This is a partial list of the Extraterrestrial Contacts that started in Peru in the 1950s with locals and farmers from the area of the snowy mountain Champara, of the Áncash Andes area in Peru. They called the ETs People from Apu.

All physical contact has always been by invitation from the Extraterrestrials brothers and sisters that have always left a positive experience of peace, hope and happiness.

The Elders Extraterrestrials brothers and sisters Guides and the Intraterrestrial Masters of the White Brotherhood has given us information sometimes in personal contact with few people and much more information by telephatic communications. The Communications are received using many trained people from the contact groups from different countries called antennas, this information includes the Cosmic Plan and the Rama Mission.

There are very few people that have been invited and physically been inside a spaceship. There is also knowledge of at least two people that have been physically in other planets/moons such as the Peruvian Sixto Paz Wells on Morlen (Ganymide, Jupiter's moon), and the Bolivian Luis Fernando Mostajo on Venus.

The Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrials are much more advanced in spirituality and technology, they know who we are, can read our minds, know where we are using their advanced psychic powers. They can see the future and share with us so we can change it if negative. We are co-creators of the physical reality and can change our future.

Many of these contactees often give talks of their experiences including on radio and television in all Latin-American countries, US, and some in Europe. Mostly in Spanish with some translations when required.

On many occasions, local reporters and world press were invited in advance for an scheduled sightings allowed by the Extraterrestrials brothers and sisters.

Rama Mission stopped as an organization in the 1990's as suggested by the ET guides so that there is no dependency on a particular person, but continue spreading the message and meditation practices offered by the different contact groups in the world.

The important thing of the contact experience is the message not the messenger. 

List In Progress..


Date Event Press, reporters or invited people Experiences
1950's  Physical Extraterrestrial Contact that started in Peru in the 1950s with farmers from the area of the snowy mountain Champara, of the Áncash Andes area in Peru.   Physical
 1960 Yugoslavian Vlado Kapetanovic, a resident in Peru. Saw ETs from Apu in the Hidroelectric Huallanca plant in Peru. Ivika gave warning of future 1970's alud before destruction of towns in the area. Thousands died then   Physical
1974  In 1974 the terrenal side of Rama Mission started with the telepathic communication of the Extraterrestrial Oxalc from Morlem (Jupiter) with the peruvian Sixto Paz in Lima, Peru   Telepathy 
1974  Carlos Paz Wells (Peruvian). Scheduled sighting. J. J. benitez reporter from Spain  Scheduled sighting 
1975  1975 Rama World Reunion. Scheduled sighting with invited press. Ventanilla Beach, north of Lima, Peru.   Juan Jose Benitez, reporter and writer from Spain. Manuel Mujica from the EFE news agency  Scheduled sighting
1989-03-25/26 1989 Rama World Reunion. Rama Mission invited world press for an advanced scheduled sighting in Chila desert, Peru. Many reporters showed up on the first day, those few that stayed the second day, filmed and photographed UFO: Edilberto Alvarado, Peru. Leticia Callava, crew members and assistants, U.S.A. Beatriz Parga, U.S.A. Hugo Chavez, Dominican Republic. Jose Gray, U.S.A. Rolando Vera, Argentina  Scheduled sighting
1990 Luis Fernando Mostajo (Bolivian). Scheduled sighting. Tass news agency  Scheduled sighting
1990-03 Reunion with the Great White Brotherhood    Physical
2001 Ricardo Gonzalez (Peruvian). Physical contact with the Extraterrestrial guide Antarel   Physical 
2011  2011 Rama World Reunion. World Reunion with Press invitations for Outing with sightings   Many News Reporters including:
Marco Barraza
Scheduled sighting 
2012-04-06/7/8 2012 Rama World Reunion. World press invitations for an Outing in Chilca, Peru, with sightings.   Many News Reporters including:
Rafa Mercado from Matergia Realismo Fantástico 
Scheduled sightings 
2012-08-25 & 26 Ricardo Gonzalez. Physical contact with the Extraterrestrials (Rama Guides) Antarel and Ivika from planet Apu, inside a spaceship. Mount Shasta, California, US.     Physical 
2012-08-25 & 26 Luis Fernando Mostajo. Physical contact with the Extraterrestrial Guide Etel from Venus. Illimani Mountain, Bolivia    Physical 
2013-08-03 Ricardo González. Scheduled Sighting. Mount Shasta, California, US. Around a group of 55 Witnesses of physical contact include Dr Michael Sala (US) and Giorgio Piacenza (Peru) Scheduled sighting, Physical 
2014-09-20 & 21 Ricardo Gonzalez. Scheduled sightings and physical contact with the Extraterrestrial guide Antarel, Mount Shasta, California, US. Outing participants around 160 people from different countries.   Witnesses of the physical contact include Paola Harris, an US UFO investigator  Scheduled sighting, Physical
2015-10-12 Ricardo Gonzalez. Scheduled outing and physical contact with the guide Antarel. Witnesses of the physical contact include Paola Harris Physical