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We are with the seven in a row, while chanting the mantra ZIN URU.  That is the mantra that opens portals.  I am standing at the far end on the right.  Cristian stays next to me , on the left . 

At one point we are all in the Xendra and surprisingly I notice the presence of another being next to me, he is a young monk and he is with us!  He has a typical monk's robe, brown.  Telepathically I ask him who he is and he tells me that he is Father Crespi and supports us with all his heart.  He is also curious about the information we are going to receive .  His appearance is younger than the man I know from internet photos. 

Then I see that we are surrounded by creatures that are a mixture of different species.  Mythical creatures : men with the heads of bulls , birds , fauns , cyclops ... Telepathically I feel that they tell me that they once lived on earth .  There is a beautiful energy of love between them.  His looks are impressive.  Once in a very distant time they were created with the energy of the Umiña to help humanity in its evolutionary process.  Many of these beings became teachers or instructors teaching humans. 


We all entered , at that moment I felt heat , in my chest I received an energy that seemed to explode and expand then I visualize the real big perfect constructions in that place and then how everything is destroyed , I was shocked by it and I hear " This place was destroyed by the war between the inhabitants of the place " at that moment I ask , did you also participate in this destruction ?  “yes” he replied “we had to do it, we came to put order in this place”, I ask, why?  In response, I visualize a being creating life, experimenting with life in a disorderly way and in a very inexplicable way I feel as if I was scared and anguished at that moment and I began to cry, my voice interrupts me and ratifies what I was sensing "yes " You were one of them , " I was a genetic engineer . "

Your feeling sister , with the Light and Love , the creative force , and the knowledge of managing energy that was given to you , today you use it building for the Light " . " Everyone you brothers worked with the strength and energy of the Umiña power stone and that is why you are in this place today , the knowledge has been given to you in parts and you will remember it " , I ask why ? " You could not process all the knowledge because you would be confused " .

Time was coming to an end in the Xendra I had a severe headache and my chest was already exploding, we were still mantraling for the second Xendra and it didn't work anymore and I hear "Sister transmute the energy" and I start to irradiate all the brothers who entered the second Xendra, all the Rahma brothers, the site and at the end it didn't hurt at all.  We gave each other a brotherly hug , a little dizzy , we thanked each other , we went to rest to leave the next day . 


I could feel a bird man who told me his name was Kontur , he took me through a cave , without first calling my attention because he frequently distracted me , he told me " concentrate " , he continued through a cave and for the second time I draws attention.  We arrived at a wide gallery where I could visualize a kind of obelisk with a crystal at its tip, or so I thought, that emitted an extremely strong white light.  For the third time Kontur calls my attention, "concentrate";  what happened was that the noises around me made me open my eyes. 

In this place I felt the presence of many strange beings even in appearance.  Kontur told me " concentrate you will receive information that you will remember when you are at home writing the experience " .  What I remember is that I saw very large installations and strange beings with a mythological appearance.  He then told me "we are 12 of what you call bird men who are here. Some 400 and more years of yours, the last confrontation for Umiña took place, from there we guard it, but really it was always in charge of us". 


Upon entering the Xendra I felt like my body was light and the pressure on my head was even stronger.  At the beginning I saw some bird men around us and I felt how they touched my hand and Kontur took me inside a portal that opened.  They took me off planet earth and showed me how the planet was before Umiña arrived and how it came from a galaxy of light years, this green energy that looked like a comet that was entering the planet, reaching a rhomboid crystal where it it concentrated the green essence of the universe.  And I saw how the brightest living planet was transformed from a blue aura to a blue-green aura. 

Then he explained to me that the Umiña is the essence (energy) of the creation of the universe, I saw how the green energy was moving inside the crystal.  Around this stone were the birdmen and I saw around us that we were in a cave with symbols, some rhombuses, some musical notes, some spirals, some hearts among others.  And they gave me a small green crystal lozenge that I placed on my chest. 


