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Kontur, chief of the guardians of the Star Order, of the White Brotherhood in Tulipe, Ecuador.

From the Extraterrestrial Guide Sampiac:
This race ( Bird-headed Men ) arrived in this place (Tulipe, Ecuador) one hundred thousand years ago, coming from the constellation of Taurus.  They made contact with the inhabitants of the place and as a result of this contact a civilization arose.
Description by HellAham:
His head and neck were like those of a falcon but with a slightly longer beak similar to a condor, very penetrating black eyes and dark and shiny plumage.  His huge body, about four meters tall, was like that of humans, with hands, arms and legs.  He was dressed like a medieval warrior, with two wide straps crossed over his chest and a long cape on his back.  

His appearance was intimidating, however since I came into contact with him, he always conveyed great respect and affection to me.

Description by Elyah Aram:

Then I see that we are surrounded by creatures that are a mixture of different species.  Mythical creatures : men with the heads of bulls , birds , fauns , cyclops ... Telepathically I feel that they tell me that they once lived on earth .  There is a beautiful energy of love between them.  His looks are impressive.  Once in a very distant time they were created with the energy of the Umiña to help humanity in its evolutionary process.  Many of these beings became teachers or instructors teaching humans. 



Picture from Sumeria


Tulipe 2

Picture from Father Crespi's collection, Ecuador

Note: description similar to ancient Egypt gods: Anubis, Seth, Hathor, Horus

Anubis, Seth, Hathor, Horus