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                          (THIRD PART)
  Throughout the years we have made many expeditions to different places inside and outside of Ecuador at the request of the Extraterrestrial Guides.  This is how we learned that when we return from trips to our homes, these do not end, but continue in a process of assimilation and understanding of what the trip meant, the contributions provided and also the mistakes made.
  After making the expedition through the Chirape River in August 2014, we were deeply connected with the place, additionally this trip allowed us to know the area in a deeper way, on the other hand we were able to discover the stone with the symbol of the triangle.
  We were very clear that part of the objectives set for the trip in 2014 were not met and that we would have to return to meet them.
   Thus, at the beginning of 2015, we maintained contact with Cristián Sánchez Barros, from Argentina, and Patries van Elsen, from Holland, friends who currently live in Pisac, Peru.  They informed us that they had recently had sightings of the ships of the Extraterrestrial Guides where they live and that they strongly felt their presence, for which we agreed to send them a questionnaire of questions, since they would create in the coming days the conditions to connect and receive messages from The Extraterrestrial Big Brothers.  Days later they sent us the following message that they had channeled:
 Communication: 01-17-2015
 Place: Pisaq - Cusco (Peru)
 Antenna: Hell Aham
 - What works should be carried out in Ecuador during the year 2015?
 - Is the objective of finding the cave in Tulipe still pending?
 - Is the stone found in the Chirape River, which has a triangular symbol, the place to leave the river and advance in search of the announced cave?
 - Guidelines for groups in Ecuador
 - Should we return to the Llanganates?
 - What is the meaning of the rhomboid stones that I am finding and why?
 Love in the light, Mardorx on contact
  Ecuador must give its light to the countries of the world, because what exists there for this time must come out of its entrails.  Therefore, the groups in Ecuador must return to work in unity, to support each other and specify the objectives that will bring to light the hidden and protected knowledge for this time.  Cuenca will be a voice that will be heard in the world.
 The objective of Tulipe is pending and this year it is the main work of the mission in Ecuador, for which everyone must support the group that goes to fulfill this objective.
 The stone with the triangle marks the course towards the entrance of the cavern.  To the left and away from the river you will find the second symbol (a rhombus) that will be the mark of the place.  This symbol will point you in the direction of the entrance to the cave that you will see, only if you are perceiving beyond the physical eyes.
 There will be trials along the way but assistance will not be lacking, both from us and from the White Brotherhood.  Prepare to go who have already felt the call and the connection.  Five are, plus 3 support will go.
 The Llanganates still await those who must remember.
 The rhomboid stones are the call to Ecuador, since it is the symbol of the disc of power there, in Tulipe you will find the second symbol (rhombus) and it will take you to the hidden entrance to the uninvited.  You are invited and participate.  Take your part and go.
 Work with the symbol (rhombus) in meditation and you will see what the journey will be.
 Love and light Mardorx and guides in contact
  We received this communication with great joy, because it clarified some of our concerns and doubts, so taking advantage of the field trip that we would carry out at the beginning of the year for the anniversary of the mission, we consulted the Extraterrestrial Guides for more details of what we would experience this year. 

Receiving the following message:

 Communication: January 24, 2015
 Place: Tulipe- Ecuador
 Antenna: Faxom
 Yes, we are your Guide brothers accompanying you here and in other places.
  We welcome your initiatives for this year and as you have felt there are many tasks to be done this year as part of the cosmic plan.
  We invite you to maintain your preparation and I encourage you to comply with what is established, as you already know, you must find the announced cave in August, but first you must establish contact with us, first mentally and then physically, all this as a step prior to the trip,
  Physical contact is still an objective that awaits in time and that they must strive to make it happen this year.
  The vibration of the group is good in this outing, if you manage to stay at work we can share cesium crystals with some brothers who are ready to receive them, you will also feel our presence nearby in the place indicated above, feel and let youselves be guided.
  From now on we will be close to all groups that work seriously and are aware of what Rahma Mission is.  When you return to your cities you will feel and see our support and closeness.
 Go ahead little brothers, make this your time of realization and concretion of objectives.
                                                                                    With Love Oxalc and Sampiac.
  The messages were clear, for this year we had to carry out a second expedition to Tulipe.  On the other hand, the guides suggested us to take this work as an objective of the groups in Ecuador, involving all the brothers and thus create the energy of support necessary to face the challenges and meet the objectives.  This was one of the mistakes we made on the first trip.  Finally, on the way out, we agreed to meet all the groups in Quito on the first Thursday of each month to meditate and integrate and, on the other hand, we would go out to the field once every two months.