Rafael Calderon. 

When I got out of that first Xendra I called all my companions telling them that they had to get out.  When we met, we quickly shared some experiences lived in the portal, we were surprised that most of us agreed on the information received.  Then we looked at the Xendra and saw how it began to transform, the dome-shaped energy was grouped creating a smaller but very luminous dome, we perceived that a second dimensional portal was being formed, it was the first time that we would live two Xendras in a row. 

At that moment, Cristian said: Rafael, I feel that you should enter the Xendra.  Letting myself be carried away by Cristian's recommendation, I proceeded to walk into the light, as I advanced I felt as if I were walking through a tunnel, once inside I felt a lot of heat and dizziness and a very strong energy that enveloped me, I saw a lot of light around me, after a brief pause, I saw how three very tall beings of approximately three and a half meters in height, dressed in black suits, were approaching, which I quickly recognized, were the bird men who were surrounding me proceeding to extend their wings wrapping me between them. 

He took the floor, then Kontur saying: The time has come for humanity to form part of the White Brotherhood and take over.  This represents a great responsibility, but it also generates strong opposition and lurking from the opposition forces, but know that you are not alone, you will always have our support and protection so that you can reveal what you have received. 

Then they extended their arms and I saw how a white energy descended on me which enveloped me, the energy was transforming, gradually taking the form of two white wings which they proceeded to place on my back and told me: The time has come in which humanity has access to superior knowledge and an elevation of consciousness takes place, leading them to connect with higher spheres and to a new state of consciousness.  Having said this, I thanked the guards for their support and proceeded to leave the portal, heading towards where my companions were, which cost me a bit since I was disoriented.

At that moment I felt that Christian should go next inside it so told him when I saw him.


I felt that they were calling me and then I advanced until I entered the Xendra.  Once inside I felt a noticeable change in temperature and also in place , I was alone inside a large room with smooth stone walls , everything was like in darkness .  In that place I waited for a while until suddenly in the distance I saw an immense being appear that advanced directly towards me, it was Kontur, whom I could see very clearly. 

His head and neck were like those of a falcon but with a slightly longer beak similar to a condor, very penetrating black eyes and dark and shiny plumage.  His huge body, about four meters tall, was like that of humans, with hands, arms and legs.  He was dressed like a medieval warrior, with two wide straps crossed over his chest and a long cape on his back.  His appearance was intimidating, however since I came into contact with him, he always gave me great respect and affection. 

Behind Kontur three other guardians appeared -similar to him- who were located to the left, right and behind me, then I was surrounded by these four beings that, due to their size, seemed like the columns of a great temple.  Afterwards there was a long silence that I took advantage of to regulate my breathing , until at a given moment they began to recite a long prayer , it was like a murmur in a most strange language , but at a given moment I began to understand what they were saying : " Oh great light of the universe that gave us existence, illuminate this brother of the stars so that he wakes up from his long sleep and can understand and act in this time fulfilling his part in the divine plan of light " " Oh beloved creator father , bless this crystal and with it bless this brother of the star path , whom we entrust to your light of love forever " . 

Then Kontur , who was holding in his hands a crystal similar to the Umiña but much smaller in size , told me , " HellAham receives this crystal with the commission that you be a protector of the light in others . , for today and always " .  At that moment I thought of Rafael and wondered why I was the recipient of that crystal that the head of the star guardians was about to give me.  But immediately Kontur, reading my mind, told me firmly -This crystal has been destined for you for a long time, accept it!  -while he began to integrate the green crystal.  At that moment a large number of images were emerging in my mind, as well as a mantram.  All this made me understand the meaning of what I was experiencing.  " So be it ! " I said .  " It 's done ! " they responded in chorus , before leaving .  I got out of the Xendra somewhat dazed and headed towards where the group was, in that brief journey I was once again becoming aware of the place where I was and of the persistent rain that wet my face. 


