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 TIME: 10:00 p.m.

 Antenna: ademixar


Yes, we are your brothers Guides in Contact Mission now in ITALY.

On behalf of the Venerable Elders of the Galaxy and the Council of Minors on Venus, our beloved SIRIS: with you AMANI.

You are each and everyone summoned in this process of planetary redemption and awakening of conscience, where the limitations of the world in which you were born are and will be processes of the past.

Today, your new reality leads you to this stage of realization in which you will see how the bonds of temporality disappear.

You have been prepared before in the spiritual arts and sciences of the conscious management of the energies, which already operative on Earth, raise you to the loving seat of the Confederation and the divine dictates to which we ourselves respond.

Know my beloved ones, that more than one of the here present, you were already in our cities and you received this preparation and instruction, for what your task in this time, is and will be of the REMEMBERING:

Uncovering what is stored and encrypted in your blood code.  Therefore, blood is one of the keys to awakening in this reality and New Time.

The REMEMBERING not only of what you were, but through it, of your true essence and divine nature, of what you can be: beings consummated in the timelessness of light and deep love.

The Confederation has expressed its will at this time and the Guides on Earth are already preparing what will be important meetings here in Europe, in Italy as well as in the whole world.

The North of Italy will see the awakening of light and enlightenment, with the consequent opening of the Interior Retreats in the Alps, the same ones that are already ready to deliver the Sacred Books to the committed ones of always.

Phase I of the contact will be developed as we have suggested to Brother Ademixar, here in zone;  in continuous outings of preparation that will give the base of greater approaches and experiences with us, but it will be just an antechamber for what you will live again in The Alps, where the Interior Government is settled and where your vibration will be activated releasing the information of what  It was, what is and what will be your new reality.

MATERHORN and Mt. BLANC generate a Line of Force that polarizes the energy fields in the Hadron Accelerator in Geneva, and it will be important your presence in the power centers of the Internal Retreats, to access through these natural portals of time,  to our meeting.

2018 begins a process of communication and global contact, where the ships of the Confederation will be present at the most important moments of change and transformation of Humanity, for what will be an announcement of what is already known in the collective of the Awareness of humanity:

That you are not alone, and that there is a group of civilizations that now accompany your awakening as in the past!

7 years (2018 - 2025) in a countdown of transcendental assistance, will be reflected in the recognition of your true cosmic ascendant.  At the same time, light by its intensity will polarize many in the imbalance, leading to a frenzy without control of conflagration and confrontation that will end up sealing a past time of pain and suffering.

Nothing will be like before.

You have been prepared to integrate this new reality as free and conscious beings, and it is your responsibility to sustain this cycle of planetary resizing with greater dedication, with greater conviction, but above all with all the love of which you are capable of expressing with the most sublime  manifestation of the Christ, who as in the past, now vibrationally present, already gives his blessing to the establishment of the new humanity.

You will return to the SAJAMA as it was already planned and anticipated on 09/09/18, and it will be a great opportunity for the energies now active of 6th.  Dimension, in this centers of planetary power, bring you closer to the Solar Consciousnesses that now from the very heart of the Galaxy tell you:

We are ONE in the immeasurable confines of Truth and Love.

On behalf of the Confederation of Worlds of the Galaxy and the 24 Venerables.


In contact

with Anna Poles