1999-04 World Letter. No. 4. Bolivia. Easter Week

La Paz, April 1999

To all Members of RAHMA MISSION:

Dear brothers:

In the Most Holy Name of Divinity, be our best wishes for Peace and Love with you.

It is our intention to share now, the profound message of one of the experiences that took place on Easter, April 3 and 4 ...

As you will remember, the Elders extended an invitation to us to share in the field of experience in the field, for which we arranged the conditions of this meeting in the Center of Light ETERNAL CITY - WILLAYMARKA, where we had already been mentioned about their desire to internalize ourselves in works of Irradiation, but also of approach in regards to experiences of contact.

After several works of channeling energy to the planet, the night came and with it, the clear manifestation of support for the work that had been done and that would culminate in what we knew would be "Suction Energy". For this experience, it had been manifested to us in the first telepathic communications of the day, that all the members - 10 in total - should be distanced for at least 100 meters around, since with each one they would work differently at a certain moment in time,  specially ..

... "It was around 8:00 at night and after there was a sighting in the distance, two ships were present, one followed by another one of greater dimensions, being from this second one that a beam was received of light, which set the conditions for the start of the suction experience ...

Here is the account of one of these experiences induced by the Guides inside one of their ships:

... "We knew that I was not physically there, but my mental body had been suddenly transported to the interior of this ship, a guide was present in front of me, who as at the beginning of the day, manifested his presence in communications, I mean: SOLOVIAC!., The characteristics in him were those of a mature-looking person, of radiant and notorious happiness, that which can only be identified in those who live realized in the Light and who without seeking it, radiate joy and inner peace They live in. In it, clearly stood out on his shoulders an intensely blonde head of hair, as well as wearing a kind of diver in white and platinum tones.

Everything in his environment was indirectly illuminated by a yellow, almost golden, luminescence, as well as he could observe that folded to the walls a kind of boards protruded on top of which was placed a window that, as a rectangular screen, allowed to see beyond certain figures and symbols, the especially starry sky of that night.

Beloved brother: - the guide began to say -; Today, you are here today, because it is time that through this experience you ratify the authenticity of everything that was communicated to you from the beginning of the Mission ...

The time has come for all of you to understand why the experience and preparation of the RAHMA Man/Woman is not from this time, but goes back hundreds and even thousands of years ago, so many lives and incarnations in which with more than one of you, we have shared repeated and intense encounters, until this day, when you finally discover yourself before yourself, pulling back the veil that separates you from the true light, which activated will allow what was already deposited in your minds and hearts: to flourish. rediscovered in the Infinite Light of Divine Love, you will identify your luminous destiny and sacrificed path towards the freedom of the Spirit, that liberated will be consummated in the great and infinite Light of Universal Knowledge ...

Thus, I am before you, to remind you that your preparation is not of this time, that in one of our lives we have been following several of yours and that even before you were born, you were living and being an active part of the great Human Colony of the Confederation, the one that not only concentrated in Morlen, allowed you to live with us in Siris (Venus), Apu as well as in all the places where the Confederation assigned the volunteer and loving assignment of assistance to your Humanity.

So, many of the RAHMAS were taken 30, 40, 50 years ago in time and much more, depending on your own preparation TO LIVE WITH US, and many of you were taken with terrestrial bodies and others by disposition were born there, for as part of your preparation it was necessary for you to complete your process within the Confederation, where you were all prepared and oriented in the Light of Universal knowledge ... Thus each one was preparing his destiny within the same Human colony that in greater number is concentrated in Confraternity City, but that in the same way exists in Siris, Xilox, Cerpican, Apu as well as in the different places from where the dimensional change of this so important and transcendental humanitarian moment is supported and oriented.

For this reason, the purpose of this experience is aimed at making all of you aware by awakening in the reality of the Living Memory that deals with your true preparation and that, identified, will take you beyond Time and Space, discovering the true essence of the RAHMA Man/Woman. Here you will see and even feel the living manifestation of love and light that dwells in you and that holds in itself, the key to accessing the living memory of your presence among us, that is why it is You beloved ADEMIXAR that we call, so that search in your heart and find the key that opens your consciousness and allows you to see and live everything that was already in you, but only waiting to be discovered, so that outwardly you can open the way and point out the bright destiny to the many who just waited patiently for this time of revelation.

Here, you will understand and remember why the connection with you from so many lives ago, because what it had assumed to fulfill, could not materialize with the work of a single life, and the preparation and responsibility could not be manifested, but as a consequence of a long process of preparation ... That is why it is necessary that you start by knowing that THE TRUE PREPARATION that the Elders of the Minor Council of Morlen agreed to call ULTERIOR, has been part of your formation in the past, since the principles come out and firm of the luminous destiny of your Humanity, and if it is true that having been programmed this, your last incarnation at this time, the conduits were closed and the seals were placed so that only before a consummate life in The Light of the True Knowledge, unveil and open the Inner Codes raising and maintaining the Spirit of the true Initiate, who as Initiate always disposes  him/her to learn, but also as a teacher to share what your heart knows consciously that only through the example of your action, advise and guide ...

So, you came to this time when having been born, one of your greatest tests would be to overcome yourselves, so that by identifying your true Divine Identity you will prepare to vivify the Light of A New Time for which you unconditionally committed your lives in the Light of Truth.

