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The sunkies are a kind of intra-earth creatures dating back to the early days of Lemuria. At that time they had a closer relationship with man, providing him with a variety of minerals and elements of the underground world for various purposes.

The sunkies were always kind and peaceful beings. When the man became violent and unstable on the surface, those little beings decided to walk away. Currently, as we know, they are living in silence with us under the protection of their underground galleries. They dug and conditioned many of the labyrinths of the earth's crust, the same ones that would later be used by the White Brotherhood. Not all tunnels have extraterrestrial origin.

Of course they can contact us, but under certain conditions. For example, the interaction with them works best when we are close to one of their underground dwellings. They usually use the world of dreams to send us their messages, often codified by our mind as a "succession of images and sensations." In the case of a physical contact, if they come into trust, they could be encouraged because they are very shy. Touching a person can convey information.

The detail is that by not having eyelids they are very exposed to sunlight; For this reason it is difficult for them to leave their caverns during the day. With few exceptions, they can be seen at night. If this happens it is a great indication of the harmony that the group reached. to get closer, they are interested in getting back in touch with man.

They want to make us see the damage that we are causing to the planet ecologically and energetically, a situation that has put its species on the brink of extinction.