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  Am Sordaz from the planet Apu, one of the 49 Guides that make up the Rama Mission.

  You ask us what is the greatest law of the entire universe.  And we answer.
  Love in all its dimensions.  Only after having acted according to what the heart dictates but with wisdom, giving the best of ourselves, only then will we speak of love.
  Love is not defined, it simply is, it consists of being and giving.
  Love manifests itself in everything created without distinction because even in the dramatic struggle for life that appears unfair and violent due to the attachment to forms, one can see the search for harmony and perfection, balance and harmony. contrast, growth and rebirth, overcoming and evolution, life and death.
  Death that does not really exist because everything is essentially change and continuous transformation.
  Love is a force that comes and goes towards the creator, originates us there and returns us to it, but as children of light after having gone through purification and perfection in darkness.
  Until now the pain is learning and growth.
  Love is manifested in the ability to give oneself with purity of intentions but in a wise manner and thus grow through service. 
  Love is discovering yourself in others, it is seeing yourself reflected in others to accept yourself, change and improve.
  Love is to value yourself to discover your own potentiality.  Only in this way you will help collective change because in this way you will discover how much you have to give.
  Our guidance and support are based on love because it is love that generates in us the need to awaken the consciousness that humanity needs to overcome the current moment you are going through.
  This is a love that we teach with our attitude, but also from which we learn day by day because love renews itself, grows and corrects itself, overcomes and matures.  It becomes wise and prudent, but to get there, more than once it has exposed itself and made a mistake.
  It is a long learning process that will lead us all to the understanding of love and that is why our mission is to make you remember the leading role that weighs on you.  To be architects of transcendental acts of universal love.
  A role in which you will discover yourself as bearers of the key to a secret threshold that, due to the requirements of the Cosmic Plan, only you can access first so that others, humbly learning from your efforts, can then locate it and cross it as well.
  We can all learn something from others. Are you not familiar with that phrase that says: the first will be the last and the last will be the first.
  All the great hierarchies expect humanity to learn to love and to discover what love asks you to give.
  What you must develop is a different experience of love because for the most advanced civilizations in this last creation, love has meant the common good as a measure of coexistence and elevation but that quickly knew its limitations and produced a relative stagnation in the evolutionary ascent.
  Now, after having observed you for much of your time, we are convinced that there is in you the key to all the answers that we have been waiting for, that it is possible through your participation that we can all learn new alternatives of evolution.
  Different facets in a general rethinking of everything we have experienced and how we have understood and approached it until now.
  And this is because no one knows everything or has experienced everything, and even less so in love, where every day a new and enriching growth guide is proposed.
  Just as the sun illuminates you and the moon brightens the nights, so must your love shine in your hearts, but a love without limits.
  Love as delivery to the plan of creation because everything is love and love is one in everything.
  Love is perfected in forgiveness, matures in understanding, lives in tolerance and feeds on compassion and charity.  There is no love without mercy, and this is confirming the essence of this terrestrial humanity.
  And it is useless to know it, you have to experience it.  Only experimentation will allow access to the essential.
  Live and discover the true face of love that potentially exists in you and will fill and fill you, making you feel like an inexhaustible honeycomb from which everyone will be able to extract and there will always be more to give and share.
  True love does not have to run out but tends to reproduce.  The more it gives, the more it has to give, it feeds back constantly.
  If your life becomes love, everything you do will be marked and wrapped in that force. 
  And do not be afraid of the consequences that love brings because with it you will have penetrated into the true purpose of existence and even if a contrary force of opposition is awakened, this will only succeed in crowning your experience of loving with success.
  It's easy to talk about love, but it's another thing to act on it. Theory arrives is something simple compared to the experience, which is where everything gets complicated.
  Many things are necessary to materialize true love, including knowing one's own mission, that of the group of people of which one is a part, and being in the right place and time to translate it into attitudes and actions.
  All this supposes a high conscience but above all a heart willing to risk being wrong because that risk always exists.  So pay attention: even to love, you have to learn.
  More than once you experience love through not doing, and inhibit yourself from acting. 
  Love will slowly transform you like the sculptor to his sculpture extracting the essence hidden deep in the rock and will make your existences light for yourselves and others.
  And the light of your love will protect you and help you increase your capacity to love and give.
  True love will motivate you to find the valuable diamond that is hidden in the carbon inside you.
  Love means knowledge with understanding, treatment with tolerance, and hope with patience.
  Love is the birth of a fraternal coexistence without selfishness without anger or arbitrariness.
  Love manifests itself as justice and fairness.  Give to the one who has and to the one who doesn't have because everyone needs this love to a greater or lesser extent.
  But only give what the other needs and not necessarily what the other asks of you because that is where true charity lies.  In loving with discernment and awake consciousness.
  Begin by loving yourself, which is the correct principle to be able to reach the great love for humanity since no one can give what they do not have.
  And do not stop learning for love, you will never finish doing it, turning your lives into an eternal adventure of unimaginable discoveries
  Your friend and brother