Cristián returns, and Rafael tells me “Pedro, go”.  I did not hesitate to enter , in one of the meditations I was with Antarel who in the previous time in Tulipe I met him and I asked him to be in today 's Xendra , as if wanting to have the support of someone familiar .  I concentrated thinking about the three calls kontur had made to me earlier.  I see a bird man approaching me, he gives me a personal mission that I only thought was convenient to tell Rafas. 

I ask Kontur " but how am I going to do this ? " thinking about the difficulties that this entails , and he tells me " stretch out your hands " , I feel that something put me in them and he continues saying , " take your heart , the Light will be there . with you " .  The moment I put my hands, I don't know what to my heart, I felt that a bird man covered me from behind with his wings.  Weird, I didn't feel fear at all.  After a while I see Antarel who is in front of me and he tells me "everything planned has been fulfilled for you, everything has already been done".  At that moment I felt as if they were removing a part of a great weight that they have known how to carry. 


I walk through the tall wet grass to the Xendra.  The night is completely dark.  I move slowly feeling to perceive each change of energy.  Behind me I hear the group chanting mantras in the distance.  I feel the increase in energy and a sensation of a curtain of light.  It's the second Xendra!  Before I can think I'm passing a light.  Immediately I feel completely ONE with nature, I feel like my physical form disappears.  I see two bird men.  In their intensity of energy and charisma they have something divine.  They are as I have seen them in the meditations: they are huge!  Like at least 3.5 meters.  One bird man is on my left side and the other on my right.  I feel small, but at the same moment I feel strangely equal to them.  Like your daughter , your sister or another relative .  As if I have known them for a long time, as if they have always been in contact with me and accompanying me.  

They radiate an immense love that relaxes me.  I calm down.  Right away I am filled and surrounded by the green energy of the Umiña.  It is very intense and I feel like I am in a capsule of its energy.  The two birdmen carry me between them and together we climb into the sky above.  So fast that I feel like I'm traveling through time.  "Yes," says one of the birdmen, "With the Umiña you can also travel through time." I travel very quickly higher and higher until finally I end up in a landscape full of pyramids.  I see some strange animals.  We enter through a large door, and then a tunnel to the underworld. 

I recognize the Umiña room and the entrance to the library with the gold plates.  At the door of the library, the birdmen are waiting to let me pass.  I see a gold sarcophagus with symbols, which are the same symbols that are on the gold plates.  While I'm looking at the golden sarcophagus, something strange happened: I immediately go back in time and suddenly I'm inside that sarcophagus!  I feel very calm, at peace and the sensation is like I am in an infinitely wide space. 

I feel that the symbols outside the sarcophagus are now being released and are being recorded inside my body, my aura and in my cellular memory.  I feel that it is genetic information and knowledge.  I can feel how it flows in my heart, in my blood and in my DNA. 

That energy also activates my memory about our ancient history related to the peoples of the galaxies.  The strange thing is I feel myself as another being, not human.  While my physical body is changing through an energetic process with the high vibration of the Umiña.  During this transmutation experience, I have a shock because I realize that my essence is of another species. 

My whole experience is filled with the love energy of the Umiña.  The energy of the Umiña settles in my third eye.  I have a wonderful feeling for the golden genetic codes that are also vibrating within my DNA.  I feel completely in a state of Love and I radiate a golden light. 

I cannot immediately understand my state and I ask myself: "Am I in the very distant past?", "Is this me a long time ago in one of my incarnations? I am unifying with one of the many genetic experiments that had taken place." here. I feel an intense energetic process physically working inside of me. I feel very hot. In an instant I remember that there was a genetics laboratory here in the early days of Lemuria. In that library are all the codes and energies necessary to create all kinds of different creatures .

Suddenly , I am back at the door of that underground library . The two bird men look at me and say : " Do you remember that a long time ago you incarnated on planet Earth from another universe and from another universe ? a higher dimension in a new physical form?  Genetic engineers used this materialization process on you.  " Then the bird men give me a beautiful bright green crystal in my hands . I receive it with great respect . One of the bird men tells me : " With this crystal , you can always contact the Umiña , you can travel in time , create and you can open portals on earth and connect with many dimensions. 

