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In 2012, we made the traditional outing to the field for the anniversary of the group that takes place every year in the month of January.  On this occasion the departure would be made to the Tulipe area.  A small group of nine people attended the call.  We didn't really have any expectations for this outing, as we were just getting back to work after the end of the year holidays. 

Curiously, when we carried out the sensitization and meditation practices, we felt the environment charged with a very special energy as if something were happening at an energetic level.

In the afternoon, Daniel García and his wife, Sandrita, went for a walk near the camp and upon their return they told us that they had found a place where a very special energy was being concentrated.  Daniel thought that a Xendra or dimensional portal was materializing.  Late at night we went with Daniel to confirm that it had happened in that place.  Halfway up, we saw a luminous object cross the skies and move slightly above the mountain. 

We were not alone.  Arriving at the site, we were surprised to find that the concentration of energy had increased and we even got to see clearly on the ground how rays of light were moving around the already confirmed Xendra.  

We return to camp excited with what we found.  We decided to do a meditation, with the intention of capturing a message from the Guides that would clarify what was happening.  In the messages received, the Guides told us that they had reserved for us a very important experience that would take place at three in the morning.  They suggested that we go to bed early to rest, so we immediately retired to the tents. 

At two in the morning we got up and took advantage of the fact that we had time to do a meditation.  In the middle of the work, we felt a smell of flowers that filled the environment.  Later we realized that we were accompanied. 

Some very tall beings were walking around us and I personally felt that one of them approached me and contacted me mentally and told me:

We are with you, I am Sampiac, go now to the indicated place that we are waiting for you. 

I proceeded to end the meditation and tell everyone what I received.  Right away we left for the announced appointment.  Already in the place, after performing mantralizations to raise the vibration, Estrellita told us that she felt like doing a work of irradiation to the planet before entering the Xendra.  In the middle of work, Pavel, who was next to me, took me out of work telling me to look up. 

Looking up, I saw that over the mountains a small luminous object was moving from right to left of our location.  Then the object stopped and began to enlarge until it tripled in size.  It stayed that way for a few seconds and then shrank in size until it disappeared.  Some of the other companions witnessed the same thing.  Excited, I tried to reconnect with the practice, but minutes later I felt a strong urge to open my eyes. 

To my surprise, behind the mountain that was about 250 meters in front of us, a large circular object appeared with many lights around it.  The object walked slowly towards us and what I saw was so shocking that without thinking twice I spread the word to the others saying: 

-Sorry to interrupt you, but open your eyes and see what is in front of us-.  The exclamations of surprise and fear began to be heard when seeing the ship so close.  Amazed we all saw the huge object. 

At that moment Rossana told us a little angry: -You are entertained watching the ship and you don't realize what is happening here in front of us, what is really important is here, and not up there Upon returning to look towards the Xendra, we were surprised to see that the portal was filled with light. 

At that moment, Gioconda tells me: -Rafa, yours is a very tall winged being. I looked back to my right and I saw standing next to a tree a huge being about three meters tall who was wearing a black suit.  He looked very corpulent and his legs were very long.  Observing his face, I was shocked to notice that he had the head of a bird.  He is a bird man, I said to myself.  He was also watched by other brothers. 

Then I heard in my head: Come in. I clearly perceived that it was an invitation to enter the portal by this being.  I then asked the whole group to get into the Xendra. 

Daniel tells us about his experience in the Xendra, as follows:

We entered and I walked in the direction of the being, I stood in front of him and closed my eyes, the energy was very strong and he told me that we would return to that place later to receive a important information for the mission but that Mojanda was still the place for physical contact, on the Xendra as well, I remembered that last year, already in the area on the way to the Población de Alianza, we visited a river where there are some stones with petroglyphs, and when doing dermoptics I visualized the underground world and they told me that soon we would be with them (the beings of the place ) . 

Indeed, that moment had come, we were there accompanied by them.  (Taken from the personal report of Daniel García)

In my personal case, as I advanced I saw an extremely bright place to which I went.  The sensations of heat and dizziness typical of these experiences began to appear.  I closed my eyes to concentrate, when I began to feel a very intense sensation of being sucked upwards. 

