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  We woke up with the expectation of knowing how Sofía had woken up with her injury, what would not be our surprise when we found out that she was very well, to the point that she moved her hand in all directions and there was no trace of pain, Sofy told us that once he lay down he couldn't sleep because of the pain and that he began to feel an energy around her hand feeling a warmth that enveloped her sinking into a deep sleep.
  After breakfast we set up camp, we set off with the aim of reaching the place where the stone with the symbol of the triangle is found that same day.  The walk was exhausting, for long stretches we walked inside the river, which is very tiring and dangerous because of how slippery the stones were, at other times we crossed from side to side of the shore. 
  Together with Cristian we had fallen behind from the group, I knew that we were already in the area of ​​the stone with the symbol, when passing next to a pebble stone I saw the triangle symbol, that was the stone we were looking for and the companions who were ahead had not seen it.  After the rigorous reconnaissance we looked for where to camp, we had finally arrived.  This would be where we would stay for the next three days.
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We set up camp on a ledge on the right side of the river, very close to the stone with the symbol.  After a refreshing rest we returned to the stone to work with it, in this new inspection we proceeded to clean it, discovering a new symbol in the form of an arrow in the lower part of the stone, which pointed north.  Next we did the dermoptics practice, in which Sofi told us that when he put his hands and forehead on the stone she was able to visualize some monkeys that were inexplicably separated from other rare species that she perceived as genetic experiments.
Later we decided to head in the direction that the arrow pointed in order to explore and see if we could find any clues that would lead us to the announced cave.  We walked the mountain for about two hours and we didn't find anything, we only managed to discover being at the top of the mountain that upriver from the camp there is a waterfall near it that when I saw it I remembered it from the previous trip.  A little confused and tired we returned to the camp, when we arrived we saw some butterflies that fluttered around us, they were the same butterflies that we had seen in the trips to Paititi in Peru, which gave us a lot of joy and gave us back our spirits.
  We dedicate the rest of the afternoon to bathe and rest from the effort made.  Pedro had gone ahead to bathe in the river and when we reached him we found him excited, telling us that while he was bathing he began to hear a sound that came from upriver from the waterfall sector, the sound identified him as if several people were mantralizing the Om .  Together with Pedro we concentrated and we could actually hear it, at other times we heard the squawking of birds, which we identified as those made by the Tayos.
 Later, Carmen and Sofía, who decided to go upriver to bathe and curious to see the waterfall, returned very happy and told us that they had felt that there is something very special in the area, even after performing a meditation in the water, at opening their eyes they saw two hummingbirds crossing at the same time from a stone wall to the waterfall and just at that moment Carnita became very sensitive, to the point of wanting to cry.
  At night we carry out a group meditation and we take the opportunity to vocalize the word Umiña with the purpose of raising our vibration and getting in tune with the place, at the end Sofi told us that she had an experience where she receives the word Umiña as it should be pronounced, proceeding to give us a demonstration that impressed us all.  We retired to rest agreeing that the next day we would start a fast to raise awareness and we would also go to visit the waterfall as a whole group.
  We got up early in the morning proceeding to move to the waterfall by a path that Pedro discovered, when arriving at the place Patries found a feather of a bird that when I saw it I could recognize it as that of a Tayo.  This finding was very symbolic, since we knew that these birds are the guardians of the access doors to the underground world. 
  After exploring the place, we carried out a meditation that allowed most of the group to perceive that through the waterfall it was possible to enter the underground world, as if it were a door, but we were not sure if it was a physical or energetic door.  After sharing the experiences, Patries asked me to take a photo of her.
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  When reviewing how the images came out, we were surprised to see that the two photos taken of the waterfall came out purple, at that moment reminding us of Sixto's dream where He received that the sign of how far we should go and enter was a violet waterfall.
 Afterwards we returned to the camp to rest and freshen up, for some reason we were feeling unusual tiredness, we thought that perhaps it was because of the fast we were in and also because of the physical effort made when moving towards the waterfall.  In the afternoon we did a meditation with the purpose of receiving communication and guidelines that guide us on what we should do and what was prepared for this outing.
 It was Cristian and Patries who channeled the following messages:
 Communication: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
 Place: Tulipe – Chirape River – Ecuador
 Antenna:  HellAham
 Love and light to the pilgrims of the Mission
 Sampiac in communication.
