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 The chakras (wheels) are centers or vortices of energy, arranged along the spine, and some at the ends of the body such as the feet and hands.  There are twelve distributed throughout our body, but seven are the main ones.
 It is situated on the astral plane at the base of the spine.  It is a starting point, the support from which the energies will have to be activated.  This center is the residence of all sensations, which is why it is here where we must begin to eliminate the vices of the passions and even the simplest material attachments.  This vortex is the true storehouse of desire. 
 With the activation and illumination (conscious positive polarization) of this chakra we will acquire the first step of liberation from what limits us and makes us remain dense.  It is from the activation of this center through spiritual love (compassion, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness) that we begin to open portals between dimensions.  This center is related to the plexus of the coccyx and to our entire physical body.  Control over passions and emotions is concentrated in this center. 
 It is symbolized by a red square, which means that even to love you have to learn, and that the human mind must learn to dominate instinct and desire.
 It is located at the height of the Spleen and means the mansion of the breath of life. Its development allows us to consciously retain all our dreams, which are very useful, since they are a field of learning and improvement, and thus a dream could be continued in a waking state.  The activation of this chakra can also lead us to remember our past existences. 
 This center is related to the splenic plexus and the astral body, we are going to activate it through everything we can do as work with the elevation of our feeling and the development of sensitivity.  In this vortex the development of the will is perceived, and the control over character and personality. 
 This center is represented by an orange triangle, symbol of the spiritual will.
 It is located in the astral plane at the height of the navel.  It is practically the filter of the organism, center of gravitation of the astral body, and it is related to the inferior mental body.  It captures the forces of the cosmos and transmits them according to our will.  In this center the development of consciousness, lucidity, wisdom and personal balance is perceived. 
 It is related to the solar plexus and to the activation of our inner sun through the knowledge, mastery and transmutation of our character and temperament. 
 This center is represented by a golden disk or circle, which symbolizes unity in light, self-knowledge.

 It is located at the height of the heart and means center of spontaneous sound.  Its development allows control over the forces of nature, it is a point of fusion between man and God.  It is the center of health and Universal Love. 
 It is related to the cardiac plexus and to the superior mental or our fourth dimension.  We act on it every time we manage, through a positive attitude, to stay in harmony and in communion with everything and everyone.
 This center is activated every time we internalize, and when we go out to reestablish our connection with nature and the universe. 
 This center is represented by a cross with four equal sides, bright green, a symbol of the positive attitude in hope that always asks us to add, never subtract let alone divide.
 It projects at the height of the throat, and is also called the chakra of purity.  Its development allows to achieve various extrasensory perceptions.  It offers true clairvoyance, that is, the ability to interpret and be clearly felt and understood by any person located in a distant place. 
 This center relates to our ability to connect with ourselves and with others, and to interact. 
 It is the center of communication and of the creative and programming power of the verb.  It is related to the Pharyngeal Plexus, and with our soul. 
 It is represented by a celestial crescent, which means that in order to communicate correctly one must first learn to listen and listen.
 Located between the eyebrows, it is also called the center of power and is related to the pituitary gland.  It is the last bastion of reasoning and analysis.  It is the potential summit of final illumination. 
 It is the center of the spiritual quest.  It is related to the carotid plexus, the conscience and the spiritual body.
 It is represented by a navy blue six-pointed star, a symbol of spiritual balance.
 It is located at the top of the head and is very difficult to understand.  His development allows the disciple to choose his future incarnation, to disincarnate and incarnate at will to fulfill some conscious and voluntary mission. 
 The crown chakra once developed constitutes a merger in the Universal Consciousness.  It is related to the Pineal Gland and the Cerebral Plexus, as well as to the essential body.  Its activation leads us to open connection portals with the mental universe where the Creator Parents come from. 
 This center is represented by a violet or lilac Lotus flower, and is related to the ability to overcome ourselves with mysticism, through inner transmutation, which is our ability to change ourselves and things.
Fig: Mantras to activate the chakras