Then I felt that someone was nearby and I opened my eyes, I saw two beings in front of me at a distance of one and a half meters.  I felt intense fear and struggled to calm down so as not to lose the experience.  In fractions of a second they approached me and took me by the arms, the sensation of rising increased to such a level that I thought I could not bear it. 

Suddenly , everything was there and I did not know what had happened .  I did not remember anything and had the sensation of a void in time .  I opened my eyes and was surprised to see all my companions outside the portal.  I asked myself: what time did they leave the Xendra? Why did they leave if we just entered? What happened?  So , reflect that I had a " lost time " . 

I knew that when one lives experiences as strong and intense as it is, the brain blocks these memories, being able to remember them later.  I was not satisfied with what had happened and when I perceived that the Xendra's energy was still very intense, I closed my eyes to concentrate on seeing what I perceived. 

Fortunately, images of what had happened came to my mind.  I saw clearly that the ship that appeared behind the mountain, advanced until it landed on the group and I observed that some of us were taken towards the interior of it. 

Once inside the ship , the Guide Sampiac came out to meet us , who welcomed us and invited us to approach some screens located at the back of the room where we were . 

Sampiac then said: "This race (Bird-headed Men) arrived in this place (Tulipe) one hundred thousand years ago, coming from the constellation of Taurus.  They made contact with the inhabitants of the place and as a result of this contact a civilization arose. "

On the screen, the images of what Sampiac had narrated to us appeared.  We were able to observe some round metallic flying objects flying over the area.  The objects descended on truncated pyramids on top of the mountains, around which several indigenous people were observing, who came into contact with these stellar beings. 

Sampiac continued: "Currently this civilization is buried under the jungle, and the time has come for all this to come to light."

Images of constructions such as pyramids, temples, tolas, etc. appeared on the screen.  proliferate throughout the area.  Later he saw how little by little the vegetation over time covered absolutely everything. 

Then Sampiac said: These beings entered the subterranean world existing in this place, and there they stayed inhabiting it until today.  They also brought from their world the Tayos birds , which are a kind of pets of these beings , placing them at the physical and energetic entrances to the subterranean world , these acting as " guardians " of the accesses to this world . 

In the area where the Tayos are and that you have already visited, there is an energetic entrance to the intraterrestrial world.  Go and from there you will begin to connect with this reality that is now coming to light. 

The experience had marked us deeply.  On the one hand the contact with Sampiac and on the other the confirmation of the existence of the birdmen, and their current location inside Tulipe, was a great revelation. 

Additionally , learning that the Tayos were not originally from our world left us surprised , we understood that Tulipe had many secrets to share . 

Going deeper into the subject of the Bird men, I remembered that in Egyptian mythology the existence of beings with the body of a man and the head of a bird is mentioned.  Thus we have the cases of Horus, who has the head of a falcon, and Thoth with the head of an ibis.

We started a deeper investigation, to see if this type of beings is known in other cultures.  Thus we find information that allows us to understand that they are not strangers. 


Fig 4 Sumerian tablet ( Assyrian winged protective spirit , palace of King Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud ( 853-859 BC )

Padre Crespi's collection

Fig 5 Padre Crespi Collection Cuenca Ecuador In various cultures of the earth these beings are spoken of.  In all these " myths " , their origin is celestial or divine . 

Let's see some of them:

In Sumerian and Assyrian tablets bird men are recorded.

On Easter Island the cult of the Tangara Manu is performed.  ( Bird man )

In the Andean traditions of Peru the Pisco runa ( bird man ) are described as guardians of order . 

The QUETZAL form a family of birdmen from Central America , considered as the Aztecs " feathered serpent Quetzalcóatl .

In the Site Museum in Palenque , there is a figurine of a birdman .

In Egyptian mythology the god Horus is described , Hor , Ra and Thoth . All of them with the head of birds and the body of a human being .