"Then the birdmen take me and I go back down. When I feel my feet on the ground, the birdmen immediately disappear. I thank them from afar...they're gone...so fast!" How much time have I spent?  I wonder, as I turn around and climb out of the Xendra.In the distance I hear mantras and little by little I realize the silhouettes of the group. 

Once Patries got out of the Xendra I received a mental message that the Xendra is closed, which I relayed to everyone and we watched as the energy faded.  We returned to the camp strongly affected.  In the camp we continued to share experiences while preparing food to break the fast.  Everything lived and shared in these days had given its fruits .

We felt the satisfaction of the accomplished work , and that everything achieved could be thanks to sincere friendship , camaraderie , mutual help , simplicity , and total dedication to the mission , a scenario where you really feel love and affection , in the sincere willingness to want to contribute and add to Rahma .  Then we retired to rest, the next day we would return and the expedition would end. 

August 8

Early we had breakfast and broke camp, we had to make the decision if we would return by the river or by climbing the mountain.  I was very aware of Patries's dream in which they recommended us to climb the mountain and where we would find some keys, following my intuition I made the decision to return through the mountain because I knew that there is a road through that area that leads to the town of Ingapi .  Everyone agreed .

We began the ascent and soon we could see a cabin located in the middle of the mountain and to which we went following a path.  Upon arriving at the cabin we found its owner who kindly invited us to come in, taking us to the back of his property where he had an artisan panela factory, (pressed sugar), they kindly taught us the process of making this product. 

As we toured the place we greeted some of its employees , when I approached one of them who was a young boy , I asked him where he was born , to which he replied that in Ingapi , seeing that he was from the place I asked him if he knew about the existence of a cave in the area , to which he replied in the affirmative .  He said it was located near where we were about an hour's walk upriver.  He gave us various details of the cave and offered to accompany us in the future. 

Patries' dream had been confirmed, we had received important information that we should investigate in the future.  We continued our way accessing a steep path that we had already been told would take us to the road.  After two hours we arrived very exhausted.  After having a drink we rented a van that took us to where we had left the cars.  After changing our clothes, we headed back to Quito. 


In the Messages of the Guides they warned us that we would receive great revelations on this trip , treasures of knowledge that it is important that they go out to humanity , really what we have received has exceeded our expectations to such an extent that we have even come to think : how are we going to do it ? tell everyone?  JL It has taken almost two years after the trip to bring this information to light. 

Due to the responsibility that transmitting it represents , I decided to wait until I assimilate well what I received and fully understand it .  On the other hand, we have also waited to fill in some of the gaps that presented in the information received.  Additionally, it is important to mention that the situation was further complicated by the theft of my computer in which the report was stored, losing a lot of valuable information that had been compiled over many years, such as communications and various experiences. 

A few days after returning from the expedition Sofía Espinosa received a communication which clarified what was happening, the message read as follows:

Communication: August 25, 2015

Place: Quito -Ecuador

Antenna: Sofía Espinosa

Yes, we are your brother guides in mission , from the closest point of light we send you all the love that is in the heart of the extensive power of light .  We have something important to tell you.  In these moments, no matter how lurking there is for you and for us, it is time to reveal the information that has been given to you, so you must go out tirelessly and discover little by little all the secrets kept in the central point where you are.  Being the center of the world, it is the best place to give light and wisdom, without fear or hesitation in revealing what is already known.  Don't doubt that we are always close and now you are the ones who should approach us. 

Sampiac and Guides ".

I make this report known on behalf of all the warriors of light who have participated in it as well as in each of the various experiences lived over the years and who have allowed this information to come out today. the light.

With love.

Rafael Calderón Guerrero

Quito, Ecuador.- September 9, 2017.

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