 The Xendra of the Bird Men.
  In the following months we perceived the presence of the Extraterrestrial Guides very close, both in the city and much more in the field trips.  Thus, on May 2, we made an outing for all the groups in the country to Tulipe.  Already located in the Gualea area, where the cave with the Tayos birds is located, we proceeded to carry out awareness-raising work through breathing, relaxation and meditation practices.
  During the work, together with several of us, we felt that we should go to the cave where the Tayos are found.  Once located in the place, we remember that near it there is an energetic portal of access to the intraterrestrial world, we carry out a meditation and mental projection in which some of us perceive that it was planned by the hierarchies that are in the place, that we live an experience for this outing. 
 It was Pedro Wester from the Cuenca Group, who received the mental communication in which they asked us to go to the waterfall near the place, and there we would carry out an energy purification work with the element of Water, as a prerequisite to the experience that would take place in the night.
 After the restorative bath in the waterfall, returning to the camp, we carried out a meditation and practice of psychography, with the purpose of clarifying with the Guides the details of what was planned for this outing.
Channeling the following message:
 Communication: May 2, 2015.
 Place: Tulipe, Ecuador.
 Antenna: Faxom
  Yes Sampiac and Anitac in communication with you.
  Feel our support now that you are working seriously and hard, we are close by monitoring your activities and encouraging you to continue forward, and to be able to meet the objectives set.  We have perceived your sincere effort to activate the mission in Ecuador, therefore our support cannot be lacking.
  As you have felt at night at 9 o'clock, you will live the transfer of the dimensional portal that will lead you to understand and deepen the underground world in the area you are in (Tulipe).  You will connect with history and beginnings, as well as what exists today and above all that has been saved to share with humanity at this time;  It will be like a preview, as well as a familiarization of what you will experience on the August trip that will begin on the 3rd, with the 4th and 7th as key days
  As you have sensed, the visit to Tell Elam was arranged in time, with the purpose of activating some processes in your country, which has to do with the awakening of a collective conscience and, on the other hand, to stimulate those called to be light , can reach and trigger high levels of awareness and preparation, definitively awakening to the light.
  The Santo Domingo de los Sachilas group must begin serious work to deepen the Rahma objectives, in order to later become aware and let themselves be guided, and thus be able to channel the work to be carried out.
  Regarding the Umiña, we tell you that she is active and returning to the world stage, contributing her light to harmonize, balance and awaken.  For this reason, every time you can, do not stop connecting and projecting yourself, to radiate your energy being channels and bridges.
                                                                                   With love Sampiac and Anitac.
 At the end of the afternoon, at approximately 6:50 p.m. during a break, we observed that the sky turned a very beautiful azure blue color, there was a strange calm and stillness, I proceeded to take some photos of the sunset with my cell phone camera And what would not be our surprise to see that several luminous objects appeared in them, even when looking through the cell phone screen we saw these objects that moved, but when we focused our eyes on the same place we did not see anything.  Other colleagues also captured the objects with their cell phones.  We were being accompanied by the Guides.
  At the appointed time we arrived at the place where we had previously detected that the Xendra's energy was being concentrated.  We observed that the site was well lit, after a quick verification we coordinated the entrance of all the brothers in groups of 7. In the end, three remained: Susy Prinz, Reinaldo Olmedo and Rafael Calderón who proceeded to enter this fascinating experience that is lived in contact groups.
  Already “inside” in my personal experience I saw myself projected above where we were.  I was flying over the area, below me I saw a river that meandered through the thick vegetation, then I heard a voice that told me:
  -What you see is the area of ​​the Chirape river, again we are going to show you the access route to the underground world.-
  Intuitively I felt that the voice that spoke to me was that of the Sampiac Guide.  After traveling the route that I had been taught in a previous experience, but this time from above.  I went down to the stone that is in front of the rock wall and where I remembered that Sampiac had told me that the access cavern to the underground world was located.
  Once on “Earth”, I proceeded to go around the great stone and could see behind it the entrance of a cavern, which was taller than wide at about three meters high, which extended horizontally into the interior of the mountain.  I proceeded to enter the cavern through a gallery that was in darkness, everything looked rustic and naturally further in I found a place where there were several paths, it was like a labyrinth of caves. 