Thus, many programmed experiences between all the brothers and groups only came to fulfill the objective of making each one come closer to the Living Remembrance of that which at the time you were allowed to share with us, and that is that you not long ago You were here permanently by our side, so we asked you: do you remember? ...

The Xendras, the Contacts and even the Messages have only been for the most part: LIVING MEMORIES of the past, since they only wanted you to activate something that had already lived before and that it was not necessary to repeat, since it was not born to start your preparation, but to fulfill your Mission, is how much of what has happened in your lives has been voluntarily 'PROGRAMMED', and even the messages that you received in so many places and that have to do with the advent of the New Time, already Before it had been registered in you, so that the time and the emotional, mental and even physical conditions had arrived, the information was activated and revealed in your consciousness that by way of communication, you would be allowing it to be channeled, but there have also been experiences and communications in real time, but in knowledge of human weakness and difficulties and also limitations of the environment and time For which you live, this was protected under the light of your own Consciousness, to which you had now been called to access, know and remember which living experience that will return to your consciousness so that removing the deepest feelings in your heart, you finally assume the definitive commitment to serve your Humanity.

Suddenly and next to the SOLOVIAC Guide, a tube of radiant white light began to materialize, which he immediately and lovingly invited me to access, clearly it could be seen that it was formed by hundreds of circles that rose and fell intepenetrating each other: This is The CONICULAR energy that concentrated, will allow the activation and purification of your mental and spiritual body, thus seeking the manifestation in your conscious of the living memory of each experience with us in the past, so that conscious of it, you no longer seek to repeat what you have lived, but to advance in the assumed.

Here you will see, as around the experience with us, several events have happened in which there has been a lot of reality, especially what has been shared in the past through the joint effort for a new Humanity; but likewise the fragility of the concepts and the environment in which the properly human mind operates, there was the outcome of several and repeated mentalisms, especially with regard to the fulfillment of the Mission.

Many of you have forgotten that RAHMA is a Mission in which different roles and tasks to fulfill intervene and in which many believe that your purpose is the clearest and most direct for the fulfillment of the Mission. - No brothers -, you all have a part of this great Mission, and some will travel the world spreading the clear message of the Elders, and others will activate natural energy points and places and others will lay the foundations of the new human communities and others will prepare the essence of the New Humanity as well as the materialization of the Centers of Light, each one fulfilling his mission, but all together you must feel and love the work of others as your own, because only in this way will you open the possibilities of help and love that they must exist among all, avoiding to distract more your attention to the encounter with the White Brotherhood and us in Real Time, but rather, accrediting our encounter in the past through the encounter with yourselves ... Thus, the experiences of contact in time real, they have been very few and selected only to start processes and seal stages like the one you will soon find yourself living with the Awakening of Consciousness of the Superior of Man, which will lead us to meet again in a great Cosmic embrace in which the words will be superfluous, because at the only song of praise to God of our hearts, our spirits will have merged into Eternal and Living Universal Harmony.

SOLOVIAC, with deep love, continued saying:

You should know that it is of utmost importance that at a global level you work in Irradiation chains to your planet, concentrating energies in the places of greatest conflict, in order to polarize manifest negativity, also supporting the trips that must be carried out at the global level. world more likewise concentrating your attention on entering the inner Retreat from where the Government of the Great White Brotherhood has arranged the conditions so that you are the ones who already access the meeting with the Elder Master, the Keeper of the Records; which will allow the materialization of the long-awaited Light Centers, as meeting points and future urban centers ...

Soon you will be partakers of a very special Energy that channeled from the very heart of the Universe, we will support it to reach the earth plane through the next planetary alignment that you will live, but rather: All as one will meet in Planetary Irradiation Chains in the tune of Love that we suggest converge at 3:33 Greenwich time, because this time and number: 333 as the key and numerical activator that it is, will connect you with the Interior Government and the energy that comes from the Brotherhood of the Great Star, which added together, gives you the number - 9 -, which suggests the work for Humanity, but each one in the whole world will connect at this time that alternated in 12 hours, from am to pm will propitiate which activating symbol: the advent of a New Time! ...

333 9 12

Interior Government - Man and New Humanity
... I was already being irradiated by the CONICULAR energy, until from one moment to the next my attention was focused on a scene ...

Around an oval table, there were 6 Guides, as if they were in the middle of a meeting that I had come to, it was then that the first one on the left got up, and inviting me to join me he told me:

Beloved ADEMIXAR, All that you have received and that on the day of the fulfillment of your Mission you will know, regarding the management of the Energies of the Rays of Power, of the Electronic Circles, of the Spiral Energy, as well as of the great Mantric and many more forces will put you within the conscious reach of what will be like now, the true ULTIMATE PREPARATION that you will live remembering the day on Earth, but then, consciously living the wonderful handling of energies, in your heart you will have identified that there is no greater There is no greater power than that of LOVE, because only through LOVE can a new LIFE be conceived, and just as LIFE is generated in its purest essence in LOVE, only through LOVE will it be possible to promote the BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY! ...

... The memory had already begun ...

Dear brothers, let us seek at all times to be simpler and simpler, more brothers and friends, sincere and loving, living examples of the Light that, materialized in our lives, allows our path to be a blessing in the lives of others ...

Love and peace

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