In Judeo - Christian mythology , as well as in Mesopotamian mythology they were referred to as " THE WATCHERS " , also known as the Eagles or the sons of the Elohim .

from Kurdistan in Iraq , center their cults on a supreme being called Melek Taus or peacock angel or peacock , also known as " the Sanjaq . " These Sanjaq are represented as men with the body of a bird , with the head and hooked nose of a bird of prey . or eagle . These were the Gods worshiped by the Yezidis .

Garuda , mythical being of India , lesser God of Hinduism and Buddhism . He has a golden human body , white face , eagle beak  and large red wings. 

Kinnon in Thailand, half-man, half-bird mythological creature.  The Tengu are a combination of man and bird. 

Considered in Japanese legends as a kind of demon, who have the possibility or ability to fly.  At first they were considered as opponents of Buddhism, but later they were considered as the authentic defenders of the Dharma or Natural Law in Buddhism. 

The following months passed with many trips to Tulipe, in which we worked on meditations and projections to the underground world.  I know they received multiple pieces of information that needed to be confirmed through communication with the Guides , but above all an element already known to us returned to the scene : the Umiña stone . 

In the year 2012, Rossana participates with the Colombian groups, in the expedition that would be made to Teyuna or also known as Ciudad Perdida, in Santa Martha-Colombia.  At the request of the Guides, they would travel to this place with the purpose of activating the Xolar Disc of this country. 

Within the experiences lived in this expedition, Rossana receives a message for the groups of Ecuador.  In this message, the Guides ask us to work in the Cochasqui Pyramids Zone with the Umiña Stone and the Xolar Disks at the same time. 

Many years had passed since the first information about the Umiña stone had been received in the Llanganates .  However , for the first time we were asked to work with the Stone . 

On the other hand , we insistently received the consultation of some brothers of the foreign groups , about whether we would carry out a new trip to the Cueva de los Tayos (Tayos Cave). 

This seemed far-fetched to us, as we had just returned from the cave and were in the process of assimilating the information. 

The greatest insistence, above all, came from our brothers Patries van Elsen and Cristian Sánchez Barros.  So , taking advantage of Sixto Paz 's visit to our country , we made an outing to Quito 's Metropolitan Park .

We meet with the purpose of meditating and creating the necessary conditions to receive messages from the Extraterrestrial Guides and thus clear our concerns.  We were around 50 people from the Quito groups.  The work carried out allowed the channeling of the important message received by Sixto Paz, which is detailed below:

Communication: 02-09-12 

Antenna: Tell-Elam

Place: Parque de Quito, Ecuador. 


-What can you tell us about a new trip to the Tayos cave?  What would be the objectives and who should attend?  -What is the role of Ecuador in these times?  -Can you give us work guidelines for the groups in Ecuador?  -What works would be important to carry out in Tulipe?  -What can you tell us about the Umiña stone?  -What can you tell us about the work and participation in this time of the 120 and the 24 in Rama in relation to the Book of White Robes?  -What can you tell us about the physical contact that has been announced here in Ecuador? 

Yes Oxalc

The White Brotherhood has transferred the entrance of the Cueva de los Tayos to the area of ​​Tulipe, so that in that area and from that area the entrance to the intraterrestrial world will be given.  Very close to where you have been you will find new income that will take you further and deeper than anyone else. 

In Tulipe, in the vicinity of the well-known grotto, there will also be physical contact that if it has not yet occurred, it is due to the fear and insecurity that they cannot overcome. 

Go in the second week of September, to the area and let yourself be guided.  Those who have maintained consistency in the group can go.  The objective is very clear, to complete the details of the cosmic plan for this time. 

Ecuador's role continues to be the focus of attention for changes of changes.  As a country , your process leads you towards maturity and development in peace and justice , in wisdom and fraternity , having to inspire others , therefore live it beforehand . 

The records of knowledge that in part physically disappeared in Ecuador , continue to be in other planes and can be connected with them to spread knowledge that will make everyone know who they are , where they have come from , where they are going and what is expected of you . 