Again the voice spoke to me and indicated the path that I should take, as I traveled it I began to descend towards the depths of the earth.  At this point reflect that without a guide it is impossible to find the correct route.  Later I could notice that finely worked smooth walls appeared in some places.  I finally arrived at a large room, I estimate it was about 40 meters high, the whole place was finely crafted, the walls were polished stone and looked cut at right angles.  I couldn't see any object.
  As I walked the site to the right, a dim white light came on, then I see in the distance appearing in front of the light, the silhouette of an extremely tall and robust being, I calculate that it was about three and a half meters tall, then the being He turned his head, outlining his profile, which was like that of a bird.  Then I saw that he raised wings behind his back.  Being in front of this being is impressive, they have an imposing presence.  It was a bird man, I could see that he was wearing a kind of chest armor tight to his black body.
 Then I heard the voice that said:
  ---- These beings come from the constellation of Taurus, they belong to a higher level than the Extraterrestrial Guides, they are beings of the fifth dimension of consciousness and their characteristic is that they are very reliable and incorruptible.  Because of their formality, the White Brotherhood of the Cosmos has entrusted them with important missions.  They are Guardians of the treasures of the interior retreats, they guard among others the superior knowledge and….
 The voice paused.  Then I am transferred through tunnels to a room where a green crystal superimposed on a round stone was located in the center.
 …..Valuable objects, like the Umiña.  He finished saying the voice.
 I was in front of this glass which began to emit a green energy which bathed me inside and out, feeling that "something" was activated in me.
 Finally I heard:
  The time has come for conscious humanity to take over from the White Brotherhood, becoming the custodians of the interior retreats and their treasures.  In August you will receive more information from them.  They expect you.
 While I was coming back I remembered what they told me and repeated in my mind:
 Guardians of knowledge and this made me remember Thot the Egyptian deity that according to the hermetic tradition it is said that Thot the Atlantean was the guardian of the hidden and superior knowledge of the Atlanteans, the curious thing is that his appearance is very similar to these beings with body of a man and head of an ibis bird.
  The following months we made various outings and jobs, channeling some messages from the Guides that clarified what the trip meant and its objectives.  Here are some of them:
 Communication: June 14, 2015
 Place: Mojanda Lagoons- Ecuador
 Antenna: Faxom
 1.- What can you tell us about the events that are happening in Ecuador?
 2.- What guidelines can you give us for the groups?
 3.- Can you give us dates for the physical contact that has been announced?
 4.- What experience can be given in this outing?
 Yes, Oxalc and Sampiac
 We are with you.
  Much Light is going to come out of Ecuador to the world, that is why the forces are polarizing, the darkness seeks to destabilize, but with their action and ours, added to the help of the White Brotherhood, nothing bad will happen.  On the contrary, times of widespread awakening are coming and will be observed by the world. 
 That's why you don't neglect your work, today more than ever we need you active, aware and united.  Redouble efforts all groups, joining the work of being light, supporting those who have assumed greater commitments.
  The August trip to Tulipe takes on a relevant importance, marking the definitive time to connect with what it has been waiting for a long time.  They expect you.
  As you have felt, we are close to you, evaluating you and measuring your degree of preparation and reaction to our presence, contact can be given at any time from now on, go out without rest but above all enter inside of you.
  In this outing we tell you that some brothers lack more preparation and awareness, so that greater experience can be given.
                                                                         Oxalc and Sampiac.
 Communication: June 28, 2015
 Place: Pisaq – Cusco (Peru)
 Antenna: HellAham
 Love in the light
 Joaquín from the Blue base in the upper Paititi
  Beloved children of the Earth.  The upcoming events on the planet must be found attentive and with discernment on the surface.
 The passage to 4th.  Dimension produced at the end of 2012 opened up the concrete possibility of creating with your mind and spirit a new reality full of love, peace and light.  But the dark material government has put all its power into creating a 3rd party virtual reality.  Dimension fertilized by fear, despair, disunity and violence throughout the world.
 As in the myth of Plato's cave, today humanity is torn between continuing to believe that the shadows of a 3rd.  Limiting dimension, projected by darkness, are reality or leaving the cave and seeing without shadows, in 4th.  Dimension, the universe that surrounds you as it really is and from there create as only you can, better and greater conditions bringing life, light and color even to distant corners of the cosmos.
 That is why it is time to awaken the consciousness of humanity to the fourth dimension, for which the brothers of time will have to put themselves at the service of that awakening.
