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The Guardians of Destiny (Karma) or Lords/Guardians of Time

  Those who are in charge of establishing it and enforcing destiny/Karma are the so-called "Guardians of Destiny" (Lords of Karma). 

We negociate the lessons to be learn before we are born on each reincarnation.

  They, like a school director, have developed a course program (a curricular system) and activities to be developed according to the school grade of each one.

  Imagine a small child sent to our schools.  His parents did not ask him if he wanted to go to study or not.  They just took him there because they assumed it was the best thing for him.  But when that child grows up he will be able to decide if he wants to continue studying or not;  if he wants to do it in that or another school;  if he opts for this or that profession, and so on.
  The greater our evolutionary age, which is the same as saying the greater maturity and awareness throughout the different existences, the greater the margin to choose the conditions of each new birth and what each existence will be.
  We all belong, (Extraterrestrials and us) to a material universe of seven dimensions, and beyond, in a higher octave as in music, there is a parallel universe that is no longer material but mental, and those beings that come from there, are no longer Extraterrestrials but Ultraterrestrials belonging to the Mental Universe