The Umiña stone , like many objects that detonate consciousness and keys to the cosmic plan , is currently in the area of ​​Tulipe , where there are incomes that you still do not know about , but you will already know . 

The 120 in Rama are already doing their work. Haven't you noticed how few collaborate in spreading what has been received?  And the 24 will finish living their physical contacts to activate the memory, the conscience and open the definitive access to the retreats.  

September 13 will be a good day to live experiences that are pending. 

With love Oxalc

Again the Guides left us surprised with the information given in this communication.  On the one hand, it is officially confirmed that there are accesses to the intraterrestrial world in Tulipe.  On the other hand, the decision of the White Brotherhood to transfer its income to Tulipe.  This information was surprising. 

Additionally , the Umiña stone enters the scene of the Cosmic Plan.  The news that the stone is currently only two hours from where we live in Tulipe left us perplexed.  On the other hand, the task entrusted to find the Cave that would take us to the subterranean world in Tulipe, made us hallucinate. 

However , a year and a half had passed since the reception of the communication from the Guides , and we had not been able to find the cave mentioned .  Pavel and his wife, Lucy, from the groups in Quito, had worked on this topic, visiting different places in Tulipe and collecting legends about the existence of caves. 

A short time later , in one of the groups leaving Quito , Pavel suggested to us the idea of ​​doing a sort of sweep of the area , in order to find what we were looking for .  He comments to Pavel that searching that way would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  In my opinion, the way we would find the cave would have to be through communication with the Guides. 

They would be the ones to give us the exact coordinates or the location could be received in a Xendra experience. 

Soon the answer would come ......... The Xendra de Chilca. 

At the beginning of 2014 , from Peru, Sixto Paz Wells , announced that for the month of March , the conditions would be given for a new scheduled meeting of sightings with journalists.  It would be the ninth invitation to the press. 

On this occasion the Guides asked that few people attend this experience.  Once again we felt the call to support the mission and Sixto accepted our request to attend the event. 

Representing Ecuador we were Daniel García and Rafael Calderón. 

Once in the desert of Chilca, and after carrying out protection and meditation work, Sixto proceeded to read the psychographic communications that he had received from the Guides for this outing.  He surprised us by telling us that he had channeled a message that he had not had time to write and share. 

Below we present the most relevant excerpts for this outing :

" In the next outing with the journalists we will be with you . Because it is the Mission that makes the call , you are just the spokespersons and intermediaries . This was expected to happen . An invitation from this characteristic , in this special planetary moment , is consistent with what is happening and what was about to occur and happen , in such a way that it will bring transcendental consequences Go with open eyes and hearts to meet your role in the mission Do not worry about what the journalists will see , feel and hear at the meeting . was established over 40 years ago with the universe, and will now be firmer and stronger than ever." 


( Extract from communication 03-10-14 Place : Montevideo Antenna : Tell - Elam )

" We will be with you early and also late you will see our ships . The conditions will be given so that portals are opened that allow you to envision what will be this year and perceive from now on the connections that will have to be established allowing them access to greater and deeper knowledge about life , the Cosmic Plan and what has been achieved up to now . This outing will propitiate a New Time with great possibilities and necessary changes so that your action is more determined and committed to the planet and humanity . Go willing to give your best , so that each step and attitude generates new possibilities " . 


( Extract from communication 03-22-14 Place : Montevideo Antenna : Tell - Elam ) 

As we can see , for this outing the Guides had programmed to live deeper experiences , we were struck by how harmonic the outing was resulting , it seemed like one more outing for the groups , since the journalists for their part They integrated the group perfectly.  There was a special atmosphere. 

On the second day, late in the afternoon, 20 minutes before 7:00 p.m., the sky took on very beautiful orange and violet tones. I decided to take out my camera to record this event.  I was surprised to see that strange spheres appeared in the photo taken.  I took a new photo to verify and the phenomenon was repeated.  I spread the word to friends nearby, who also took out their cameras.

Suddenly we saw a light come on in the distance, which began to approach the camp, hovering in front of us.  Next , we saw how the luminous object stopped for an instant , making a play of lights and advancing until it disappeared behind the hills . 

