHMA fulfill? 


They fulfill the function of “alarm clocks”, of activators of consciousness that remind us of the Contact Program and our mission within RAHMA. These keys could not only appear in some communication or in dreams, but also, could be presented in places more implausible as for example; on the license plates, at the time the clock marks, on the numbering of the pages of a book, etc. It is not that the Guides take the trouble to show us these keys again and again as if it depends on them. What happens is that the person who begins to vibrate in Rahma awakens a programming, and when these key numbers are presented, he “connects with them”, with the consequent feeling of deja vu - as previously seen - since precisely these numbers remind us pending commitments. Below we mention the most frequent ones: 


Key 14. It is the unit in preparation (1 and 4), in turn represents man (1 + 4 = 5). Its deep meaning is like the Key of the Return of the Cosmic Christ. 


The Key 33. It is the mathematical representation of the 6-pointed star, with its meaning of balance between the material and the spiritual. It is the Rahma Mission, the place that man would occupy within the Great White Brotherhood. 


Key 44. It is the correct location, the precise mathematical coordinate. It is in turn the 8 (4 + 4). That is, return to the origins. It is the preparation on Earth. 


The Key 88. It is the ascending (feminine) vibration, an intuitive force that allows us to circumvent the stalking of those who do not want man to fulfill his mission of being a bridge in the Universe. 


Key 144. It is the symbol of the awakening of humanity (1 + 4 + 4 = 9), in it is "hidden" number 9, representing birth.  Recall that the Guides mentioned that 144,000 people - working by the light without rest and constantly - were necessary to reverse the negative order of our planet.  Being a 144 is rather working without dismay and without postponements for the light and well-being of all mankind.


 21.- How important are the symbols and their interpretation in RAHMA?


They are also activators of consciousness, but primarily seek to provide information.  Cesium Crystals help interpret the symbols, which could be received in a psychographic communication or found in some ancient writing.  According to the Guides, the symbols or ideograms to which the Rahma Mission had access are part of the Book of White Garments.


22.- What other practices are carried out in the RAHMA groups? 


Through contact with the Confederation the Rahma groups were receiving a suggested preparation from the Elder Brothers (Extraterrestrial Guides). These practices are not new, because they have points in common with the teachings of other groups. However, this does not mean that it is correct to mix our preparation process with that used by other esoteric or metaphysical clusters, even if it seems harmless. Regarding the Rahma Mission process, among the practices that are carried out, we can mention the following: 


Meditation. The foundation stone of any group that works for the Light: "What is the food for the physical body is meditation for the spirit." The inner dialogue connects us with the divine essence that we all carry inside. 


Mantralization. It is the vocalization of a word of power, a sacred song. Mantra means to visualize and liberate (from the Sanskrit "man" which means to think and "tra" liberation). Among the words of power most used in practices we can mention Rahma, Amar, Om, Adonai and Zin-Uru. 


The Dome of Protection. It consists of visualizing an energy that covers, harmonizes and protects us. This simple practice - but very effective - is based on the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism. Man can create what he believes, he can generate a protective field around him by connecting with the energies of the environment and revealing his power of creation. 


The Irradiation Chain. Again, creative visualization plays a leading role, where the strength of will and faith of the practitioner is paramount. It consists of radiating Light to people, places or events that require this psychic help. To do this, people form a circle looking inwards. With the straight spine and heels together they drop their eyelids on their own and begin to visualize love and peace on the planet. It is essential to mention that in these works the purpose prevails and not the forms. Recall that the ritual is not more important than the attitude of the practitioner.


The Silent Fast. This practice is usually done at field trips. It simply consists of remaining silent. Although it sounds simple for many it is difficult. As expected, the person must keep a disciplined fast, not only in regard to food, but also a mental and spiritual fast, refraining from any idea or feeling that is not suitable for a practice that seeks to develop inner sensitivity. 


The Self Control. Similar to Silent Fasting, but with some variants: One must be strictly alone in a lonely place such as a desert, a beach, forest or any place that allows the practitioner to be totally apart. The objective of this practice is to temper the nerves and control our emotions - Although it seems a lie many fear the dark, or also the fact of being totally alone. Controlling our emotions is not only essential as a preparation for possible contact with the Guides; This practice is essential to strengthen internal will and security. There comes a time when one learns to face the feeling of loneliness, and that is where we find ourselves. At the end of the day, we came alone to develop in this world.


23 .- How should be the preparation in RAHMA? 


To answer this question we are obliged to quote the excellent text of permanent consultation in Rahma Mission:

Evolution Path to Infinity, taken from the Masters, under the guidance of the Guides. There, the evolution plan to be followed is mentioned, as part of a transcendental preparation that points to infinity.

This preparation is in all three planes and is developed as follows:

Physical Evolution: A. Purification with fasting and abstinences. Renewal by deep breathing and natural energy supply. Conservation through natural life and exercise.

Mental Evolution: A. Mental alchemy through discernment and polarization. Knowledge that is the realization of it. Activation and good use of faculties and perceptions.

Spiritual Evolution: A. Harmonization in body, mind and spirit. Self-knowledge (self-analysis) .C. Inner transformation through spiritual alchemy. 


24.- What moment does the RAHMA Mission currently live in? 


A time when one cannot afford to remain spiritually stagnant in the face of the constant changes that are taking place. Rahma today is a mission without a name, without labels, without any type of organization that contradicts the universality of the message. The contact experience now not only continues, but is in a more committed and transcendent stage where every effort of ours is required. The Mission, and we know it well, is not over yet. This little manual is based solely and exclusively on the teachings that the Extraterrestrial Guides and the Great White Brotherhood have given to the mission. We hope that these lines help you to understand a little more about the original contact program.


Translated from the original paper in Spanish: