On March 20, 21 and 22 We made a contact outing with the group of Omar, from Morelia. To Omar the brothers of the cosmos indicated the Isla de las Aves (Island of the BIrds) in the State of Mexico. We were 11 people doing work with the 4 elements, concentration, sexual transmutation, elimination of the ego. The guides gave us 3 sightings, 2 during the day and 1 on the night of Saturday the 21st. There was a reception of communications where the Antarel guide invited us an experience with them that same night, cesium crystals and a Xendra event. Incredibly, the ships appeared sending us flashes confirming their attendance and the messages received. A successful and loving outing for each of the members.


Communication: 2020-03-21
Place: Isla de las Aves, Edo México
Antenna: Aha-Llem
Time: 22:00

Yes brothers, Antarel with you from a confederation ship. We are very happy with your work so far, much of their work in this place is almost finished, even the locals and animals can feel a great change and joy thanks to your hearts united in your work. It is always to remind them that unity will take them to many spiritual strata for their individual development.

Do not stop vocalizing in unity as you are helping to raise the frequency of this sacred place, which needed cleaning. Some of you can feel us subtly since tonight we will be accompanying you because its complementation allows you to generate an energy of love and that is where we are always to receive your love and we give you ours.

For now, continue with your itinerary and depending on your commitment in the next few hours, pay attention to our signals after 23:00 hrs, since we will possibly deliver cesium crystals to those who currently do not have these and possibly xendra near the lagoon, regardless of your commitment, be aware of our call and we will give you beautiful experiences with us. Very soon they will go to a subtropical place to work in a place of great importance and that will help you find the answers you were looking for, everything connects with the Intraterrestrial White Brotherhood. Pay attention.

With love.




Xendra with Antarel and Sampiac

While we were doing mantras the night of Saturday, March 21, Antarel told us by communication that there was going to be a meeting and that we should be attentive to signals after 11p.m., and so it happened that Elvi around 11:07 noticed a ship in the East that was sending us flashes, then we all turned around and it was seen as a white ball came at full speed and disappeared at the location where Elvi told us that he had seen the flash, seconds later we could see many more flashes and they were the guides with their ships in different points of the sky sending us flashes confirming the initiations that they would give us later. Out of nowhere came a very cute dog to take care of us, she was our guardian and not only that, but also that she was barking towards a direction of the forest, we knew that she was giving us the location where the xendra would form as if she could feel the presence of the guides and the xendra, we went to investigate Alfredo, Omar, Irving and I, we divided into two groups and as I was walking with Irving I could see how a canepla of about 30cm flew at full speed in front of us soaring into the sky, then I understood that where that canepla appeared was the place where the Xendra would form later, we could all see as a light mist over that open place.

The reception of crystals was unique in that place since Irving, Omar and I supported the reception of crystals and we could see how a heat wave similar to that of hot asphalt emanated from the hands of others, also several could observe sparks of colored light on his hands indicating that the crystals were materializing. We ended up very happy. We met to enter the xendra, supporting the Omar group made up of his sister, his mother, Fabiola, Irving and Ivon.

While we mantralized the zin-uru we could see that behind in the forest shadows of different sizes passed very close to where the xendra was, also, I could see that from the center of the mist of the xendra emanated a light that could illuminate Irving's face but as such I did not see the face to Irving, I saw it as faceless and white. Then I could see a giant in the center of the xendra. When I touch our moment to enter, Enrique, Lulu, Alfredo, Vane and I entered, together we crossed the threshold. The first minute I stayed relaxed and as always I thanked the guides and mentally told them that I was ready for the meeting that night. I could feel the presence of a guide in the center of the place and I took a deep breath and I could feel how they took me out to the astral and my body went into hibernation mode. The following image I remember being in a room with an oval gray table and in front of me was Antarel and Sampiac, you could quite distinguish the difference in height.

In that Antarel rises and welcomes me: welcome Aha Llem, you are inside a confederation ship, the same one that was bringing joy to all of you tonight.

Sampiac also gets up and says to me: We have brought you back to tell you that we continue to bond with different races of the cosmos to work together, but unfortunately there are also new ones that are with eyes like a raven in your humanity and we are taking care that these beings do not influence your planet, but they deal with the dark and dense planes a lot and have some plans for your planet and its rulers.

We are doing our best to stop them. Join us ... In that they accompanied me to walk in a corridor about 4 meters wide and where its walls were metal and without right angles.

Antarel turns and responds to me: we will bring you some events in the near future and you can stay tuned. We appreciate your commitment within the mission as well as that of everyone else, we know that we can count on you ... In that a door opened and we arrived at another room about 10 meters wide by 5 meters, to top it off There was a central screen and in front of two secondary desks, we sat at one of those desks and a screen with a hologram on it came up.

Sampiac: we know the current situation on your planet regarding this new health issue, all those who are transcending must to generate a change in spiritual consciousness, but beware, this is just beginning, later on may be that a more difficult situation than this will arise, but soon you will see what we mean. Do not be afraid, we will keep you protected so that you can continue with your work. In that I could see on the holographic screen as if in a newscast, the resignation of some political leaders and important business people , then I could see that the same people who supported these characters rose up against them and no longer wanted them anymore, like a strong conscience movement to try to break with the old political and socio-economic system.

Then I could see myself and the others in a place like a valley, in that Sampiac answered my questions ...

Sampiac: An area in southern Mexico awaits you in a sacred place, we will soon send you more information about this trip important. Also very soon there will be reconciliation with your family, be patient and teach them with love what you do and they will join you and support you with their love.

Antarel continued: they will also have to continue leaning on Toño, take him to the Outings, he is a great protector and manages igneous energy very well and is a good solar complement for all of you.

Be very careful in the near future that the scavengers walk everywhere, but without fear, simply maintaining your spiritual balance, it is time to return, I want you to know that we are preparing you for a physical contact with us ...

I asked you: forgive me for my question but what is the purpose of physical contact?

Antarel: it is time for this to happen again with a generation of young people like you, just as it happened previously, due to the complexity of this era in which you live, it is necessary that you receive our support to awaken the conscience of those young people who seek supporting the planet.

It is time to return brother, we will see each other again soon. And that's how I came back from the astral and I could feel my hands very hot, the cold was completely gone and I remember that Vane before entering the Xendra was shaking from the cold and within this threshold she stopped feeling cold, I told the guys put your hands in the center of the xendra and we could feel a lot of energy and heat. This is how we left the xendra happy to hug each other and conclude our work that night around 3:00 am.