Happiness and hubbub lit up in the group for the support of the Guides, and also because several of us, in addition to the journalists, recorded the sighting on our cameras.  In the messages the Xendra experience had been announced for 7:33 pm, some brothers reminded us of the invitation from the Guides. 

Thus, Sixto went out with two brothers in search of the portal announcing, at that moment I felt the need to accompany them.  We headed towards the back of the hill that had previously been marked with the number 40. Precisely where the sighted ship hid. 

Already on the way, in the distance we detected a luminosity to which we were getting closer.  A concentration of light was clearly seen as a slight mist.  When we arrived we extended our arms, and we detected a change in temperature.  Sixto asked us to go a little further and we realized that we were already in the right place. 

We proceeded to enter the Xendra .  Immediately I was projected towards a jungle place.  In front of me there was a stream, the water ran over some stones and nearby there was a waterfall.  I advanced a few steps along the creek and I could see that on the right side, a being of medium height with a gray suit and long hair appeared, who was walking towards me.  She mentally he told me: 

I'm Sampiac, the place where you are is the area of ​​Tulipe, and the river you see is the Yumbo River, we are going to show you the route to the cavern to enter the underground world, which we have announced.  I felt a lot of emotion because of what my companion said.  Immediately we advance , arriving in front of a great stone . 

Sampiac continued saying : "You have to continue upstream , first you will find a stone with symbols on your left .  On the left side I see a stone with several symbols, there I have the feeling of having seen that stone before.  Then you take the right side of the river, further up you will find a second stone also with symbols and finally following the right side further up, you will find a third and last stone with a symbol, this is the signal to where they should advance and leave the river. "

As we advanced, I tried to pay close attention to the details of the route, even realizing that the third stone had only one symbol.  Leaving the river, we go up a slight slope and enter a forest of trees typical of the area. 

Sampiac asked me to cross the forest, at the end of it I came out to a pasture with grass of an intense green color and very bright.  The place was so clear that it seemed like a sanctuary of nature, it was a special place! 

Next , Sampiac tells me to take a slight left , and I can see a mountain in the middle distance .  As I approached, a stone wall about 20 meters high appeared and in front of the wall was a large stone about 5 meters high. 

Finally Sampiac said: "Behind this rock is the entrance to the subterranean world of this area. Make an expedition between the first and second week of August this year, make the trip with the most committed. This is an objective that is dammed up in the time and that it is important that it is fulfilled.

We have been assigned to support this work , so from now on we will be very aware of you , supporting you closely .  For this reason , do not stop making outings and contacting us so that you can receive more details about this outing " .

After the experience I shared with Sixto and the group what I had experienced . I returned to Quito very happy for the outing , and with " news " to share with Back home , I started searching the Internet for the coordinate given by Sampiac , but I did not find the Yumbo River in the Tulipe area on the maps . the weekend , the book : " Tulipe and the Yumbo culture " written by Eduardo Almeida Reyes . Attached is a very detailed map of the area .

Already at the outing, Pavel took out the map and spread it out on a table and He asked me to give him the name of the river that he had received on the Xendra. I told Pavel that I would keep the name private, so as not to suggest it, so that if he found it on the map, I would share it with him.

Pavel concentrated on the document and said: no  It will be in the Yumbo river where are the stones with Symbols?  Upon hearing what Pavel said , I jumped from my post , and asked him : Does the Yumbo river exist ?  To which Pavel replied : - Its official name is the Chirapi River , but in the Tulipe museum they call it the Yumbo River , additionally the locals of the area call it the Yumbos River , since the Yumbo priests went there to bathe and purify.  In this way they came into contact with their Gods.  For me it was the confirmation he was waiting for. 

Additionally , reviewing the map we saw that along the river there are three stones with symbols , just as Sampiac taught me on the Xendra ..


The following months we received information and details of the trip , both in meditations , projections and communications. 

Sampiac had asked us to carry out the expedition with the most committed, so we decided not to make the invitation to the trip public.  Now that the date had arrived, there were only three of us who were available to do it.  Having been the invitation for seven . 