 The Confederation of Worlds, supporting the work of the seven Rahmas brothers, greets and assists you at all times.
 Yesterday you have reached the sacred territory of the White Brotherhood and as such, if you remain sensitive, everything will speak to you;  water, stones, trees and animals.
 We know that you have been gradually connecting with the environment and now is the time to go to the place itself to access what is available.  So, tomorrow morning, go up the left bank and look for the signs that we have given you a long time ago and that you have not yet seen. 
 Be one and everything will be given.
 Tomorrow you will be invited in unity to see and feel, to then activate the door of hidden knowledge.  Tomorrow, contact us in the afternoon and you will have the guidelines for the end of this trip.
 Your love for humanity and her planet never ceases to amaze us.
 With love Sampiac
 Communication: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
 Place: Chirape River (Tulipe)
 Antenna: ELYAH ARAM
 Dear brothers and sisters:
 Everything is going according to plan.  You are in the Realms of the White Brotherhood.  You have all the assistance that is required to establish a deeper connection with the Umiña crystal.
 The reactivation of the Umiña made connections further afield than has ever been possible before.  This was also a very strong energetic preparation for you to enter the inner world.  You are going to enter the inner world from a higher dimension.
 The birdmen will bring you one by one to the inner world.
 The knowledge of the library is already energetically coming out.  It is important that you fully absorb the energetic transference of knowledge when you are in the library.
 We are with you!
 In light and love,
 The guidelines were given, we had to cross the river to the left and explore that area, meanwhile we continued listening to the sounds coming from the waterfall.
 After meditation we retire to rest.  At night Sofía went to the area that we designated for the bathroom and while there she had an experience that she shares in the following way:
  When I came back from the bathroom I didn't turn on my flashlight as many mosquitoes were approaching, and the night was clear;  I continued down the small rock and suddenly a thought invaded my mind, and somewhat worried because our expedition was about to end, I asked myself: are we ready to live an experience physically? 
  I immediately felt a presence behind me, so I decided to turn around, and my gaze automatically went up as if someone much taller than me was approaching me, I saw that something was moving among the branches and I was invaded by a feeling of fear all over my body and I couldn't resist staying longer to see what was coming, I went out and said to myself: not today, whatever it is, today I'm not ready.
 Sofí decided not to tell about this experience of contact until we returned to Quito…….
  We started the day rested and with a lot of energy, after grooming ourselves we proceeded to cross the river, we entered through a piece of land and as we advanced we found that to the right there was a large mound of earth that when surrounding it we discovered that it was a tola or truncated pyramid covered by the vegetation, which had been excavated in the center most likely with the intention of searching for treasures.  This discovery confirmed that the area we were in was special. 
  Excited, we continued exploring, finding that in front of the pyramid there was a large piece of land and at the bottom of it a kind of circular canyon with many trees and vegetation typical of the area.  Continuing to the left we could see that there was a mountain that we climbed, at the top it was flat and full of native trees, the place felt very special. 
  We headed towards a place that looked suspiciously bright together with Cristian, when we arrived we perceived that an energy enveloped us as if we were in a Xendra or dimensional portal, we decided with Cristian not to comment anything to the other companions who were slowly arriving.  It was very interesting and curious to see that after a while everyone asked us, DO YOU FEEL?  THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL HERE!
   With these confirmations I decided to carry out a work of irradiation and connection.  The energy that was in the place had made me very sensitive, I felt strongly that we should connect with the place at that time.
  I proceeded to ask everyone to stand in a circle and close our eyes taking deep breaths.  I immediately saw myself projected into the intraterrestrial world being taken to the room where the Umiña stone is, I see that the whole group stands around it and immediately the green crystal is activated by our presence, emanating a very bright green energy that surrounds each one of us. 
  Later I feel that the stone connects with me through my mind and I have a vision where I see how the planet enters the fourth dimension in December 2012, and how from there we have been incorporating ourselves into this new reality gradually and in a gradual. 
  But I see how the earth is wrapped in a kind of dark energetic egg, the same one that makes it difficult for us to connect with this new reality, keeping us in the illusion of continuing to live the same and that nothing has happened.  This framework has been created in part by the opposition forces that inhabit our world, that conspire against us, and that now intend to maintain it by sowing negativity in our world with wars and violence.
  At that time I feel that the purpose of our meeting in this place and in front of the Crystal was to take advantage of its energetic power and break that “shell”, and thus help the planet and humanity to consciously incorporate ourselves with the new time.