 The crystal heart of the Planet beats at a frequency with which you must tune in so that green energies can radiate through you in all directions.
 On the August mission trip to Tulipe, Ecuador, you will have to reach the very place that will allow you to see and understand the importance of bringing to light what is still hidden there and in the custody of the faithful Star Guardians.
 Go therefore in total harmony as a group, since you will have to face the test before entering the venue.
 Once there everything will be possible, if you know who you are and what you are going for, before the trip.  You will be guided and protected by the Confederation, you will have proof of it, but the merit of what you finally achieve will have to be yours.
 May the love of the Father enlighten you.
Comment on this communication:
 When we finished with Patries the reception I immediately went out of the house to ask for an immediate confirmation of both what I had seen in meditation and the message received.  It was 9 at night and the sky was all clear.  Looking at the stars, I went to the guides and told them that I needed a corroborating sighting, that only then would I get the message out. 
Suddenly Patries's face appeared in my mind, then I realized that she had left without saying anything and I felt that she must also be present, but when I was going to call her coincidentally I saw that she was coming to meet me, so I told her: "I was asking the guides a corroboration, but I felt that they told me that you had to be present for us to see it together, so now let's wait for that confirmation" said this I took her by the shoulder and we both directed our gaze towards the north, then we immediately had the response of the guides through a very clear and bright sighting.  Once again, I have been able to confirm that the messages we receive can and should be corroborated...
 Place: Pisaq, Peru
 Date: 28-6-2015
 Antenna: ELYAH ARAM 
 Mardorx in contact
 Dear brothers,
 At this time, light and dark manifest in their most extreme form on Earth.
 Over the US a black cloud spreads from north to south spreading fear and panic and bringing the vibration of the planet to a very low state.  But in turn, many brothers and sisters are already radiating the highest vibrations of Christ's unconditional Love.
 Stay focused in your heart and with all chakras open and clear for intuition to guide you.  Use the reprogramming forms of water and crystals, which are more powerful today than ever.
 The expedition to Tulipe in Ecuador will generate an energetic balance on planet Earth and will bring new knowledge.  This knowledge will open the hologram that you are in now.  This will open your multidimensional vision and show you how to recreate and create the world.
 The Umiña represents the Real vibration of Universal Love that crosses and connects many dimensions unknown to you.
 The work in Ecuador is to restore the balance within the different dimensions on the planet, which will ensure the opening of the matrix where they are and that everything is possible to create.  The creative force that will be released will be enormous, so you must keep in mind that this force can be used for destruction or creation.  Now is the time for you to use everything you have learned so that the force of love manifests itself throughout the planet.
 The power of Light and Love is always stronger than darkness.  It is your approach with love and responsibility that will illuminate everything.
 All Rahma groups must radiate their Light and Love to the world so that the 144,000 finally awaken in the highest vibrations of love and Christ consciousness.
 With love and light,
 Outing with Sixto Paz to Tulipe.  new revelations
  For the month of July we invited our dear friend Sixto Paz Wells to visit our country, with the purpose of carrying out dissemination tasks, we will also carry out a workshop trip on days 3, 4 and 5 to Tulipe, for the active members of the groups of Ecuador contact.
  We were 28 people from the different groups of the country who attended the outing.  Once installed in the place, we carried out various awareness-raising activities throughout the day, among others: protection domes, meditations, irradiation chains, chakra activation and updating and deepening dialogues.  All this with the purpose of raising and unifying our vibrations.
 The next day at 9 in the morning, Sixto led a Xolar meditation of the cosmic name, which is the personal vibratory key of each one and that is achieved in meditation work while mentally repeating the question Who am I?
 At the end of the work, Marcelo Velastegui, who is a former member of the Quito groups, asked to speak and proceeded to tell us that he had had an experience while we were meditating.  He told us:
  While mantralizing my cosmic name in a moment, I felt the need to stop the mantralization, after a couple of seconds of silence I visualized in my mind the presence of lights in a flat rectangular area, which on the left side looked white, of there, up to the right side, the fuchsia pink color prevailed. 
On the left side there was a small square that simulated a window, toward the center there is a light like a small sun with a dark blue circle almost black in the center and within the circle there are five very small stars;  on the right side there was a rectangle that simulated the threshold of a door whose background was dark, and I begin to feel waves of heat as if the colors were moving;  Suddenly, I see that from the threshold of the door comes out a humanoid of medium height followed by another of the same characteristics;  they head towards me, but halfway there they disappear.