We left on August 3, 2014, Rossana Carrasco, Pavel Pino and Rafael Calderón.  From Quito we headed towards the town of Alianza, about 300 meters before reaching the town, turn left and advancing a further three hundred meters, the paved road ends.  From then on , the tour must be done on foot along a path that runs alongside the Chirapi River . 

We already knew the area because it is very touristy and many people go to bathe in the waterfall called " Gallito de Peña " , and above all because the stone with symbols is near the waterfall .  The peculiar name of the waterfall refers to a multicolored bird that is occasionally seen in this place. 

Upon reaching the waterfall, we were greeted by a group of children who belonged to a school and who, together with their teachers, bathed happily.  Noticing our presence and that we were wearing backpacks, a middle-aged person asked us where we were going, to which we replied that we were going upriver to explore.  This seemed very strange to him, since according to him nobody goes up the river.  When we said goodbye, he told us that the route was difficult, but that we would find wonderful landscapes that we would not see anywhere. 

Once we got around the waterfall, we set off up the river.  At about three hundred meters, we find the first stone with symbols;  after a brief reconnaissance , with difficulty we took the right bank of the river and continued . 

As we advanced, the journey became slow and tiring.  On some occasions we walked along the river and on others on wet ground or on stones.  He constantly insisted on Pavel, who was ahead of the group. 


Fig.  7 Photo expedition of the year 2014. Advancing along the Chirapi river. 

That he walk along the right side of the road, just as Sampiac had indicated.  However , in several areas it was impossible to continue along the right bank , because if it was not because the water had accumulated forming large pools , or the river became very fast - flowing . 

Obligatorily , we had to move to the left side of the river to be able to advance .  Walking along the river with heavy backpacks became very dangerous.  Wet and mossy stones make these real traps, since boots slip easily. 

As an incentive for effort , the landscape rewarded us with amazing natural settings , worthy of postcards .  In the afternoon, already tired, we decided to camp on one side of the river, where we found one of the few dry spaces that exist to place the tent.  From what we observed up to that moment , we realized that it would not be so easy to find the stones with symbols , in the midst of thousands of stones . 

After lunch - dinner and a restful sleep , we decided to meditate before going to bed .  The awareness work allowed us to receive a message where the Guides told us that we were already in the zone of influence of the White Brotherhood. 

Additionally , they said that the difficulty of the journey is a protection measure for chase away the curious and the uninvited.  The next morning , we got up in high spirits and began to meditate . 

In the meditation , Rossana received a message telling her that further on , past a bend in the road , there was a stone with a symbol and that this would be the sign of where we should go and not go any further along the river .  We had to leave towards a kind of very green pasture and walk until we reached a grotto. 

The experience was so intense that they showed him the right place in a vision.  The journey continued in the same way, difficult and exhausting.  We had to climb several waterfalls, we were aware that we were making an extra effort. 

Additionally , the concern of not being able to go along the right bank of the river was still latent .  As she walked, she reflected that being in the Xendra, going through the area was very easy, but on the ground this was not the case. 

At noon, as we moved forward, Rossana, who was at the back of the group, passed her voice to us saying: Come see this!  As we approached, she showed us a medium-sized rock, located on the right side of the river.  In the upper part the stone had a symbol in the shape of a triangle, the same one that was engraved in high relief and in the center it had a kind of circle. 

Together with Pavel we had passed by the stone and we had not seen it.  Rossana told us that when she saw it she immediately recognized it, it was the same stone that she had observed in the morning meditation.  Thus, after cleaning it and taking photos of the stone, we entered the dilemma of what to do. 


Fig.  8 Stone with a symbol found in the Chirapi River

On the one hand we could continue in search of the third stone, or on the other, stay there as Rossana received.  As on other occasions, she had to make the decision of what to do. 

I reflected that Sampiac's directions on the Xendra were clear "You will find three stones with symbols."  And this was the second stone that we had found.  I mistakenly believed that upriver we would find the missing stone and I did not " stubbornly " take into account Rossana 's experience and feelings . 