At that moment I asked everyone to intertwine and once wrapped in the green energy of the Umiña, we proceeded to emanate a beam of light from this energy that we project from our hearts, piercing this energy bubble and breaking it once and for all.  We finally withdrew this energy from our world in its entirety, feeling that it was taking place as a collective rebirth.
  Curiously, at the moment that we drilled the energetic shell, we heard how a woodpecker pecked a tree intensely, as the communications said, if we were attentive, nature would speak to us.  For all of us these moments were very intense, some felt a little dizzy and disoriented but happy for what they experienced.
  After sharing our experiences, we continued exploring the place, finally deciding to head towards the waterfall along a path that Pedro found.  Going down to the river we realized that we had missed the waterfall, so we had to go back about two hundred meters downstream, reaching the waterfall from the top and allowing us to observe how the water fell forming a beautiful spectacle.  After a quick inspection we discovered that in the upper part of the waterfall the stone was purple, again this signal was present, confirming that we were in the right place.
  Next, thanks to Pedro's skills and with a harness and a rope that we carried, we managed to lower the rock wall one by one, approximately 7 meters high.  Once on solid ground we took a bath in the lagoon that is formed by the water that falls from the waterfall, we took advantage of that moment to swim towards the rock wall and discovering that we could remain standing thanks to an edge that protruded from that wall , we proceeded to carry out a dermoptic connection practice. 
  We place the palms of the hands and the forehead on the rock and we connect by becoming one with the stone wall.  After work, when each of us talked about what we had experienced, we agreed that this stone was like a dimensional door to access the intraworld, being able to observe different tunnels and galleries, as well as rooms with deposits of information in metal plates, machinery, also various crystals and in a room separated and guarded the Umiña.
  Then we decided to return to the camp but since there was no direct road, we did not cross the mountain.  We arrived at camp extremely exhausted.  After a refreshing rest in the afternoon, we proceeded to carry out a meditation in order to sensitize ourselves and receive communication from the Guides to ask for guidelines for the night, channeling the following messages:
 Communication: Thursday, August 6, 2015
 Place: Tulipe – Chirape River – Ecuador
 Antenna: HellAham
 -What experiences can be given tonight and where?
 -What evaluation do you make of this output so far?
 Love in the light, Mardorx at your contact.
 beloved brothers.  Tonight is the beginning of your deepest preparation and as a necessity of this moment you have to radiate to the planet from the camp.  After that, recover your strength at rest.  At night we will be evaluating and assisting you in your dreams.
 Tomorrow continue working in the camp area and at 9:00 p.m.  start with a silent fast, ascend to the tola at 11pm.  sing the Zinuru and at 0 o'clock.  expect our presence through two Xendras in the same place.
 The Master sends you his blessing.
 Communication: Patries van Elsen
 Joaquín tells me:
"All conditions are good to obtain experiences and knowledge in other worlds, but the important thing now is that you rest first."
 Communication: Rafael Calderón.
  Dear brothers on mission, with the work you have been doing you have been exposed to very intense and high energies, which is why you feel exhausted, rest for now since it is possible to postpone the experience for tomorrow but stay in the camp . 
 The group was surprised to hear the messages and since they coincided, we had really had a very intense day with long beds and various jobs, plus the fast we were in, at the end of the day we were really exhausted, we needed to rest.  Following the recommendations of the Guides we went to bed early falling into a deep sleep quickly.
 We woke up rested and returned to life.  When the whole group met, Patries told us that at night she had a dream in which she was told that the house that is upstairs is near the entrance of the cave." The house that I see is a little house that can be seen from Tola , heading up the river.
 I personally took Patries dream as an important sign and that we should take it very seriously.
 At noon we crossed the river with Pedro and Cristian to observe the land that is next to the pyramid and where we had felt an important concentration of energy, when we arrived we easily perceived the energy concentrated in the place, it was so noticeable that we felt a breeze surrounding us, it was a fact that a Xendra was forming.
 At that moment something unusual happened, we were able to observe two large black birds approaching some trees that were very close to our location, when suddenly the birds intertwined in mid-flight grabbing each other and emitting loud sounds, then began to descend in free fall, crashing into the trees which stopped with their branches the fall of the birds that were slowly reaching the ground, immediately afterwards they were released and rose again, leaving the place. 