  Feeling his presence, without knowing if it was one or two, I ask him to tell me who he is, instantly I visualize on the left side the name OXALC with medium white letters and somewhat distant and immediately and then next to these, it appears somewhat closer and with more highlighted letters in black the name SAMPIAC.
 At that moment I am asked three questions:
 First question: Will we have any contact experience on this outing?
 Answer: We are with you, we are supporting and guiding you;  there will be an experience for 7 people.
 Second question: Where will this experience take place?
 Answer: Find a place near the river.
 Third question: What work should we do?
 Answer: Work with the elements of nature.
 He said goodbye saying: A hug for everyone.
  In this way, experiences began to occur that delineated what would take place in this outing.  At noon we carried out a new awareness work, this time we would carry out a meditation with the intention of establishing a telepathic connection with the extraterrestrial guides.
 Sixto channeled the following Message:
 Communication: 05-07-15
 Place: Tulip
 Antenna: Tell Elam
    Yes, we are your brother guides on mission.  Tonight prepare to pass on a Xendra experience.  It is not certain that everyone will live it, because not everyone has the necessary and adequate preparation, but together you contribute to creating the conditions for this experience.
          Through the portal you will visit several caves in the country and you will see what is inside.  You will even be able to interact with what until then were their secrets and mysteries.
         It is important that these doors open with the treasure of knowledge that this entails, so that it flows once and for all towards humanity.  That is your responsibility and the role of the brothers of this country: to open and transit through the portals, releasing what was hidden so that it complements everything that has already been lived and received.
         In these days there will be a joint action of all the forces of light in the Middle East, the same ones that have been authorized to act.  Be attentive to it, because it is not only to reverse the cunning action of the dark, but to return peace and hope to the region and the world.
         The Pope will give a very committed message to Ecuador that will stir consciences, accelerating changes.  Likewise, he will send a message to the world, anticipating the changes arranged from Above, which must be carried out by all the missionaries and warriors of light.
         Yes, now the hierarchies of heaven and the White Brotherhood will act more directly through representatives of your peoples and churches to bring about changes and prepare the way for your future action.  With your individual and collective internal work, you have managed to calm down and channel the forces of nature more than once, so that everything is as less traumatic as possible.  Now direct that same action to counteract the mental and spiritual entities that conspire against humanity.
Your conscience is your protection and defense.  You are not alone in this.  Take the step.  Put in your best effort and the universe will support all positive action.
         This year, regardless of your actions, the planetary changes and convulsions will continue, but it will be for the better.  The consequences will be so positive that you will be surprised to know where they came from.
        Look forward with faith and conviction.  You are getting over the worst.  Take advantage of all life experience to trust and act in the best way.  Let yourself be guided and flow that the guide, the signs and the advice will not be lacking.
        With love Sampiac.
  For my part, during the meditation I received in a mental form, a message from the Guide Sampiac, in which he informed me that reception of cesium crystals would be given for 9 o'clock at night.
   At 7 pm we witnessed the whole group of several sightings of luminous objects that crossed the sky, which advanced making zigzag movements or changing course unexpectedly.
  Later, together with Sixto, we left the camp in search of the announced Xendra, we arrived at the place where this experience had previously manifested itself, and we found nothing.  We continued the search advancing along a path that led us to a crossroads.  It was there that we found the dimensional portal, after a brief reconnaissance we realized that it was just forming, so we agreed to return later with the whole group.
  At the appointed time we left to start the experiences, we began with the reception of Cesium crystals and later we would continue with the Xendra.  Once located in the selected place, we placed the brothers who had not experienced this initiation in a half moon, with Sixto we coordinated the reception.  An interesting anecdote was that in the middle of the group we detected the presence of an "INFILTRATOR".  It was about the owner of the hacienda where we were, Don Hugo Morales, who was wearing a cap with long ear flaps as if to camouflage himself. 
Over the years Don Hugo had become friends with everyone and was very interested in our experiences.  Every day he went down to participate in the meditations and listen to the talks, he confessed that he was fascinated.  The incredible thing was that we could see in the hands of Don Hugo the materialization of the Cesium Crystals.  For some reason, the extraterrestrial Guides gave him the Crystals without having lived through the necessary preparation.
