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Chintamani or the fundamental Stone of Genesis, the ovoid crystal of Genesis, of a blue electric color.

The ascending and active luminous frequencies from the supreme heart of the universe, in the octave of higher consciousness in which it manifests, are already anchored on Earth. In other words: the unified energy field of the seed of life of the future universe has been activated on Earth through the sacred manifestation of the crystal or fundamental stone of Genesis or Chintamani, now located in the Sajama volcano (Bolivia).

What implies the imminent redemption of the human being in the most sublime manifestation of creation that will now be assisted, sustained and represented by the loving presence of the Christic Spirit, the same as from this energetic portal of time and space, channel energies that, active, will decode your code and blood registry, revealing humanity's true stellar descent.


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In Buddhism the Chintamani is said to be one of four relics that came in a chest that fell from the sky. Sanskrit; Devanagari: चिन्तामणि): 'Wish-Fulfilling Gem'. A maṇi-jewel; magical jewel, which manifests whatever one wishes for.