We were stunned watching such a show, none of the three had seen anything like it before, Cristian took the turn and told us: This is a sign!  and it is the ratification that this is the place where the announced experience will take place.
 We returned to camp happy to tell our companions what had happened and what we had found.  Afterwards and as the communications indicated, we spent the whole day in the camp resting, meditating and sharing.
 At the announced time we crossed the river accompanied by a light rain, and once again we got our feet wet crossing the river.  Upon arriving at the place we observed a concentration of energy in the form of a milky white dome about 15 meters in diameter, before proceeding to enter I asked everyone to vocalize the Zinuru mantra 33 times, with the purpose of raising the vibration and tune in to the moment, then the seven of us proceeded to enter knowing that we should make the most of this moment.
    In my particular case, as I was entering the energy, I felt the typical symptoms of this experience and then I saw myself projected once again to the underground world, I was walking through galleries that were already familiar to me, then I observed the Guide Antarel approach me, who began telling me:
  Welcome Faxom.  In this experience they will finish receiving the history of the Umiña stone,
 You must know that the stone is not original to your world, but was brought from outside, since its origin is cosmic.
 I perceived in my mind that the details of the Crystal's arrival in our world would be received by Cristian.
 - Then Antarel said:
  The Umiña has great power because it contains and concentrates the energy that was used for the creation of the material universe from the mental universe, it condenses in itself the source of the creation of the universe.  That is why the Umiña has the power to create and recreate life.
  It was brought to earth with the purpose of helping to stabilize the planet, since it is in another space-time reality, and on the other hand, to observe what effect the crystal had on their world.
   The place where it was deposited was in Tulipe - Ecuador, where there were large underground galleries and where intraterrestrial laboratories were installed.
  At first the Crystal was placed in a special chamber to observe and study it.  Soon after, the genetic engineers in charge of the project realized that the energy emanating from the Umiña had the ability to reproduce life on the planet with amazing speed.
  In the experience I could see everything that Antarel explained to me as if I were on the scene.  I saw the Crystal in an underground chamber and how the vegetation around it grew in an exuberant way.  Turning the area into lush jungle-like places.
  Antarel went on to say:
  The experimenters discovered that with the power of the Umiña they could manipulate and modify the genetics of the species, even allowing them to mix the DNA of different species, so they decided to work on the creation of new forms of life, and observe what effects and results they would have. these beings being created and affected in this alternative reality in which the earth is located, and also because the earth by its very nature is a special type of planet where one can experience elevated states of consciousness. 
  The project would consist of mixing different species, having as a base pattern the anthropomorphic aspect (like a human) with a human body and head of different species.
  The first beings to come out of the experiment were bird-headed species, which turned out to be highly evolved.  Followed by beings with the heads of reptiles such as frogs and crocodiles;  continuing with dogs and cats among others.  This high level of development achieved gave way to the decision to send them to Egypt and insert them into that culture.
 I was strongly surprised by what Antarel told me, beings that I thought were typical of the mythology of Egypt, now turned out to be real and if they existed!
 Following the success obtained in the first stage of the experiment, -said Antarel- the experimenters decided to continue with the project in a second stage, this time they would proceed to expand the combinations of species, using the same specimen but in a different way.
   The result was surprising, I was able to observe the creation of species with half the body of an animal and the other half of a human, such as the Centaurs, Fauns and Mermaids. 
  On the other hand, they created beings maintaining the human body and the head of a bull like the Minotaur, and I could even see that the experiments created gigantic human beings of a height of up to 20 meters, and with only one eye, nothing less than the cyclops of ancient mythology.  Antarel informed me that all these beings were sent to Greece.
 Additionally, my companion explained to me that the Genetic Engineers recorded and kept the codes they used to create each species, in that stone that I saw in the room that was shown to me earlier.  Now I understood, all the symbols he saw in that great stone guarded by the birdmen keep the genetic combinations used for each created species.
 Antarel continued with the story:
  At this point the experimenters decide to enter a third stage that turned out to be very controversial, they decide to mix more than two species, which was strictly prohibited, because it violated the rules and protocols established for the experiment, since it logically had limits. 
  It should be noted that a dark force intervened stalking those in charge of the project, taking advantage of their enthusiasm for the success obtained, which proceeded to mix three species, resulting in strange beings with a very aggressive behavior becoming true monsters, which began to face each other.