  Halfway through the experience Sixto walked away from the group, going into the middle of the trees, leaving me alone, a fact that surprised me a lot, after a few minutes he came back and told me:
 - Rafa come let's go-
    I am amazed that Sixto told me this because the experience of receiving Cesium Crystals had not ended, I expressed my concern and he asked me to put another person to coordinate, immediately some brothers assisted us and we left.  While we went into the forest I asked Sixto: What happened, where are we going?  to which he replied:
 - I want you to see something -
 We advanced through the forest and arrived at a place that was very illuminated, a resplendent dome was clearly visible, I asked Sixto:
 And that?  To which Sixto expressed:
 - While we were at the reception, I heard that the Guides called me, and when I left the group I met two Guides, who showed me this Xendra that is already formed.  Choose 7 brothers including you to start passing the dimensional portal in groups of 7-
  Excited I went to where the group was, I quickly explained what was happening and I began the selection, I gave priority to those brothers who were active and especially those who had helped us in the last events of the mission.  I told the other brothers to form groups of 7 people by affinity.  When we arrived at Xendra Sixto was waiting for us, we immediately proceeded to enter.
For her part, Carmen Cueva from the Quito groups told us:
  Entering the Xendra was very interesting and intense, I had a lot of dizziness that lasted a week, in this experience I visualized many civilizations that came to the area (Tulipe) and told me "Here there were civilizations that worked with UMINIA power stones and that they were always present watching and controlling”.
 In my personal experience I saw myself projected into the underground world where I began to visit some places that I had been before.  Then I went through several rooms that I had not known, where there were a lot of things, they seemed to be large warehouses that kept objects that gave the impression on the one hand of being high-tech machines and on the other hand, rooms that looked like museums where old objects were kept. 
Later I was projected to other types of constructions, they were like small rooms where very strange objects were found inside, for a moment I stood in front of a strange structure where a kind of glass tubes prevailed around a rectangular metal box, it gave the impression that it was a time machine, at all times I felt that all this was in various areas of Ecuador in large underground galleries.
   Finally I was projected to Tulipe, I was in a main room that I had already visited before, I was then invited to enter a gallery that upon entering I could see inside a being of large dimensions, I calculate about 15 to 20 meters high, it was Huge, colossal in size and more surprised to see his face that had only one eye.  It was a CYCLOPE, then listen:
-Faxom, What you see is one of the truths that has to go out to the world, in August they will understand everything.-
  I could not believe my eyes, these beings that I thought belonged to the world of fables and legends were real.  At that moment many things came to my mind, I thought that what mythology says about these beings is real, and why are they now in Tulipe?  What is the purpose of all this?  What repercussions would it have to make this reality known?
  Minutes later we heard Sixto's voice calling us, it was time to leave the dimensional portal, as coordinator of the outing I was worried about the groups that would have to continue entering the portal.  When I left, I approached Sixto and told him that I would go to bring the other groups, to which Sixto told me: Look, Rafa the Xendra is fading, it was only enough for 7 people. 
We went to where the bulk of the group was and proceeded to tell everyone about the experiences we had had.  Each outing was providing more data and information that allowed us to have a clearer picture, but at the same time we felt a great responsibility that the hierarchies were placing on our shoulders.
 Upon returning to Quito, Sofía Espinosa, who is a committed sister of the Quito groups and who had not been able to attend the outing, contacted us and told us the following:
  On July 3, Sixto Paz went out to Tulipe, which unfortunately I could not attend;  however, on the night of Saturday, July 4, I tried to connect with the group by doing a meditation, since I felt that a Xendra could occur, and in it I could visualize that in the area there were not only the beings of which in the group we already have knowledge, as are the men with the head of a bird, but different beings, some with a human body and the head of a bull and some men with a single eye or cyclops;  after seeing this I project myself to the pyramids of Egypt without knowing at that moment why I would move from the area of ​​Tulipe to Egypt.
 (Taken from the personal report of Sofía Espinoza)
  This confirmation was very important for me, Sofía, without knowing what we had experienced at the outing, managed to connect with the group, the place and perceive what was happening there, this confirms what the Guides have taught us that the place does not matter, but the personal preparation and tuning that one has.
  The following days we concentrated with Sixto on the dissemination tasks, while we carried out a meditation workshop we managed to channel the following messages from the Guides who provided the latest data for the August expedition.
 Communication: 11-07-15
 Place: Quito
 Antenna: Tell-Elam
 Yes, we are your brother guides on mission.
 In August Xendras 1 and 2 for which they must be prepared sensitively and conscientiously, as it will bring with it revelations that include great responsibilities.