On the other hand , Rossana told me that she would respect my decision whatever it was and that the information would be received regardless of the place .  The rest of the trip ended up being an adventure. 

The journey becomes extremely hard and dangerous, having in some sections only the option of swimming in the middle of stone canyons or climbing walls tied with ropes.  All the time with the danger of falling. 

Every day we found two or three waterfalls of unparalleled beauty, where apparently the path ended there, but Pavel, with his strength and skill, found a way to get through. 

On the fourth day of the trip, we woke up with serious doubts about whether to continue upriver or return.  We had not found the third stone with symbols, nor had any person appeared along the way, whom we could ask where we were. 

Looking at the mountains around us, which rise between 200 and 500 meters high, no human activity could be seen.  So we decided to get out of the river and climb one of the mountains to get our bearings.  Upon reaching the summit , the soul returned to the body , seeing a village in the distance .

We knew that the little town of Ingapi is in the area, through which on a previous occasion we had gone down to the river towards the waterfall known by the locals as El Duende.  A quick observation allowed us to conclude that the quickest route to get out would be to go down to the river and advance to the Duende waterfall.  That way we would go to Ingapi. 

All this journey would take us one more day, so due to the lateness of the day, we decided to sleep in the mountains.  The next day we would finish the expedition.  At night after lunch-dinner we fell exhausted. 

At dawn I woke up exalted by a dream that deeply moved me.  In the dream, he saw long-range missile installations that seemed to be of Russian origin.  In the dream, the missiles were being activated and readied, awaiting the order to launch. 

Next I hear a voice that tells me : " The conflict between the United States and Russia at the moment is at a very tense and contentious level , which could lead to an attack with these missiles towards the United States , initiating an unprecedented war over the use of nuclear weapons . Irradiate these installations with the energy of the Umiña to counteract all the accumulated negativity , and thus avoid a greater conflict , now that they are close to the Stone " . 

I woke up my companions exalted apparently in the dream to tell them the details of it.  The incredible thing was that I dreamed the same dream again, twice more in the same night, I also woke up excited and woke up my companions to tell them.  In the morning, we carry out a meditation in which we achieve a deep level of interiorization. 

This is how Rossana lives an experience of conscious projection, in which she "observes" that in ancient times, the Bird Men had contact with the indigenous people of the area.  She saw that the ships of these beings descended on the tolas built on top of the mountains, and that together with certain indigenous people they worked with the Umiña, irradiating the planet. 

Then he hears a voice that tells him: Before the expedition ends, go to any mountain where there is a tola, once there, connect with the Umiña and radiate its energy to the world that is in grave danger. 

Rossana's experience coincided with the dreams I had at night.  After breaking camp , we set off down to the river .  Several hours later, we arrived at the El Duende waterfall.  Immediately we take the path to Intac, the mime that makes approximately 400 meters through the mountain. 

We arrived at our destination, literally melted.  After freshening up and resting , we turned on our cell phones to " get in touch " with the world .  The first news we received surprised us .  It reported the danger of a possible war between the United States and Russia. 

Tensions over Crimea and Syria were so high that even Pope Francis himself announced that we were at the beginning of a possible third world war.  Once again the Pope asked the world to pray and fast for peace. 

From Intac , we rented a van to the entrance where we had left our vehicle .  Right then and there , we proceeded to change our wet clothes for dry ones and then we left .  Along the way , we found a sign that said " Tolas and Coluncos Zone " . 

Further on , we entered a mountain where a tola stood on its summit , we went there and carried out the requested irradiation work .  Feeling a deep connection with the place, the Umiña and the planet.  In this way, the expedition is over. 

We are aware that it is sometimes necessary to make several trips to meet the objectives of the expeditions, as has happened in most of the trips made by our groups.

Many times the first incursion into these "special" places fulfills the function of opening up and recognizing the area.  On the other hand , they help us analyze the mistakes made and overcome them for the future . 

We walked away from Tulipe feeling inside that we had to complete the pending again.  


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