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Jesus. The Christ.  The Lord of Time, born on March 19,  7 AD. (Yeshua ben Joshep)

Jesus was an extraordinary terrestrial who volunteered to reincarnate on earth again, a third-dimensional level that no longer corresponded to him.  His body was of third dimension and his level of consciousness was already of the sixth dimension, on his previous reincarnation he was part of the Intraterrestrial Great White Brotherhood.

Jesus was the only child of the Vigin Mary,  see his miracle birth from the Virgin Mary with help of our Extraterrestrial brothers.

He came to teach us many lessons, to correct the mistakes of our humanity, the way to advance rapidly in consciousness through forgiveness, love, peace, the way of living in community, humility, etc.  And he came to unite the artificial time of Earth, which was created by the extraterrestrial brothers of the Great White Brotherhood of the Star following the Cosmic Plan, with the Real Time of the Universe, Time without Time.

Part of Jesus' life was spent learning with the Essenes and at the end of his life, for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days, he spent it together with Emmanuel of the 10th dimension.

Just moments before the death of Jesus, the archangel Emmanuel separated from his body so that Jesus finished what he came to do.  After three days, Jesus along with his body went through a tremendous transformation where he went to the seventh dimension.  Now he is the only Extraterrestrial that is in the highest dimension of our Physical Universe.

Master Jesus promised to return, it will be when our humanity has passed to the fourth dimension of consciousness, a state we are going through now, he will be here not to judge, but to congratulate those who understood and made a Christic life like him, of dedicating life to others. Like him, those that connected the physical, mental and spiritual universes.





A special genetics, The Son of God and the Son of Man taught as one, bringing the teachings by word and example, that we must die to our ego, surrender to our loving Creator, and resurrect our inner Christ Himself. The teacher Jesus and Emmanuel also emphasized the need to love God above all things, and to love all men as himself.

An entity of the sixth dimension that did not need to reincarnate on Earth, for love returned to make the largest of its Mission that took it to the seventh dimension. He is the only being in the Physical Universe that is at that level of consciousness.

Jesus was a person on our planet, not an alien. Rather it would be "An Extra Terrestrial", which through multiple incarnations reached a high level of evolution.

He no longer needed to incarnate, however, for the love of humanity he agreed to return, to share his enlightenment and guide humanity towards peace and the true happiness of love and service.

It was very important that someone of that level (Jesus was a 3.6 human being of third physical dimension in a sixth dimension of consciousness) came and reminded us of the great expectation at the cosmic level that weighs on our planet. That is why he came once more, leaving behind his place as Great Lord of Shambhalla, since he was spiritually leading the Great White Brotherhood-of-the-Earth-in-the-world.

Jesus was an extraordinary human being who progressed with great effort through his various existences on our planet. The Messiah reached the level of not only agreeing to return, but preparing himself to suffer in his own flesh what is the planetary purification through very hard tests in the material, moral, psychic and spiritual.

The maximum tests to which he was subject were channeled through the unconsciousness, misunderstanding, selfishness, ignorance and foolishness of others, which in short is nothing but the fear of change and transformation. But only in this way could humanity be removed from error and reminded them of their collective responsibility, showing as an alternative the example of compression and love synthesized in forgiveness, which becomes such a force, which even surpasses even physical death and empowers Spiritual on-the-matter.

He had to move others by initiating a chain reaction of spirituality, motivating us with his example and attitude to try as well, transcending the schemes and harms, dogmas and everything that reduces freedom to the mind, soul and heart. In addition, the life of Jesus was a lesson in simple and practical spirituality, where the deepest teaching was to remind us of our place; that place assigned to us by the Hierarchies-in-the-Cosmic Plan.

The planet Earth had suffered billions of years ago (long before the existence of dinosaurs) impacts of meteoric rain that extinguished life on it transforming it into a sterile place; Therefore, it was chosen along with seven other planets by the Hierarchies of the Cosmos to include it in a project whereby, traveling through time and space, this world was reached before it died, and it was given a second chance, creating around it a paradoxical and alternative time. Imagine for a moment that time in the universe is like an upward spiral, and that in one of the spiral curves an additional and tangential circle is generated.

At the end of a cosmic cycle one would expect that with the survival of mankind to his spiritual adolescence, reconnection will take place, so that there is "an end of the Times", definitively connecting the alternative time with the Real time of the Universe. Then it will be as if it had never been.

We live in a material universe of seven dimensions, so we have seven bodies to act in those dimensions.

The majority of the individuals that inhabit our world are beings of 3.3 which means that they move within the third dimension with their first three vehicles: the physical body, the astral and the lower mental which is character and personality. But Jesus was a 3.6 having come to develop in his previous lives his spiritual Consciousness of 6th Dimension 6. While the extraterrestrials who visit us are beings of 4.4 that is, they move in a fourth dimension traveling through time and of space, and with an awareness of their psychic potential. Those who attended the birth of Master Jesus were 6.6.

After his resurrection, Jesus became 4.7 level this one of the seventh Dimension that no one had reached until that moment, (to conquer, and reach The Consciousness Of The Essence) opening the door to major realizations of humanity itself.

Thousands of years ago a group of aliens descended on Earth, precisely in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, and there they founded Shamballa, the capital of the underground world, and became the Great White Brotherhood of Inner Retreats, as guardians of the hidden knowledge of the real history of mankind, being replaced over time by terrestrials of great spiritual quality.

The Earth, as we know, is in an alternate time with respect to the Real Time of the Universe, therefore, the presence of Jesus or also called the Lord of Time, for his dominion and authority over the fourth dimension product of his spiritual advancement It allowed us to start reconnecting the two times, thereby ensuring continuity in the process, as the events presented in our world were increasingly complicated, escaping any possible control or guidance from the vigilant aliens.

Thus the possibilities of a reunion diminished what could cause a space-time paradox that would lead to the immediate suppression of time and terrestrial process. Hence, in the higher planes a volunteer was requested to incarnate as a mission to humanity, the Plan and the cosmic connection, pointing the way forward. And that was the real being-of-Jesus.

Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven; and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds (Ships.) from heaven, with power and great glory. Matthew 24: 30-31