  In the experience I observed a being that was a mixture of a snake with wings, it had huge claws and a tail and its head was like a dragon.  It was furious and began to attack other beings that had the bodies of a human, very muscular and the head of a bull, generating a fight that the experimenters tried to control but in the end they did not succeed, since the violence generated dragged other species that were in the place, like the giant cyclops and beings with the body of felines with wings on their backs and with two very violent dog heads, turning into a true battle of all against all that devastated everything in its path, generating total chaos. 
 Antarel continued saying: The experimenters had no choice but to report what happened because they had lost control of the experiment.
 Given what happened, the confederation of worlds decided to send a special group of guardians to regain control and order.  For this very delicate mission, the bird men of the constellation of Taurus were chosen for their firmness, rectitude and high reliability.
  Upon arrival they saw that the situation was very complex, after a quick evaluation they proceeded to take charge of the situation, on the one hand they took the Umiña Stone and sent it to another place to put it in a safe place (Egypt), and on the other hand they realized that the conflict was so serious that they had no choice but to eliminate and destroy the areas where the clashes took place.
I was able to see how they blew up large underground enclosures and also on the surface.
  They then proceeded to preserve what was worth keeping, they selected some beings such as the cyclopes that had not been contaminated due to their innocence and also beings with the head of a bull and a human body, such as those seen in Egyptian culture.  Some time later, the Umiña stone returned, and all of this was guarded by the birdmen until today.
  Then Antarel took me to the place where Umiña is, telling me:
 As you have seen, the Umiña has the power to reprogram the DNA, so one of the tasks of the stone at this time is to reprogram the DNA of humanity, so that you are a synthesis of all the positive aspects of the different creations made here. , since the Umiña contains that information in itself.
 Antarel said goodbye telling me that the experience was over and that he should get out of the Xendra and call my companions, all proceeding to get out of the portal.
  When I closed my eyes I began to feel a little dizzy and nauseated, about five minutes would have passed and I could not see or perceive anything, I felt my heart beating very strongly, and in my mind I said to our guides: "if I cannot see nor perceive anything, allow me to be a support so that the rest of the brothers clearly receive what you have to show us”. 
After saying these words I began to concentrate on my breathing, I breathed slower and slower until I felt that I stopped breathing, I began to see a dark environment as if I were in an empty room without light, suddenly a being appears to me upright with the appearance of a frog, I look at it more closely and I realize that it has a tail, it was not a tadpole, since it had the appearance of an adult male, a man's body but the hands and feet of a frog, with greenish-yellow skin, more or less 1.50 meters tall;  he doesn't speak to me, he just stares at me as if he were communicating with me mentally,
  I was also looking at him capturing something that when he left the Xendra I didn't remember, then he turns away from me dragging his tail, and I wonder where? va?, and I see how this being disappears in the middle of the darkness, in which next I am presented with the image of a ring or hole in the cosmos, and around it several reptilian species sitting, who were waiting or waiting for something. 
  At that moment I see a ray of green light appear above their heads, go through the hole and head towards our planet, condensing into a bright green oval stone.
 I return to the darkness in which my experience was taking place, and I see myself in the middle of a place full of vegetation very similar to where we were camping, in which there were several beings of animal appearance, as I had seen them before, some they had the head of one species and the body of another, and others up to three species in one, I immediately perceive that they are the product of experimentation,
  I begin to feel a little uncomfortable and even sad because of what I see;  Immediately, I feel the presence of someone on my left side, I direct my gaze towards the trees that were on this side, and I see a woman with the face of a frog, the slender body of a woman, with a tail, green but smooth skin, and dark hair. from the lower half of her head to her shoulders, she looks at me from the side without turning her body and when I observe her face carefully, I notice that it was painted with bright colors and strange shapes, after letting me see her she slowly left into the bushes, disappearing from my sight.
 I return again to the darkness in which I don't feel anything bad, I just feel an infinite peace, as if everything were stopped around me, and this time the experience takes me exactly to the Cochasquí area, which I immediately recognize by its pyramids, I saw that the sky was darkening, I perceive that it is about six in the afternoon, I direct my gaze towards one of the pyramids, which is on the left side, by the entrance that currently has the archaeological park; 
  I see that in the pyramid there is a group of women standing in a circle, dressed in white, barefoot, with their hair loose, parted in the middle, and on the ramp that ascended this pyramid, I see myself as a little girl of about seven years old, wearing a little dress like a white tunic, with hair parted in the middle and a long braid at the back,
I see myself in the company of two women who take me by the hand to the top of the pyramid, as we approach I see that in the center there was a bright green stone about 25 centimeters and at that moment I feel that an initiation ceremony is about to begin, very mystical, formal and special, sensations that are transmitted through the faces of these women, who seriously , but at the same time with a gesture of love and delicacy they take me there;  I directed my gaze to the back of the pyramids and I see several houses that were nearby and some men inside, at that moment I knew that this ceremony was performed only by women, of which according to history it is known that they were the Quilago.