 Ecuador prepares its changes.  After the darkness and despair, will come light and knowledge, maturity and general orientation.  The changes will come soon and they will be for the better.  We have already told you that scientific discoveries will be at the time of day modifying feeling and thinking.  See what is to be discovered here and how it is to affect everyone.
 With love Sampiac.
 Communication 11-07-15
 Place: Quito
 Antenna: Tell AnanHi
 Guidelines for contact groups in Ecuador.
 Antarel in contact with the mission, times demand speed, commitment and permanent work.
 August month of commitment and unity for the groups of Ecuador.
 Before the mission that is presented, it is necessary that you work and prepare in advance, having to meet and unite to unify energies, in such a way that those who participate are vibrating in the same length.
 It will be of great importance that the groups accompany the missionaries from a common point, in permanent irradiations that protect and help maintain the harmony of the missionaries.
 Intense moments full of light are approaching, remember the mission is for everyone, because we are all the mission.
 We will be with you supporting your work and walking together step by step.
 Question:... anything we should remember?
 Remember the mission never departs from the missionaries, it is the missionaries who depart from the mission.
 Communication: 07-11-2015
 PLACE: Quito
 1.- August Departure Guidelines
 2.- Guidelines for Ecuador
 Greetings Brothers,
  We are with you, we accompany you, and we welcome your progress on the spiritual path.
 Do not be afraid, go ahead because the Light is always at the end.
 The trip to Tulipe will be full of challenges, but without a doubt you will be able to overcome any obstacle.
 Prepare yourselves, fasting is important, people must go prepared for the important events that will take place there, prepare yourselves with Love and fill yourselves with the wisdom that emanates from the Central Sun.
 Today more than ever you must be united and in peace to facilitate experiences in the future.
 Humanity is going through wonderful moments where the Light is coming, Ecuador is key, it is the key to rebirth, to the awakening of consciences.  Emanate the Light that springs from within you to appease possible conflicts, only Love and Light can overcome hate and darkness.
 Continue on the path of Love.
 With love: Sampiac and Anitac
 Communication: 07-11-2015
 Place: Quito – Ecuador
 Antenna: Faxom
 1- Guidelines for the August departure to Tulipe.
 2- Guidelines for groups from Ecuador.
 If Oxalc and Sampiac with you
  We were waiting to communicate with you about the trip in August, this trip has our backing and is a priority objective for this year because the time has come to connect with the treasures stored in your country.
 Keep your spirits up and the right attitude since everything is being supported from above, and everything will go as planned, maintain unity and sensitivity, it will be the key to the trip.
Integrate with nature by becoming one and the doors will open.
                                                                        With love Oxalc and Sampiac.
  As a complement to what was received, Sixto told us that he had a dream on the night of the 6th dawn of July 7th in which he received some keys for the trip.
Sixto: We were on a journey towards the intraterrestrial world, and I knew that we had to go north if we wanted to connect with the south, but we didn't have to go beyond the place to the north that we felt was the limit and the entrance.  One sign we would find would be a purple waterfall.
 You had to be careful because if the people who participated were not prepared, you would not get anywhere.  You don't have to go where you can but where you feel.
 Second expedition down the Chirapi river August 2015.
  On this trip, the messages proliferated with multiple explanations and details of what this second trip would be.  On the one hand we knew that we should advance only to the stone with the symbol of the triangle that we had found on the previous trip.  On the other hand, we had the support of the groups, creating a necessary support force for this type of trip and finally we fulfilled the requirement of 7 people.  For this reason, we decided to prioritize sensitivity to physical strength on this occasion among those registered for the trip.
 Those summoned were brothers who had had different experiences and confirmations for this trip and with the underground world.  For this task the following brothers were selected:
 Carmen Cueva - Quito
 Sofia Espinosa – Quito
 Patries van Elsen - Netherlands
 Peter Wenster - Cuenca
 Cristian Sanchez Barros - Argentina
 Juan Carlos Escalante - Quito
 Rafael Calderon - Quito
 The day before the departure, the news of the appearance in England of an Agroglyph with the figure of a bird-man was reported on social networks, we felt that this was a good sign and support for the expedition.
  We left Quito with the entire group towards the town of Alianza, to immediately take the detour that is several meters before reaching said place.  After two hours of travel, we arrived at the banks of the Chirape River. Once we parked the cars in a house in the area, we started the trip upriver.  At about 10:30 we started walking.  First we arrive at the waterfall called Gallito de la Peña and after avoiding it we head towards the stone with symbols that is near the waterfall.
