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Birdman.- Bird-Headed Man

These beings come from the constellation of Taurus, they belong to a higher level than the Extraterrestrial Guides, they are beings of the fifth dimension of consciousness and their characteristic is that they are very reliable and incorruptible. 

Because of their formality, the White Brotherhood of the Cosmos has entrusted them with important missions. 

They are Guardians of the treasures of the interior retreats, they guard among others the superior knowledge. Many of these beings became teachers or instructors teaching humans. 

Kontur is their leader.

  This race (Bird-headed Men) arrived in this place (Tulipe, Ecuador) one hundred thousand years ago, coming from the constellation of Taurus.  They made contact with the inhabitants of the place and as a result of this contact a civilization arose. 

  Some round metallic flying objects flew over the area.  The objects descended on truncated pyramids on top of the mountains, around which several indigenous people were observing, who came into contact with these stellar beings. 

Currently this civilization (Ecuadorian) is buried under the jungle, and the time has come for all this to come to light. 

 These beings entered the subterranean world existing in this place, and there they stayed inhabiting it until today.  They also brought from their world the Tayos birds , which are a kind of pets of these beings , placing them at the physical and energetic entrances to the subterranean world , these acting as " guardians " of the accesses to this world . 



Picture from Sumeria

Tulipe 2

Picture from Father Crespi's collection, Ecuador

Note: description similar to ancient Egypt gods: Anubis, Seth, Hathor, Horus

Anubis, Seth, Hathor, Horus