 I don't know exactly how long it took to live this experience, but I heard Rafael's voice telling us that we should return, I felt physically back in the place and opened my eyes, with an emotion that didn't fit in my chest because the experience lived was the most special and beautiful thing I had ever had in my life.
 We all entered the type II Xendra that had been opened. In my case, once inside I found myself facing a bird-man named Kontur who said he was the chief of the guardians and began his story like this:
 -About 80,000 years ago we were entrusted with a special task for which we had been preparing and in order to fulfill that order we moved to a certain point in the constellation of the Scorpion, where we had an encounter with beings from the mental universe, creators of the material plane, who gave us a rhomboid crystal of green energy, so that we could take it to a genetic laboratory located on planet Earth. 
This crystal, which you call Umiña and which contains the very essence of the creation of the universe we inhabit, was programmed with a certain number of functions, some unknown to us, that would be activated in the face of certain future events according to a cosmic schedule. 
 The function for which at that time we had to transfer the Umiña to Earth was to recreate and accelerate certain processes of life on the planet, allowing gradual touches to ensure the evolution of some species in particular. 
  Another purpose, which we would learn later, was to reactivate in the human DNA the collective memory forgotten by the work of the satanic forces opposed to the Cosmic Plan.  Which you have already begun to do with this journey by connecting with the energy of the Umiña.
 But there is another application scheduled for after the quantum leap of December 21, 2012 and that is still pending (...) something that you as human beings will have to do in the near future if you achieve the necessary vibration for it.  As I told you, the functions of the Umiña are multiple and some of these functions are unknown to protect the Plan itself.
 Guardians of the Stellar Order
 It was thus that with this assignment -he continued telling me- we undertook the trip to take the crystal to this point on the planet where you are now, yes, here in Tulipe one of the biogenetics laboratories of the confederation of worlds of the galaxy worked and here We left the crystal in the hands of the scientists in charge, who began to study the properties of the crystal and after a while used it to carry out biological tests, since the crystal had the information code of everything created on this material plane. 
But it happened that when the crystal began to activate, the genetic engineers realized that what they conceived in their minds was shaped by the crystal, creating the conditions for it to exist by transmitting the necessary information to make it concrete. 
  However, there came a time when, completely deviating from the established protocol, scientists began to experiment with the human beings that inhabited the planet, which was expressly prohibited, for interfering with their natural evolution and transgressing the free will established on Earth. 
  The cause of such an attitude was because the satanics had been influencing the scientists both in this and in other laboratories installed in different places on the planet. 
  Due to this fact, in Tulipe genetic mutations of all kinds began to be generated, emerging beings with human bodies and animal heads.  Some of these beings, of superior intelligence, would later be transferred to other parts of the planet, becoming part of different projects of advanced civilizations.  Therefore, what you call "mythology" is actually a true part of your history.
  But it did not end there, since these scientists took mutations to the extreme, combining plants with minerals and animals, thus breaking the natural order of created things, because everything in the cosmos is governed by laws.  It was there that truly monstrous and unconscious beings emerged, who were later used by the satanics to make the project of humanity on Earth fail.
To find out about the real state of things in that laboratory, the Confederation of Worlds sent a group of scientific inspectors who never returned because when they arrived they were reduced and included as part of the experiments of the dark program in progress. 
Meanwhile, the monstrous recreations, already out of the laboratory and out of all control, were reproducing dangerously like a virus and degenerating everything in their path. 
Faced with this panorama, the Council of 24 Elders resolved to entrust us, inhabitants of the planet Kaumm, close to the third star in magnitude of the constellation of Taurus, so that as guardians of the stellar order, we would restore the altered balance on the planet Earth.