 As expected, we work with the stone to connect through practices of extrasensory perception and thus connect with the information that the stone stores, among others, the dermoptics.  After some quick concentration and breathing work, we proceeded to place our hands and forehead on the stone to connect with it.  After a few minutes each began to receive information:
                                                                                                                                                              Patries for her part told us:
  In the experience I immediately feel surrounded by small cheerful and curious creatures of the jungle, such as goblins or Sunkies.  The message I get from the rock is that the spirals were made a long time ago, at the end of an era when similar spirals were shown in the sky.  The planet and the people went through a hard and important change.  These spirals are like a memory of that time and are also a warning for future generations.  I also felt during my meditation that two Bird-men are watching us from the bend in the river.  They are the guardians of the caves here.  They know we are coming and they send us a welcome message
 Cristian for his part told us:
 In my case, I projected myself into a ship that was approaching Earth and that was manned by these bird-headed beings. In the middle of the main room of the ship, I observed that they were transporting an object of great importance, the Umiña.
  For my part, I placed my hands with great expectation on the stone because on previous occasions we had captured important information. 
Once I had my forehead and hands on the stone, images came to my mind in which I saw myself projected into the intraterrestrial world of Tulipe, feeling that the stone acted as a link with the secrets kept there, I saw myself going through several galleries until I entered a room where there was a square central table with chairs arranged around it, on the table in the center there was a rectangular stone plate about three meters high and engraved with hundreds of symbols,
I perceived by its exquisite finishes and decoration that this room was very special, then I saw that a group of bird men entered the place who stood in front of me, one of them took a step forward identifying himself with the name of Kontur who was the leader of these beings, then proceeded to welcome us to the whole group and telling us that they were waiting for us.  He knew somehow that the symbol stone in the center of the hall held information but he didn't know what kind.  Later I would understand what it was.
  At the end of this first work of awareness and connection, we shared what we had perceived and started the walk upstream, we advanced a few meters more and unfortunately there was an impasse, when descending from a large stone, Sofí took a wrong step and slipped falling on the stone strongly, we immediately proceeded to help her, apparently nothing had happened so we continued on our way.  Pedro led the group moving on the stones with great skill to the point that he did not get wet, the rest of the group if he had to walk putting our feet in the water.
  After an exhausting journey that lasted several hours, we decided to camp late in the hour, we camped on a beach that had a large space on one side of the river.  After setting up the tents, we proceeded to have lunch and dinner and we retired to rest in the tents. 
A few hours later Sofí came to our tent to inform us that she had a lot of pain in her right hand as a result of the fall she had in the morning, it hurt so much that she cried from the pain, together with Cristian we proceeded to help her with medicines to deflate and calm the pain plus an ointment for direct application of blows, the picture looked very worrying, Sofi was in so much pain that she could not even be touched. 
It was the first day of the expedition and we already had a possible loss, because of the hardness of the road and with her hand in those conditions she could not continue.  Once we put her to bed to rest, we performed a meditation and later we carried out a healing chain for Sofi in which we channeled the energy of the cosmos on her hand.
 It is important to highlight that from the stone with the symbols upstream, a different environment is perceived, it is like entering another reality.  Patries in the evening meditation had an experience that she told us as follows:
 In this meditation I feel that the entrance of the cave is on the left side of the river.  Then I notice the presence of a birdman nearby.  I see with my third eye as he beckons me.  He is very big and has a strong energy.  I feel coming out of it, a great peace and love.  It's like I've known him for a long time.
 Telepathically he tells me that he is going to take me to the Gold library soon, that it is time to remind myself and that I have to prepare myself energetically.  In an instant I felt how he takes me in his arms and wings.  We go (in that meditation) like an arrow straight into the sky.  We go higher and higher…. I feel that he takes me to another dimension.  I am in a different world... When I am aware of this world, I am suddenly back from that special experience that he tells me is a preparation.
  After the meditation, Patries walked away from the group to relax her back by lying on a rock. On her return, she informed us that she saw a UFO pass over the group twice. 
We were not alone, from this moment we felt accompanied, even Cristian told us that during the meditation he strongly felt the presence of the birdmen and proceeded to open his eyes and in the distance he saw the silhouettes of several of these beings, being shocked by how big and imposing they are. 
Then we lay down to rest.
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