 How are you different from the guardians and watchmen of the worlds? - I asked.-
 -The difference is autonomy.  They arrive on a certain planet to guarantee a planetary quarantine and prevent other civilizations from interfering in the evolutionary process of that planet, but they cannot go further and decide, for example, on the fate of the planets and the beings that may live on them. .
 On the other hand, we are authorized to intervene anywhere in the cosmos to try to restore stellar order, that is the direct mandate that we received from the Council of the 24 Elders of the Galaxy and we only respond to them - was the answer I received from the head of the Guardians-
 The enigma of the Umiña
 -With this new mission -Kontur continued telling me- we returned to these territories in what is now Ecuador and we began to neutralize all opposition to put the Umiña safe, but when we managed to enter the enormous laboratories we found some beings that were completely innocent, with the awareness of children, who had been born throughout this process and by then were beginning to evolve as a species.  We put them in shelter and since then they are under the loving protection of the White Brotherhood.
 With the exception of them and verifying that everything created in that laboratory was involution itself, we completely destroyed their facilities and an extensive perimeter around them, leaving only rubble.  Once we verified that at the microcellular level there were no replicas of these recreations, we left with the Umiña to deposit it provisionally in the Atlantean project in Egypt.
 All this happened thousands of years ago, at the time of the satanic rebellion that you have already begun to know about and also remember. 
Because as you know, all these events and others that you still do not know are part of the history that has been hidden and falsified so that you as a species live as slaves, victims of your own ignorance and condemned to repeat cyclically the same acts of rancor, selfishness and hatred, to lead you to separateness and destruction among yourselves.
 Much later, by higher designs, the Umiña was given to human beings, the idea was that by having the power to balance and enhance the states of consciousness of leaders and rulers, they could then bring that balance to their own peoples. 
But what was not in our projections was that humans take the stone as an object of desire in itself, granting it a property that it does not have and for that reason greed and the desire to possess it would grow, leading them to confrontation, something that It turned everything upside down and caused -as your legends tell- the Umiña to be finally returned to the interior retreats.
 Since then we have the mission of guarding it to prevent it from falling into dark hands.  For that reason until today you have not accessed it physically, because it is a way to protect you from yourselves until you reach the necessary degree of consciousness and vibration.
 -Why have we had so many tests on this trip?  - I asked the guardian giant-
-We had to be sure of you, that's why you were tested even moments before the experience.  Evil often nests deep within human beings and emerges at the least expected moment.  It is part of a genetic programming that the satanic left in your ancestors long ago when the Lemurian race was manipulated. 
That is why your guides have always recommended meditation, fasting and mantrams, as a means to purify and raise yourself vibrationally. 
But finally we have let you come to us because we found purity in your hearts.  Even so, they must know that the Umiña stone reacts to human emotions and feelings, that is why it must be protected until humanity is ready to take charge of it, since it is a gift from the creators parents to the children of the Earth. 
 -Why were you chosen to move and guard the Umiña?
 We belong to a civilization that has been specially conceived for this function, such as the transfer and custody of green crystals, which is the raw material of creation on the planets, that is our main task.
 -The crystal spirit of the planet is also green. Is it the same type of crystal as Umiña?
 Yes, although with a difference in programming and power.  This is in the hands of those who inhabit the mental plane, because from there comes the crystal heart of your planet and that of many other planets.  The crystal of the planet is the source of life itself and carries within it the eternal mandate of the creation of evolving life.
 - And in the case of the crystals that retain the satanic?
 Those crystals also specially programmed do nothing more than suspend them in a limited vibrational plane and in a certain place, in this case the Earth and the key to their liberation is in themselves through the experimentation of love in forgiveness. 
When they can recognize their actions and, out of love, forgive themselves, they will liberate themselves, because that is how it is established.
 -I have seen a large room with many green crystals, like smaller replicas of the Umiña, what use do they have?
 -That kind of crystal has been given to various people in the world.  Receiving such a crystal is of great spiritual help but at the same time a great responsibility subject to karma.  Since once incorporated into the subtle body, these crystals are always connected to each other and endows the receptor with supra-intentional energy, which means that whoever possesses it will allow them to fulfill their mission, renouncing their free will of their own free will.
 HellAham, at the next Xendra you are to come to us and a ceremony of imposition will take place there.  So be it!  – Said the chief guardian saying goodbye to me.
 Almost immediately and when I was still elaborating everything Kontur said, I had an unexpected meeting with the guide Mardorx, who told me about my next steps in the Mission.
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